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Announcing in-store financing for NexPet members only!

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1 Announcing in-store financing for NexPet members only!
United Consumer Financial Services


3 Why UCFS? UCFS has developed a program that enables you to do more business with more customers

4 Your UCFS Team Tim Gebhardt Julie Ludlow Carol Stahl Becky McMullen
(your UCFS team has combined experience in merchant financing of 100+ years)

5 Program Overview In-store closed-end contract financing
For purchases of $ or more A/B/C credit rated customers can qualify for credit (Store employees are not eligible)

6 Levels of Financing Available
No down payment is required, but may affect approval when credit is border-line $25.00 administration fee, paid on purchased contracts only Buy Rate ranges from 75 to 100% depending on credit-worthiness of the customer Store pays the difference if you choose to accept the Buy Rate

7 Payment of Contracts Funds paid within business hours of completed contract submission First payment default If the customer does not make the first payment, the merchant is responsible for the net amount funded on the contract Merchant is notified of potential default 60 days from notification to resolve with the customer

8 The Credit Application Process
Customer fills out application Add your merchant number and insert estimated amount to be financed Call the completed application into an Instant Credit operator at You will be told if it is an accept and the buy rate, or declined.

9 Applications Approved by UCFS
UCFS will offer the store a Buy Rate based on the applicants credit qualifications Store makes decision to accept or decline Buy Rate offered for that customer If accepted - fill out a contract and obtain a legible copy of the driver’s license (to verify customer I.D.) Fax contract, credit application and copy of driver’s license to The paperwork will be checked for accuracy and the contract will be accepted

10 Approval Please make sure the customer has received their copy of the contract before leaving. We will follow up with the customer in approximately 2 days to confirm their satisfaction and understanding of the contract terms. If the employee needs help with the figures they can call us for assistance (some states are different, so please tell us the state for which you need figures). ***Remember to write your merchant number at the TOP of the Application & Contract*** 10

11 Buy Rate Decision After you are offered a Buy Rate you may extend the offer of financing to the customer or not If not… “Unfortunately you did not qualify for our consumer credit program, would you like to look at another payment option?”

12 Applications Declined by UCFS
The employee will not know the reason and should not guess or offer any reason State “I am sorry you were not approved to use financing as a payment option. Would you like to look at another form of payment?” Fax the credit application to UCFS will send the consumer a letter with information on how to find out why they were declined

13 The Contract EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is the preferred way to set up contract payments. Assume this to be so unless the customer objects Fax all contracts, credit applications and legible Driver’s License copies upon completion to: Remember to write your merchant number at the top of the contract Be sure all applications and contracts are signed by all parties Secure all applications, contracts and copies of driver’s licenses in a locking storage system (file cabinet, lock box, etc.)

14 Returns Call UCFS immediately to report any return of merchandise that was financed at UCFS and arrange for repayment of the funded contract.

15 Completing UCFS paperwork is EASY!
UCFS Credit Application UCFS Contract UCFS Payment Chart

16 Remember your merchant number
This is a UCFS Credit Application It must be completed for every contract submitted. Fill in as many spaces as possible. Please make sure to write your UCFS Distributor number on top of the credit application. All credit applications and contracts will be assigned an 8 digit account number so it can be tracked in our system. Assignment of account number does not mean that credit has been approved. Using EFT? Fill in these two spaces 36 80.17 Make sure all buyers sign

17 This is a UCFS Contract for Ohio .
There are different contracts for each state & District of Columbia. It is important that this document is completed as accurately as possible. Errors may cause delays in processing. All buyers, along with seller, must sign the contract. The next few slides will provide information to help you complete the contract. To make it easier to read, we will break the contract up into three parts: top, middle & bottom.

18 Store/Compay name xxxxx 123 Your Street Anytown OH 2,500 2,500 Describe merchandise being financed John Smith 123 North Main St Westlake 2,500 156.25

19 Offering “Same as Cash” options?
Write it in here. Determine the Cash Price by adding the Sales Tax to the Selling Price. Subtract any Down Payment given by the customer to calculate the Unpaid balance/Amount Financed. That amount will also be written in Box 1 on the left side. 2, , ,442.12 556.25 2,656.25 2,100.00 90 Days Same As Cash 5/8/09 First payment should be due 30 days from contract date. We will determine how to calculate these figures in a little bit.

20 Contract MUST be completed, without any blank spaces, and signed by Seller (or Seller’s representative) before giving copy of contract to Buyer(s).

21 This is the 21.98% Factor Sheet

22 UCFS Website Enrollment Instructions
1. Type to get to the website. 2. Click on “Online Service” tab to get to the Login Page. 3. Click on “Enroll in Online Services” to enroll in the website.

23 UCFS Website Enrollment Instructions
4. Enter the following required information: The Merchant, Distributor or Client Number A contact name for the merchant’s business Validation type (choose one from the following) VRU Pin Number (if the merchant is already registered on the VRU) Social Security Number (if on file and known) Federal ID (if on file and known) (if no other info is known or on file and a valid is on file) User Name (for logging in) Password Valid Address Security Question (in case the merchant forgets his/her user name or password) Whether the merchant would like to receive online message notification Whether the merchant would like to receive periodic information updates

24 UCFS Website Enrollment Instructions
5. Confirm the information 6. Accept UCFS’ Terms and Conditions by checking the box 7. Registration process is complete, click on “Log into UCFS Online services” to log in.

25 Enter your Username followed by your Password
Logging Into Online Services Enter your Username followed by your Password 25

26 Click on the Current DNCR to display your DNCR
Daily New Contract Report 26

27 27

28 Dispositions – on DNCR or Web site (for credit application not originally submitted via Instant Credit) Approved - PDA2 Please Fax Contract to with the Percentage of Approval (EX: 95%) PDA2 Pending Team Review PDA2 Does Not Qualify for Financing 28

29 Follow Up Based on the Decision
Approval – Fax Completed Contract to: ; Make sure to include a copy of customer’s driver’s license. If disposition says Pending Team Review – Check back later for the decision. PDA2 Does Not Qualify for Financing – No action needed. 29

30 UNITED CONSUMER FIANANCIAL SERVICES (UCFS) CONTACT INFORMATION UCFS Main Telephone Lines: UCFS Website: Address: Bassett Rd. Westlake, OH Finance Team Team’s Direct Phone number: Julie Ludlow Manager 8:00am-5:00pm X6643 Kathy Kray Evening Contact 5:00pm-1:00am X6792 Instant Credit Instant Credit Direct number Instant Credit Fax number Becky McMullen Director IC 7:30am-4:30pm X6684 Alexis Szudarek Night Sup. 4:00pm-12:00am X5021 Account Services (Collections) Jim Barnhart Director AS X6653 Amanda Brown Supervisor X6681 Candice Rodriguez Supervisor X6636 Supplies Kim Ortiz 8:30am-5:00pm X6700 Banking Connie Paynter 8:00am-4:30pm X6844 30

31 Thank you for giving UCFS the opportunity to work with you and help grow your business!
Questions: UCFS

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