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Founding Fathers Of the United States Constitution And Our Country’s Early History.

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1 Founding Fathers Of the United States Constitution And Our Country’s Early History

2 Paul Revere  Portrait painted by John Singleton Copley  Revere was a master silversmith, which is why he is holding a silver teapot in the portrait. It was also a symbol of the Boston Tea Party and the fact that he was a member of the Sons of Liberty. 

3 Nathan Hale  Hale was the first CIA agent in the United States.  He was quoted as saying, “ I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”  This picture is a sketch of his execution.

4 Thomas Jefferson  Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was a gifted writer.  He sent Lewis and Clark out to explore the Louisiana Purchase.  He was the 3 rd president of the United States.

5 Abigail Adams  Abigail had little formal schooling but a quick wit and was a colorful writer.  Her son became the 6 th U.S. president  Her letters give us an insight into her thoughts and contemporary attitude of the time.

6 John Adams  Adams was often misunderstood—people thought he was cold and rude  He and his cousin, Sam were leaders of the Sons of Liberty  He was the first to have his son serve as president also  His political ideas and policies lasted the test of time

7 Ethan Allen  Allen was a patriot and soldier in the Revolutionary War.  He led the Green Mountain Boys in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga—one of the most important battles of the war.  This statue is in the United States Capitol. 

8 Benedict Arnold  Arnold was one of the most trusted American generals of the Revolutionary War.  He turned traitor because he was passed over for military honors and accused of abusing his power and standing.

9 Phillis Wheatley  Wheatley was a slave to a prominent Boston family. She was treated like family, educated, and wrote poetry that was published.  She never had true freedom and died impoverished. 

10 Samuel Adams  Samuel was cousin to John Adams and preferred to work “behind the scenes” of the Revolution.  He signed the Declaration of Independence and was part of the Boston Tea Party.

11 John Paul Jones  Jones was known as the Father of the American Navy  He was quoted as having said, “I have not yet begun to fight.”

12 John Hancock  Hancock was known for his legible signature (shown below)  He signed the Declaration of Independence first and said something to the effect of, “Let’s see if [King ] George can read that!”

13 Molly Pitcher—Mary Hays McCauly  Molly Pitcher went to war with her husband and brought water to the soldiers.  When her husband was wounded, she took his spot at the cannon and kept on fighting.  President Washington gave her an award for her courage. 

14 Alexander Hamilton  Hamilton was the nation’s first secretary of the treasury  He was a bold and creative thinker  His ideas greatly influence our government today

15 George Washington  Known as the “Father of Our Country”, he was really the 12 th president  He was deeply concerned with helping the fledgling republic flourish

16 Dolley Madison  Dolley is most noted for saving the painting of George Washington that hung in the White House when the British burned it during the War of 1812

17 James Madison  James is the “Father of the Constitution”  He received many ideas from those he associated with, but the final written copy was in his words  He designed our system of checks and balances

18 Benjamin Franklin  Franklin was “a jack- of-all-trades and a master of many”  He was the only person who signed four of the most important documents in U.S. history

19 Thomas Paine  Paine met Benjamin Franklin who advised him to move to the colonies  He wrote political tracts, his most famous being Common Sense, advocating independence.

20 Deborah Sampson  Sampson fought in the Revolutionary War for over a year disguised as Robert Shurtliff, until she received a serious wound.  She was discharged with honors.  ett_deborah.htm

21 Benjamin Banneker  Benjamin was an astronomer, mathematician, farmer, and surveyor—and probably the best known black person during his time  A clock he invented kept almost perfect time for 50 years 

22 Betsy Ross  Legend has it that she designed the first U.S. flag  The story first came about 94 years after it was to have first happened  Betsy Ross did sew flags and had an upholstery business. 

23 Joseph Brant  Joseph was a Mohawk Indian leader who fought in the British Army.  He was also a Christian missionary among his people.  He was a leading member of the League of the Iroquois 

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