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2 INSPECTIONS Receiving Inspection Incoming Inspection
Preliminary Inspection Hidden Damage Inspection In-Progress Inspection Final Inspection/Approval for Return To Service

3 Receiving Inspection Ensures product received from vendor satisfies Purchase Order requirements A. Part Number B. Quantity C. Shipping Damage

4 Incoming Inspection Ensures product received satisfies airworthiness requirements A. Documentation: Certification or Certificate of Conformance B. Conformity to specification and acceptable quality C. Shelf Life D. Shipping Damage E. Preservation

5 Advisory Circular 20-62D Eligibility, Quality and Identification of Aeronautical Parts Eligible Parts Approved Parts PMA TSO Type Certificated Product Acceptable Parts Standard Parts Owner/Operator Produced Conformed by Certificated Person

6 QUALITY Condition for Safe Operation
Factors Shelf Life Storage Time Fabric Dope, Paint, Sealants and Adhesives Internal Seals Rotating Components Factors Manufacturing Rejects Damaged Aircraft Rebuilt Engines Heat & Fire Corrosives

Airworthiness Approval Tag FAA Form , EASA Form 1 FAA PMA Symbol FAA TSO Marking Shipping Ticket from PAH (Production Approval Holder) Direct Ship Authority Maintenance Release Document FAA Form 337, , Work Order, “Yellow Tag”


9 Part Ticket with Certificate of Conformity

Invoice Certification Form ATA 106 Form

11 ATA 106 Form Unacceptable Statements
Remarks Block 13: The above parts have not been subjected to extreme stress (as in a major engine failure, accident or fire) and it was not obtained from any US government or military source.

12 ATA 106 Form Unacceptable Statements
Block 15: New Parts Certification: The following signature attests that the part (s) identified above was (were) manufactured and inspected in accordance with the code of the Federal Regulations 14 or the AIRWORTHINESS Authority of the Country of origin and/or established industry or U.S specifications

13 ATA 106 Form Unacceptable Statements
Block 16: Used, Repaired or Surplus Parts: The following signature attests that the documentation specified above or attached is accurate with regard to the item (s) described. Repaired parts conform and were inspected in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations 14 or the Airworthiness Authority of the Country of origin and are approved for return to service

14 Accredited Distributor
Must be accredited by industry Must have quality system Must retain records Must make records available

Someone without a FAA certificate (individual or organization) When a Non Certificated person states that they are shipping the correct part ordered, the ONLY thing they are stating is that the part number agrees with the purchase order, NOT the status of FAA acceptability of the part.

16 Preliminary Inspection
Determines status of product received for maintenance A. Documentation, identification, traceability B. Shipping damage C. Preservation D. Life Limits E. AD’s Service Bulletins F. Functional tests/teardown inspections G. Determination of repairs/scope of work

17 Hidden Damage Inspection
Inspection of article involved in accident for Hidden Damage before maintenance is performed. A. Includes inspections of adjacent areas B. May not be required in all cases.

18 In-Progress Inspections
Inspections/tests performed at various stages of teardown, maintenance and assembly. May include tests, measurements, calibrations while work is in progress.

19 Final Inspection and Approval for Return To Service
Ensures inspection, testing, and/or calibration, including documentation is completed at the completion of maintenance. Includes Final Sign Off, Log Book Entry.

20 CALIBRATION SYSTEM System to control and perform calibration of tools and test equipment used to make an airworthiness determination. Traceable to a standard acceptable to the FAA, NIST or other national authority. Maintenance of Records

21 CALIBRATED TOOLS ONLY for tooling used to make Airworthiness determination Markings: Must Have Calibration Sticker Calibration Not Required User’s Responsibility to Verify Before Use

22 CORRECTIVE ACTIONS Used to remedy an undesirable situation.
Found before article released to service Found after article released to service Not Quality Assurance System.

Definition: A part, component or material that is SUSPECTED of not meeting the requirements of an “APPROVED PART”. UNAPPROVED PART A part that does not meet the requirements of an “APPROVED PART”.

24 APPROVED PART Those which are produced in accordance with a FAA Approved Manufacturing and Inspection System. TC, PC, STC, PMA, TSO Meet applicable design standards Maintained IAW FAR Part 43 and/or 145 Manufactured by a repair station during alteration IAW STC

25 ACCEPTABLE PART Standard Parts that conform to established industry or U.S. specification Owner/Operator Produced Fabricated by a person qualified to RTS Aircraft, Powerplant or propeller Parts for which inspections and tests have been accomplished by appropriately certificated persons authorized to determine conformity to FAA-approved design data.

26 DETECTION Use of approved vendors Screening potential vendors
Prices to good to be true Unrealistic delivery schedules No/Inadequate documentation Markings Appearance

27 SHELF LIFE CONTROL Adhesives, Sealants, Paints, Seals, etc.
Manufacturer’s Markings Storage Procedures Check before use. Date of Manufacture/Date of Opening Temperature Controlled

Used for equipment marked as ESDS sensitive. Properly Identified and Bagged. Handling/Storage Wrist straps for installation/removal

29 FAR Part 43.3 43.3   Persons authorized to perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, and alterations. (b) The holder of a mechanic certificate (c) The holder of a repairman certificate (d) A person working under the supervision of a holder of a mechanic or repairman certificate (e) The holder of a repair station certificate

30 FAR Part 43.5 43.5   Approval for return to service after maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration. No person may approve for return to service any aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, or appliance, that has undergone maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration unless -- (a) The maintenance record entry required by §43.9 or §43.11, as appropriate, has been made;

31 FAR Part 43.7 43.7   Persons authorized to approve aircraft, airframes, aircraft engines, propellers, appliances, or component parts for return to service after maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration. (b) The holder of a mechanic certificate or an inspection authorization (c) The holder of a repair station certificate

32 FAR Part 43.9 43.9   Content, form, and disposition of maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, and alteration records (1) A description (or reference to data acceptable to the Administrator) of work performed. (2) The date of completion of the work performed. (3) The name of the person performing the work if other than the person specified in paragraph (a)(4) of this section. (4) If the work performed on the aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part has been performed satisfactorily, the signature, certificate number, and kind of certificate held by the person approving the work.

33 43.12 Maintenance Records: Falsification, reproduction, or alteration.
(a) No person may make or cause to be made: (1) Any fraudulent or intentionally false entry in any record or report that is required to be made, kept, or used to show compliance with any requirement under this part; (2) Any reproduction, for fraudulent purpose, of any record or report under this part; or (3) Any alteration, for fraudulent purpose, of any record or report under this part. (b) The commission by any person of an act prohibited under paragraph (a) of this section is a basis for suspending or revoking the applicable airman, operator, or production certificate, Technical Standard Order Authorization, FAA-Parts Manufacturer Approval, or Product and Process Specification issued by the Administrator and held by that person.

34 NOMAD FORMS Work order Over & Above Tally Sheet Part Traveler
Parts Request Ticket Tags 8130-3 Parts Tags

Technicians: Legible Signature Legible Printed First & Last Name, Signature Inspector: Stamp Approval for Return To Service Legible Signature and Certificate Number ONLY

36 Work Order # Aircraft Registration # Manufacturer Model Serial # Scope of Work Corrective Action

37 Date O & A Number, Work Order # and Yes or No if Traveler required Description of Work Aircraft Registration # Corrective Action Attach ALL parts tags and FAA Form ’s to WO. Parts- Use back if more than one Request Inspection when all blocks are completed and technician has signed ! LEGIBLE Signature –or Legible Printed Name and signature

38 Aircraft Registration #
Work Description Traveler Number Tally Sheet. Inventory of Documents in Work Order Work Order #

39 Part Traveler Used to track part removed for maintenance and control fabricated part. Complete applicable blocks DWG/SRM Ref Aircraft & WO # Parts/Materials Used Work Step(s) Final Inspection Sign Off

40 Part Serial Number Aircraft Registration # Mechanic’s Name Reason for Removal Part # Red Tag used for Condemned or Un-Repairable part Green Tag used for Repairable part ALL Removed Parts MUST be tagged Work Order # White Identification Tag

41 FAA Form 8130-3 MUST be retained and made a part of aircraft records
Evidence of Airworthiness of part

42 Part Tag MUST be Retained for aircraft records

43 Parts Request Tag: Used to Request Part from Stockroom. White copy stays in Stockroom for inventory control Yellow copy goes to technician with part. May be used to return excess items to Stock.



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