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Give Yourself a Competitive Edge James Shaw Targeted Nutrition Independent Herbalife Distributor 10y0376028.

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1 Give Yourself a Competitive Edge James Shaw Targeted Nutrition Independent Herbalife Distributor 10y0376028

2 2 Targeted Nutrition is dedicated to: providing education on the impact of good nutritional choices helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle building a team fueled by the best nutrition and weight management products in the world My Mission Look Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

3 3 If you are overweight or obese You are at greater risk of developing Coronary heart disease –Hypertension –Stroke –Sleep apnea –Complications during pregnancy Type 2 diabetes Gallstones Breathing problems Certain cancers

4 4 It is estimated by the NIH that obesity will lead to an additional 500,000 cases of cancer each year If current trends continue, by 2030

5 5 The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that 50% of Americans are projected to be obese by 2030 Did you know?

6 6 Don’t be a statistic 7 most common chronic diseases cancerdiabetes Hyper- tension stroke heart disease pulmonary conditions mental illness

7 7 Hearts don’t fail. Coronary arteries do. Arteries get blocked. They clot. We die. Biology of heart attacks It has nothing to do with our hearts & everything to do with our circulation. It’s that simple.

8 8 15% - 30% of people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within 5 years Prediabetes = abnormally high blood sugar but not high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes Preventative measures include: –Eating healthy –Increasing physical activity –Losing weight 79 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes Source: Study conducted by the CDC

9 9 One of the great risks of our age is living far longer than we can live well Premature means dying before well into your 80’s The real problem is outliving the QUALITY of life not running out of quantity of premature death is lifestyle related

10 10 In the past 30 years, childhood obesity has Doubled among children ages 2-5 Tripled among youth ages 6-11 More than tripled among adolescents ages 12-19

11 11 3 biggest issues doctors hear about Lack of energy/fatigueDigestion issuesExcess weight

12 12 50 year tobacco study shows smokers lose a decade of life

13 13 Average years of life lost by people who are OverweightObese Source: USA Today

14 14 The perfect storm Cheap non-nutritious foods Lack of exercise Environmental factors Labor saving devices of all kinds Have made for a highly sedentary lifestyle

15 15 Vitamins and minerals enhance our metabolism Nutrients regulate blood sugar and fat-burning The standard American diet (SAD) is energy dense (too many calories) but nutrition poor (lacking in vitamins and minerals) Americans are overfed and undernourished The more processed foods you eat The more vitamins you need! Empty calories confuse the metabolism and pack on pounds

16 16 Fact Average amount of food consumed per year per person lbs 50 years ago, the average person consumed 400 lbs of food per year Now it’s 600 lbs per year with most being sodas, processed foods loaded with sugar, and carbs

17 17 Fact Protein, carbs and fat are out of balance for most people To really look and feel your best, you have to change from the inside out!!

18 18 Poor Breakfast Leads To Health Problems Where does bad nutrition begin? A strong connection has recently been discovered between poor breakfast habits and many health related problems

19 19 What does breakfast really mean? Break your Fast ing You have fasted for the last 8-10-12 hours Your body needs proper energy Break Fast Get out of the gates quickly with a balanced breakfast not just carbs

20 20 Your body, consisting of 100 trillion cells, needs 114 different nutrients every day Nutrients provide: –Energy (from protein, fat, carbs) –Building materials (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.) You are 147% more likely to be obese when you skip breakfast Your body loses between 1 and 1½ quarts of water each night through breathing, sweating and visits to the bathroom! Facts about breakfast All the vital nutrients The body with stable energy The body with H2O Balanced protein to help maintain normal blood sugar A Good Breakfast Provides

21 21 What did you eat for breakfast today? These simple carbs immediately turn to sugar Raised blood sugar forces the pancreas to produce more insulin Insulin removes the extra sugar from the blood turning it into fat Blood sugar drops. You feel hungry and are likely to grab processed food, high in simple carbs

22 22 Result in slow, but consistent, weight gain Is the most common reason for: –Weight gain –Tiredness and fatigue –High blood pressure –Diabetes Poor breakfast choices

23 23 Blood sugar levels change throughout the day

24 24 Function of Water Transports nutrients & oxygen Moisturizes air in the lungs Helps with metabolism Protects vital organs Helps organs absorb nutrients Regulates body temperature Protects & moisturizes joints Human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water Rule of thumb: 2/3 of body consists of water – main component of the human body. Harmful effects from Dehydration Fatigue Constipation Muscle cramps Irregular blood pressure Kidney problems Dry skin 20% dehydrated – risk of death

25 25 In the large weight registry of people who lost 70 lbs or more and kept it off for 4 or more years, the only things they had in common were breakfast and regular exercise. But … The value of breakfast It wasn’t a muffin & latte The secret was a protein breakfast Like found in Source:

26 26 Formula 1 Shake has MORE vitamins & nutrients than all these foods combined!

27 27 Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix [a] Herbal Aloe Liquid and Powder [b] Herbal Tea Concentrate [c] A healthy meal with up to 21 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Soothes the stomach and relieves occasional indigestion.* Antioxidant and thermogenic benefits of green tea and botanicals.* 9 g of protein and healthy fiber help support weight management. Improves nutrient absorption.*Provides an energy boost and weight-management support.* Delicious flavors: Cafe Latte, Cookies n Cream, Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Piña Colada and Wild Berry. 2 delicious flavors: Mango and Natural. 4 delicious flavors: Lemon, Original, Peach and Raspberry. A healthy nutritional breakfast

28 28 Did you know? Studies show that meal replacement shakes are a viable way to maintain weight, as recognized by the European Food Safety Authority, and that increasing your daily protein intake to about 30% leads to greater loss of fat with the retention of lean body mass

29 29 Importance of protein There is evidence that modestly increasing the proportion of protein in the diet, while controlling total calorie intake, may: –Improve body composition –Facilitate fat loss –Improve body weight maintenance after weight loss

30 30 Save money & have a healthy meal

31 31 Why Herbalife? Herbalife is a global network marketing company offering a range of science-based weight management products, nutritional systems and personal care products intended to support a healthy lifestyle Mission is to change people’s’ lives by providing the best nutrition and weight management/cellular nutrition products in the world Global nutrition company since 1980 and is traded on the NYSE (HLF) Products currently offered in 88 countries Herbalife is committed to setting the standard by which all nutrition companies are measured There are 180 scientists on staff of which 19 have PHDs Company’s internal staff is supplemented with 30 consulting scientists, all with PHDs In 2011, Herbalife spent approximately $25 million on the combined scientific areas of research and development, with an additional $11 million on nutrition affairs, product licensing and strategic sourcing All products comply with and are labeled according to FDA rules

32 32 Herbalife products can help you … Reduce the effects of stress and convert you from a fat storage to a fat burning machine –Increase energy & stamina –Manage weight/appetite control –Improve body shape –Reduce stress –Slow down accelerated aging –Boost self-esteem –Obtain sound sleep –Aid healthy digestion –Increase low-fat, low-carbs daily intake

33 33 Confidence in Herbalife

34 34 “Seed to feed” in action

35 35 Nutrition first Weight loss will follow I WANT RESULTS Diets won’t work if they don’t address your nutritional daily needs

36 36 Satisfaction guaranteed Herbalife is so confident in their products, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee

37 37 The new you! This could be you once taking Herbalife’s plant- based nutritional supplements

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