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2 SEA BREEZE GETAWAY Melissa Laferriere

3 My architectural icon design “Sea Breeze Getaway” was designed in mind as to give Mississauga a more modern edge feeling though still keeping the history of the city giving it an updated look in the process. My inspiration was the Luve in Paris, I chose to base my Architectural icon on it because I loved the fact that it stood out and was different which is what I wanted to portray. In my designs I also planned on using the architectural icon as a hotel, due to the fact I thought it would be a good tourist attraction of not only having a new modern vision way of living also a great way to showcase the waterfront with an added list of activities for guests to do like boating. In the process of the location it played a big part on how it would be designed. The example I want to set for the building was to have a luminescent look with the sunlight pouring in creating a warm atmosphere. By placing it on the waterfront it would get much more potential for maximum sunlight but, also the beautiful view of the waterfront of the horizon, giving it the added bonus as using the rooftop of a building as a beacon. My idea was meant for the design to have it lit upon the top of the building providing a duel purpose. I wish to achieve positive reactions with my sculpture that I hope will spark discussions through how we can improve Mississauga, keeping in mind that we are not trying to take anything away from our city that makes us who we are instead bringing in new aspects that could benefit our great city an us as well.

4 PAINTING Ruth Bekele

5 My sculpture is focusing on culture and how, by utilizing Mississauga’s multiculturalism, we can make it a memorable place for both its inhabitants and visitors to the city. Although my sculpture visually represents this idea as more of a vague notion, I hope that; when looking at it, its audience would feel compelled to think about it and wonder how and if culture makes Mississauga better. Its vagueness leaves room for interpretation, and varied ideas. I chose to show my concept through the larger hand that is covered in flags, representing multiculturalism, painting the smaller; otherwise plain hand that represents Mississauga. I also chose the hand to be painted gold because it’s a nice, shiny colour that is associated with prosperity and people seem to be attracted to it. The Mississauga hand is also only partially painted because I wanted to show even though Mississauga displays some of its multiculturalism we have yet to do something interesting with it. A positive impact it could have is that, by making Mississauga more interesting through culture, we could attract more people to the city and keep the ones living here interested enough so that they like it and not feel like leaving.

6 SPIRIT STICK Spencer C. Mathurin Ricks

7 I have designed a Spirit Stick for Mississauga. I believe this Spirit Stick represents Mississauga and its future. I have used vibrant colours to represent how vibrant and colourful Mississauga is. To show people that we are wall made up of not just one general race but we are all different races that suit our Mississauga. The fake flowers are there to represent Mississauga, back in the day, when we had large mass of fields, and forest covering our whole city. Till today where we are building skyscrapers and lofts so high into the sky. I also added the feathers, to show that even if we must never forget our past, we must look to our future, and make plans to make Mississauga as exciting and comfortable for other people as it is for either you or I. I also have made these two hands to represent the relationship between you and I. The committee of any city/country has always had an upper hand on decisions made for the future for the city/country. I have found lately that even though we have a committee, we (common people) have more of a chance to change Mississauga, as do you. Our opinions and vision do matter to the committee of Mississauga. I believe my Spirit Stick will have a positive outcome to Mississauga’s future because I believe that for each thing that is one the Spirit Stick, is like a perfect recipe to a delicious chocolate cake, we need all the ingredients to make it, but without one ingredient, it will just taste like another chocolate cake. I hope that people will be able to see what each thing represents and to truly understand what my Mississauga means to me.


9 For the art assignment the theme I’m doing is Going Green in 905, and it focuses around bikes. My inspiration comes from the fact that global warming is a major issue in this modern age, most of the carbon emissions coming from automobiles which are a largely used mode of transportation for many people. My family doesn’t have a car, so I can be seen nearly walking to every place I need to go to, and during my many walks I noticed many riders riding on the road and many more people who would ride around the townhouse complexes. Constantly seeing these cyclists got me thinking about how our city can be better designed so that people can use their bikes to get around more instead of driving or taking the bus. My sculpture consists of the chain wheel of a bicycle, a pair of plaster shoes made from a cast, and two planks of wood nailed together. Originally I had thought to hang the chain wheel up using the bicycle chain so that the sculpture would be suspended in mid-air, representing what I hoped would appear to be the freedom to ride anywhere without any worries. Unfortunately, due to unseen events, I have had to change my idea around a couple times. In the end, I ended up with this- still incomplete because I had planned to place the plaster shoes on the pedals. But it proved too difficult as the shoes were much too heavy for the chain wheel and mount. Other materials used in the creation process were: plaster bandages, Vaseline, nails, wood and green paint. The green paint was a last minute addition, if truth be told. I thought the wood mount seemed a little drab and painted it a color I best believed represented the idea of safe riding. Though my art piece is anything but magnificent and still not truly complete, I hope any viewing audience would look upon it and get my message. That riding is much more beneficial to ourselves and our environment, which is the city of Mississauga. I’d like for them to see it and then get an urge to pull out the bike from their garage and head out for a ride, on bike lanes that have been built and old ones that have been widened. All with the necessary safety precautions so that families can ride on these bike lanes with little children. If people were out riding more with the provided bike lanes from city hall, than it would affect Mississauga positively. Our city would become a much more healthier one, for city and people alike.

10 PUBLIC DISPLAY OF ART Thompson Nguyen

11 It is evident that people are visually attracted to artwork displayed in public places as it promotes creativity and culture. Strangely, Mississauga lacks in many jaw dropping monuments that can be viewed around the city. But I envision that huge canvases set up will give our city an opportunity to promote creativity of our citizens. And as the sixth largest city in Canada, we have a lot to promote. This piece consists of a chain of canvases in front of a model of the Living Arts Centre. The main component consists of five large blocks with an influence from the postmodernism-style of architecture (clean shapes, simple straight and angular lines). On these walls, some sample art is present. In actuality, I would imagine the city working as a team to create pieces for these walls; either by setting up a day to work on the wall or on some material to place over the wall. As for the actual size of these walls, I imagine that it would be around 14 feet tall, some distance around the Living Arts Centre. But if these were to be implemented into other public places (i.e. parks, malls), it could be scaled down smaller. The materials used consist of foam core, paper, pencil crayons and paint. As one can see, the blank model of the Living Arts Centre contrasts the colourful structure. This is to symbolize Mississauga’s dry and disinteresting cityscape. It attempts what this idea tries to achieve: to grab the eye of the audience. I believe this structure of creativity will definitely improve the city. Creativity is a skill that brings amazing things into our lives. To display our local talents is beneficial to get many people involved and take a break from the consumerism of our mall. Also, displaying this in front of the Living Arts Centre may attract many people towards it. These huge community buildings seem to have a lack of people visiting them due to its lack of attracting forces. I believe that this opportunity of creativity will help our city’s arts and culture grow as well as attract tourists to see this monument.


13 My vision for Mississauga covers many different areas for the future of the city. My vision covers the areas of Waterfront revitalization, Diversity, Going green, Arts and Culture, and attracting young families to the city of Mississauga to further improve our economy. My vision is to create a huge park down by the Waterfront with the centerpiece being a massive greenhouse complex that will be built not far from the shores of Lake Ontario. The green house will be stocked full of flowers, trees and other natural plant life from all over the world. For example, Japanese Azalia flowers, Leandri flowers from Madagascar, Myrtle Oak Trees from Florida, Orchid trees from Brazil and many others. People would come from all over to see the marvellous wonders from all over the world. Surrounding the Green House would be a large expansion of parkland, which can be used for many purposes such as live concerts, sports events, parties or just a place for people of all ages to have fun. Creating this parkland and the Green house will help Mississauga to revitalize the Waterfront and to make it a more environmentally friendly place. In the past, we've seen the build up of coal burning factories such as the Lakeview Generating Station, which was recently demolished. If we can place the Greenhouse and the parkland on the waterfront, we can beautify the waterfront and create a new icon to stand near our waterfront, the glass dome (The Greenhouse). The parkland will also open up a place for people of all ages to play. This in turn will attract young families with the kids that will be the headway for the next generation of Mississaugans.

14 Using the park for live shows will also attract people of the arts and culture community here to show the world their unique talents and liven up our arts and culture community in a big way. When it comes to diversity, we as Canadians must show that we are accepting of all people no matter what skin no matter what culture or background they come from. But how do we show we are diverse? We must be the city in Canada that develops a new unique way of embracing diversity without offending other cultures or groups. So with plants from all over the world, it is a symbol of our diverse culture and our acceptance of minorities to live alongside majorities. By creating the green house, we also further our message of protecting our environment. The globe shape of the Green House may be a commonly used structure form, such the Dome at Ontario place in Toronto or the Dome atop the White House in Washington D.C. but the Dome in this case symbolizes our country as a whole; we welcome people from all over the world. The name of the park would be "Universal" Park, which symbolizes our diverse culture and the acceptance and embracing of many different cultures and backgrounds. And that's Canada's message to the world isn't it?


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