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Hotel Billing Instructions

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1 Hotel Billing Instructions

2 Table of Contents Introduction…………………………………………… 3 CLC Billing Requirements…………………………. 4 Handling CLC Vouchers……………………………. 5 Rooming Lists & Authorization Forms……….. 6 Contact Information………………………………… 7 Check-in Checklist…………………………………… 8 Reservations…………………………………………… 8 FAQs……………………………………………………….9 4/13/2017

3 Introduction: CLC’s Billing Process
Dear Valued Lodging Partner, CLC Lodging is providing this set of billing instructions to make the process easier for you and your employees. In the following pages you will find: – Guidance for correctly submitting bills to CLC processing – Support phone numbers available for help with billing issues or payment status These instructions also serve as a reminder to make use of your WebCheckINN account. New features on WebCheckINN make it quicker to submit bills and easier to research payment status. These instructions can be found at Check out WebCheckINN at If you don’t have an account, you can create one at the Web site or call CLC at: (800) Please contact us if you experience delays after submitting bills online or through fax or mail. Please do not resubmit an additional copy of your invoices. Duplicate submissions slow the process further. Thank you again for your continued partnership with CLC Lodging. We look forward to many more stays in your properties and a continued strong working relationship with you. Regards, CLC Lodging For Every Bill Submitted Make it legible. Include all information. 4/13/2017

4 CLC Billing Submission Requirements
CLC customers that carry a CLC CheckINN Card can be processed electronically. Do not submit manual billings for stays processed electronically. Manual CLC billings MUST be submitted in the approved format. These formats are: a CLC voucher (example page 5), a rooming list or an authorization form. These forms MUST be completed with the requested information listed below. Do not submit any additional documents, other than the required form. Guest Name (Employee Name) Obtain the legible First Name and Last Name of guest. Customer Name Customer Names are present on all CLC CheckINN Cards and Sign-In Sheets. Card Number or Employee ID# The CLC CheckINN Card contains a unique 19-digit card number. Please ensure all information is legible. If an impression is not made, please write all information displayed on the Card on your billing submission. If the guest does not present a CLC CheckINN Card at check-in or is not using a Rooming list, the guest cannot check in. Hotel Information CLC Hotel #, hotel name, address and hotel phone number must be visible on the document submitted for billing. If you do not know your CLC Vendor #, contact CLC’s E-Commerce department at (800) Date In – Date Out Include the month, day, and year for the date(s) the guest checked in and checked out of your property. Total Charge Clearly indicate the total charge for the entire stay. This helps CLC reconcile and audit the entire folio charge. Room Number To ensure accurate payment to your property, please verify the room number is easily found on your billing submission document. Number of Guests Because CLC clients may travel in crews, we must distinguish between single and double occupancy. List the number of occupants in each room on your billing submission. If billing for double occupancy, information must be included for both employees. Folio or Reference # If a double occupancy is billed, and a unique Folio # is given for each guest, provide information on billing. THE FOLLOWING ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE BILLING DOCUMENTS: COVER LETTERS INVOICES STATEMENTS INCOMPLETE CLC APPROVED FORMS 4/13/2017

5 For Every Bill Submitted
Handling CLC Vouchers Please ensure all of the following are legible on the vouchers you submit: 1. Card Imprint. Must include Customer Name, Card Number or Employee ID # and Guest Name. 2. First Guest Signature at Check-In. 3. First Guest Signature at Check-Out. 4. Trip Code. Will be provided by guest if company requires. 5. Project Code. Will be provided by guest if company requires. 6. Job Code. Will be provided by guest if company requires. 7. Date In – Date Out. 8. Time In- Time Out. 9. Number of Guests. 10. Number of Nights. 11. Room Rate per Night without Taxes. 12. Taxes. 13. Rate per Night with Taxes. 14. Number of Nights. 15. Total Charge. 16. CLC Hotel Number. 17. Folio or Reference #. 18. Room #. 19. Hotel Information. 20. Second Guest Signature (if applicable). 21. Card Imprint of Second Sleeper (if applicable). 16 17 18 7 8 19 7 8 9 1 20 10 2 3 11 12 12 4 5 6 13 14 21 15 For Every Bill Submitted Make it legible. Include all information. 4/13/2017

6 Rooming List – Authorization Forms
For CLC customers that do not carry a CLC CheckINN card, use a Rooming List or Authorization Form as the billing mechanism. Just like all billing sent to CLC, the same REQUIRED information (as listed on page 4) should be included on the Rooming List. In addition, there may be additional fields required on the Rooming List or Authorization Form. Listed below are a couple examples: Job Code – Cost Center For auditing purposes, some clients reconcile their lodging expenses against specific budgets for specific jobs or locations. The guest will provide the information, if required. Legible Employee Name It is required that guests’ names are PRINTED so there is a legible name easily identifiable by CLC. There also may be an area requiring a guest signature. Please check that the name is legible before the guest is checked out of your property. Note: To ensure Rooming Lists and Authorization Forms are processed successfully, make sure that every field is legibly filled out during check-in. If information is not populated in available fields, it could lead to delays in your payments. No further documentation should be submitted for processing IF all available fields are populated. 4/13/2017

7 Contact Information Some CLC Lodging phone numbers have changed. There also are new ways to receive assistance with your billing questions. Below are useful numbers and addresses to contact CLC. Billing Questions (316) Billing Submissions Fax: (316) Mail: 8111 E 32nd Street N. Suite 300 Wichita, KS WebCheckINN Information (800) Contract Questions (316) E-Commerce (Electronic Systems Support) Reservation Support (888) 4/13/2017

8 For Every Bill Submitted
Check-in Checklist Please post this information at your front desk to ensure that all required information is gathered for each CLC guest check-in. Guest Name (Employee Name) Customer Name Card Number or Employee ID Number Hotel Information Date In – Date Out Total Charge Room Number Number of Guests Folio or Reference Number WebCheckINN Information (800) For Every Bill Submitted Make it legible. Include all information. Reservations CLC guests are typically walk-in guests. However, some guests call in advance to make their reservations and to confirm availability. Some guests may use CLC’s Traveler Support Center to make the reservations for them. CLC Lodging clients should not make reservations for CLC’s direct bill program through 800 phone numbers or online booking tools. Reservation Support For questions regarding the check-in process of a CLC guest, please call: (888) 4/13/2017

9 FAQs Q- Do I have to make a copy of the CLC Card at Check- In?
A- If you are billing electronically, it is not required to send in a copy of the CLC Card. However, it is recommended to keep the back-up documentation in the event of an audit. Q- Do I have to mail the bills separately, identified by CLC company, as previously requested? A- No. That is no longer a requirement. Q- How do I use the Internet to check my account? A- Hotels can check their account through CLC Lodging’s WebCheckINN Web site at Billing status can be reviewed at any time. Hotels that do not have a WebCheckINN account can set one up at or by calling CLC. There is no charge for this service. CLC Lodging conducts WebCheckInn training on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. For questions or more information, contact our E-Commerce Department at (800) Q- What should I do if there is a delay in payment? A- Please contact CLC if you experience delays after submitting bills online or through fax or mail. Please do not resubmit an additional copy of your invoice. Duplicate submissions slow the process further.

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