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2 THE COMPANY INNERGI TM is a lifestyle development company It was founded to help improve people’s lives through health and wellness training and education We help to enhance all aspects of a person’s life, through promoting “core” changes We strive to help people experience a healthy transformation from the inside-out Your health is our number one priority! Your “Financial Freedom” is an additional benefit! “Invest in your health and your body shall receive the wealth” – Health Coach Alim

3 CORPORATE VISION & MISSION STATEMENT Vision: It is our vision that all attain total health and wellness; physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Mission Statement: Our mission is to enhance, empower and transform people's lives through improved health and financial wellness. We are passionate about health and we make it our goal to help others attain it. We invoke change while promoting total inner health and wellness. Our proposed changes help to transform you by reaching the core of your inner being; invigorating, energizing, and replenishing your soul; while encouraging lasting and permanent change. We are the “INNERGI™” company.

4 OUR LOGO The INNERGI TM logo represents inner health and well-being. The apple promotes healthy living, while the image of a person in the center of the apple represents the core change of a person. Our core holds us up, literally, it helps us stay balanced.

5 THE TEAM The Executive Staff of INNERGI™ : Arja Langdon – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Walt D. Lauderdale, Jr. – Chief Operations Officer (COO) Alim Hagan - Health Coach

6 THE HEALTH COACH Health Coach. Herbalist. Author. Motivational Speaker Alim Hagan is a Health Coach, Herbalist, Author and lifestyle specialist Founder of Harmony Herb Company, with over 18 years of experience in natural healing His mission is to reconnect humanity with human nature He is dedicated to sharing info about the healing affects nature has on the human body He incorporates healing through the mind, body and soul Health Coach Alim seeks to help Americans reclaim optimal wellness


8 INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Many Americans live an unhealthy lifestyle, not by choice but because of the lack of education as to what is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to be healthier; therefore, there is a growing concern to stay fit and healthy. As the public becomes more health conscious and public awareness spreads; health supplements become a necessary part of the diet resulting in a rapid growth of the wellness industry. Six years ago, the health and wellness industry was worth $200 billion In 2010, globally over $600 billion was spent on health and wellness The industry is projected to reach $1 trillion within the next 5 years

9 INDUSTRY OVERVIEW (CONT) STATISTICS FROM EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL. Euromonitor has the world’s most comprehensive research on the health and wellness industry. They monitor and analyze industry trends in health and wellness globally, including in-depth data on market share and market size.


11 INNERGI MSM  Joints  Workout Recovery

12 VITA C POWER Major Source of Vitamin C

13 INNERGI GREENS 102 Vitamins and Minerals

14 HAIR AND NAIL FORMULA  Essential Vitamins and Minerals  Slow to No Growth  Healthy, Strong Hair  Strong Nails  Creates a better blood flow to the scalp  Provides more nourishment to the head, resulting in a head of healthier hair! Contains Fo-Ti, the number 1 herb in China for hair Growth

15 INNERGI TEA  Gradual  Long Lasting  Sustainable Consumed each morning either hot or at room temperature, INNERGI TM Tea provides flowing and sustained energy designed to give you a natural boost from sun up to sundown

16 PRODUCT PACKAGES JOIN THE OPPORTUNITY ………………………………………… $59 ORDER YOUR PRODUCT PACKAGE Wellness Package ……………………………………………… $160.00 -2 Innergi™ Greens, -2 Innergi™ Vita C & Bonus Audio CD (How to Heal any Disease) Sports Package ………………………………………….……… $96.00 -1 Innergi™ MSM, -1 Innergi™ Greens, -1 Innergi™ Vita C Brain Power Package …………………………………….…… $144.00 -1 Innergi™ Greens, -1 Innergi™ Vita C, -2 Innergi™ Teas

17 PRODUCT PACKAGES (CONT) ORDER YOUR PRODUCT PACKAGE Hair and Nail Package ……………………………………… $120.00 -1 Innergi™ Greens, -1Innergi™ Vita C, -1 Innergi™ MSM, -1 Innergi™ Foti plus bonus CD Recovery Package …………………………………….……… $112.00 -1 Innergi™ MSM, -2 Innergi™ Vita C Energy Package ……………………………………….….…… $160.00 -1 Innergi™ Greens, -1 Innergi™ MSM,, -2 Innergi™ Teas Business Builder (Success) Package ………..…..…… $429.00 -3 Innergi™ Greens, -3 Innergi™ Vita C, 3 Innergi™ MSM, -3 Innergi™ Fo-ti, -1 Innergi™ Tea plus audi books (Network Marketing Explosion) and (Leadership Development)


19 OPPORTUNITY INNERGI TM offers a home-based business opportunity that entails the use and sale of 100% all natural health and wellness products. Additionally there is: an opportunity for a healthier lifestyle an opportunity to experience Personal Growth an opportunity to Network an opportunity to earn extra income

20 WHY INNERGI™ We offer superior products that work; our products will NEVER be compromised for price. It is our guarantee that the products are always made with the highest quality and highest care put into each bottle. We have a compensation plan that pays an incredible 60% CV! We have a comprehensive support system and tools to help you succeed! There is very little upfront cost, to start your own home-based business with us Work part time or full time, your business should fit your life Yes, you’ve heard before “you’re in business for yourself, but, not by yourself”. Well, our company truly means it!

21 WHY INNERGI ™ (CONT) We have a simple compensation structure We are part of a growing health and wellness industry As a company, we are in truly in the beginning stage We are a solid, debt free company We offer the perfect platform for success INNERGI TM has a tremendous Company Culture!

22 INNERGI ™ 100% CAMPAIGN Innergi™’s Promise to You: 100 % Natural product formulas (certified organic) 100% Customer Excellence 100% Distributor Support 100% Order Fulfillment (on time all the time!) Money Back Guarantee!!! (no risk)


24 SUMMARY OF COMPENSATION PLAN INNERGI TM offers immediate weekly cash income INNERGI TM offers long term residual income INNERGI TM offers a premium incentive plan Bonuses! – Bonuses! – Bonuses!

25 SIX WAYS FOR IBO’S TO EARN Wholesale to Retail Profits First Order Bonuses (FOB) Matrix Team Sales Overrides Coded Bonuses (For Qualified IBO’s) Leadership Bonus Pool (For Qualified IBO’s) Platinum Star Car Bonus

26 WHOLESALE TO RETAIL 2 WAYS TO EARN THROUGH RETAIL SALES OPTION ONE: IBO purchases a small amount of product wholesale from Innergi™ and keeps on hand IBO sells product to retail customer IBO receives the wholesale to retail commission at the point of the sale

27 WHOLESALE TO RETAIL (CONT) OPTION TWO: IBO directs all customers to IBO’s website ( Customer learns about all the products Customer makes retail purchase from the site Innergi™ tracks and credits all retail sales and pays the IBO retail commission on their next commission check

28 WHOLESALE TO RETAIL (CONT) OPTION TWO: IBO receives an additional $37.96 on next commission check ProductRetailWholesaleDifference Innergi™ Greens$39.99$32.00$11.99 Innergi™ Vita C$59.99$48.00$7.99 Innergi™ Foti$29.99$24.00$5.99 Innergi™ MSM$19.99$16.00$3.99 Innergi™ Tea$39.99$32.00$7.99 Total$37.95


30 RANK AND BONUS CRITERIA RANKS INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER (IBO) DIRECTOR (D) EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (ED) REGIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR (RMD) NATIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR (NMD) INTERNATIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR (IMD) QUALIFICATIONS Must be Active: 2 Active IBO's and $120 PWS in Auto-Ship Sales Remain Active 3 Active IBO's $2,000 GBV/ mo. Remain Active 3 Active IBO's $12,000 GBV/ mo. Remain Active 4 Active IBO's $30,000 GBV/ mo. Remain Active 5 Active IBO's $60,000 GBV/ mo. Remain Active 6 Active IBO's $120,000 GBV/ mo. LEVEL 12%3%4%5%6%7% LEVEL 22%3%4%5%6%7% LEVEL 32%3%4%5%6%7% LEVEL 42%3%4%5%6%7% LEVEL 52%3%4%5%6%7% LEVEL 62%3%4%5%6%7% LEVEL 72%3%4%5%6%7% LEVEL 8 5%6%7% LEVEL 9 5%6%7% LEVEL 10 5%6%7% PLATINUM STAR BONUS Achieve the Rank of ED or above in the first 60 days and earn additional bonuses. Platinum $600/mo Car Club Car Bonus FIRST ORDER BONUS25% LEADERSHIP POOL Earn a percentage of the total company revenue All Innergi™ leaders who qualify monthly at the paid rank of RMD and above

31 3 X 10 MATRIX YOU LEVEL 13 LEVEL 29 LEVEL 327 LEVEL 481 LEVEL 5243 LEVEL 6729 LEVEL 72187 LEVEL 86561 LEVEL 919683 LEVEL 1059049 IMAGINE EARNING 4% AS AN “ED” FROM 2,187 PEOPLE’S EFFORTS! THAT WOULD BE $5,380.02* PER MONTH This illustration is only for educational purposes and is not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Success in this business requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills. The average participant in this business earns between $500 and $2,000. Some earn less while some earn much more.

32 MATRIX (CONT) CAN YOU USE AN EXTRA $6,725.03*/MO? EARN 5% AS A “RMD” FROM 2,187 PEOPLE’S EFFORTS! THAT WOULD BE $6,725.03*/MO WHAT ABOUT AN EXTRA $24,210.09*/MO? EARN 6% AS A “NMD” FROM 6,561 PEOPLE’S EFFORTS! THAT WOULD BE $24,210.09*/MO WHAT ABOUT AN EXTRA $84,735.32*/MO? EARN 7% AS A “IMD” FROM 19,683 PEOPLE’S EFFORTS! THAT WOULD BE $84,735.32*/MO This illustration is only for educational purposes and is not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Success in this business requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills. The average participant in this business earns between $500 and $2,000. Some earn less while some earn much more.

33 CODED BONUS Everytime an IBO is enrolled into Innergi™, their Business Center is “tagged to” or “linked to” four of their upline leader’s forever You, Steve, Joann and Bill will receive a 5% bonus on Sam, Lara and Jay’s entire downline forever (all those in organization coded to you) Once a person has been coded to you, the bonus is “tagged to” or “linked to” you forever

34 Your downline Sam Sam’s downline Lara Lara’s downline Jay Your downline Sam Sam’s downline Lara Lara’s downline Jay No longer qualifies “ED” Executive Director “RMD” Regional Marketing Director “NMD” National Marketing Director “IMD” International Marketing Director

35 PLATINUM STAR CAR BONUS IBO is active IBO enrolls in Innergi™ Business Builder (Success) Package IBO reaches the rank of Executive Director (ED) or above in first 60 days -3 Active IBO’s -$25,000 group monthly wholesale product sales Receive monthly car bonus of $600 towards Platinum/Silver Audi

36 CHARITABLE DONATIONS Innergi™ is the total health and wellness company. We are committed to helping transform the lifestyles of people all around the world. One of the ways that we, as a company, assist in transforming lifestyles is by aiding The Hopes and Dreams Foundation in their organization mission. Innergi™ donates a percentage of every sale to The Hopes and Dreams Foundation. To find out more about The Hopes and Dreams Foundation, please visit the company website at My Innergi™ for life!


38 JOIN OUR TEAM and you will receive: The ability to order superior products & get paid multiple ways A free personal replicated website to pre-enroll others Tools, training, tips and support from our top leaders The inside track on upcoming products, plans and so much more

39 3 CATEGORIES OF INTEREST 1.) Like what you saw and are ready to sign up now 2.) Like what you saw but have some questions. 3.) Timing is not right for you at the moment to start a new business venture  You should however become a customer, take advantage of our tremendous product line and join the global health and wellness movement.

40 GET STARTED NOW Get back to the person who introduced you to this opportunity to secure your position and learn how to get started TODAY!!!


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