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HS2 Gateway City core Eastside Moor Street Birmingham City Centre/Eastside.

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2 HS2 Gateway City core Eastside Moor Street Birmingham City Centre/Eastside


4 HS2 Station & Station Square Key Principles: –A high quality landmark station –New pedestrian connections to Digbeth –A major public square fronting the station –High standards of sustainability and design –Efficient links to public transport connections –Improved pedestrian flows

5 Moor Street today – a need for transformation

6 Now Some transformation has already happened - Moor Street in 2002

7 Traffic / pedestrian conflicts Visual clutter Obstacles to pedestrian movement Unappealing or uncoordinated public realm Underutilised space – people don’t use median Lack of high quality city gateway Poor legibility / confusion – esp. between stations Moor Street today – poor sense of arrival

8 The aspiration - Make a better quality place out of Moor Street Sheaf Square and Gold Route, Sheffield O’Connell Street, Dublin Lime Street Gateway, Liverpool

9 Lime Street Station, Liverpool - 2009

10 Lime Street Station, Liverpool - 2010

11 HS2/Eastside Masterplan - Establishes the need to look in more detail at Moor Street

12 Future new developments are all pedestrian trip generators 1 2 3 4 6 7 9 8 1110 12 Existing 1 Bullring 2 Pavilions 3 Millennium Point 4 Mathew Boulton College 5 New lines at Moor St Future 6 Park 7 BCU 8 Gateway 9 HS2 10 Hotel La Tour 11 ‘Martineau’ site 12 Masshouse 13 Ormiston Academy 5 13

13 New developments will lead to pedestrians dominating, and encourage rapid transit Moor Street – the next 25 years

14 Boosting the West Midlands' economy by £2.5 billion. Up to 60-70,000 local jobs by 2040 as a result of relocation of jobs from other areas in the UK. An increase in West Midlands GVA of almost 6% by 2040. Benefits of HS2

15 Current images for the HS2 terminal do not consider the adjoining public realm

16 New Station Square’s for Moor Street and HS2 - make the best possible arrival experience for visitors Snow Hill

17 Public space overlay at same scale Main Square, Brindleyplace

18 Public space overlay at same scale Victoria Square

19 Reducing through traffic will free-up the space for better public realm Snow Hill Car parking Opportunity for a better public realm, paved highway, shared space, wider pedestrian areas

20 Connecting Birmingham Sprint / Metro with HS2 makes the best possible interchange

21 New Squares and an organised plan of links make the most legible and positive experience for pedestrians Plaza

22 2014 – 2026 possible 1 st phase scheme in advance of HS2 - Shared space plaza with Birmingham Sprint

23 2026 with opening HS2 terminal

24 2026 with HS2 - Glazed canopies could link with style and form of the terminal

25 Working without Pavilions redevelopment

26 How it could work with a redeveloped Pavilions site

27 View from completed HS2 entrance c.2026 with Birmingham Sprint - Showing the potential for new commercial development

28 2026 with HS2 open - A station square with green spaces

29 The better alternative to aim for in 2026…

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