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2 AIM To introduce members to the mechanics of Bible study  in other words:  we are going to lay a foundation on how we can approach the Word of God in a manner that is beneficial to us and at the same time bring glory and honour to its author who is God Almighty.

3 All Scripture is God- breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Tim. 3:16-17 Benefits of Bible Study

4 Daily Quiet Time How Important is it to God? Jesus died to make it possible! God has called you into fellowship Jesus is eager to spend time with you God created us to be in relationship with Him How Important is it to you? It’s your source of strength You can’t be healthy without it! It’s the way to be effective! (rem: our minds is the battle field…Rom 12:2)

5 Why Have a Daily Quiet Time? To show devotion to God To get direction To delight yourself in God To be transformed

6  Select a specific time - Best time -when we’re most refreshed, - logical to begin the day with Jesus, demonstrates our priority The time to tune your instrument is before you play in the concert not after!  Be Consistent - Consistency is important to achieving this goal. - Practice makes perfect! How to Begin a Daily Quiet Time

7 How to Start Daily Just 15 minutes a day Choose a special place Gather your resources Right attitudes A Plan to Get you started: Relax Read Reflect Record Request Plan to be successful!

8 How To Hear God’s Word Be ready and eager Pray and rely on the Holy Spirit Be aware of what distracts you:  Closed Mind  Superficial Mind  Preoccupied Mind How Do I Deal With Problems? Confess and Repent! Be Obedient to God’s Word!

9 Benefits of Bible Study  Stronger, Healthier Mind  Pure Life  Guidance  Will of God Will God’s Word Make a Difference? Yes!! How? Accept Store up Holy Spirit Application of God’s Word

10 How to Study God’s Word Study for yourself  Use pen and paper  Ask questions  Check context How do you begin  Just begin.  Be consistent.

11 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture Resist Temptation Make Wise decisions Will Strengthen You Gives You Peace Comforts you Helps you witness

12 3 Keys to Memorizing Scripture Review Meditation Listening to God’s Word Reflecting on God’s word Rehearsing God’s Deeds Ruminating on God’s Law

13 Benefits of Meditation Love of God Will Grow Faith Will Grow Become Like Christ Key to Answered Prayer Key to Successful Living

14 Six Ways to Meditate Picture it! Pronounce it! Paraphrase it! Personalize it! Pray it! Probe it!

15 Application Questions What did it mean? What principle is involved? How do I apply it?

16 * Ask Questions * Gather Information Questions

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