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JAMES KINGHAM PROJECT Prevention Understanding Knowledge Education.

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1 JAMES KINGHAM PROJECT Prevention Understanding Knowledge Education













14 ASC has created its’ own range of specialist alcohol leaflets, including: Cocaethylene When alcohol and cocaine are taken together they form a highly toxic third substance which is called cocaethylene. a campaign to promote safer drinking in Luton

15 Alcohol: the facts Units, recommended guidelines & how alcohol affects body and mind. Are you worried about someone’s drinking? Practical advice for anyone concerned about a friend, family member or colleague’s drinking.

16 Bottling it up Many people use alcohol in an effort to combat anxiety, depression or sleep disorders. This leaflet explores the science behind this and suggests alternatives to drinking. Down in one! A self help manual to enable you to assess your drinking and work through practical exercises to reduce your drinking. Ideal for people who are worried, but do not want to talk to someone about their drinking.

17 Love on the rocks This specialist leaflet examines the effect of alcohol on sexual health. Includes info on STI’s, fertility and personal safety. Alcohol & diabetes A specialist leaflet exploring how alcohol affects this common condition and suggesting tips for cutting down.

18 Drink: top 10 tips.. 10 practical tips for cutting down drinking in a postcard-sized (A6) format. PUKE! ASC’s dedicated young people’s service. This leaflet contains facts about alcohol as well as tips for staying safe.

19 Talking Alcohol - a parent’s guide. Whether or not you drink alcohol yourself or whether or not your child has yet started to experiment with alcohol, it’s never too soon to start discussing drinking.

20 As these are produced in-house we are able to include contact details of useful Luton and Bedfordshire organisations relevant to the publication, just one of the reasons why we create our own resources rather than just distributing national literature! We also have JKP and PUKE leaflets, which contain details of our adult and young people treatment services.


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