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The International Size Acceptance Association presents.

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1 The International Size Acceptance Association presents

2 Why Is ISAA Doing This? Times change, attitudes change and people change. We are not all meant to look, think or even weigh the same. People can be healthy even if they do not look "thin." Everyone is deserving of a basic level of respect and dignity.

3 What Is HEALTHY BODY ESTEEM all about? ISAA believes that we can all learn how to feel good about our bodies and how to take care of them, whether or not they match the ideals or expectations of others.

4 What about the health aspects of being a larger size or weight? Let's discuss that, because there are some misconceptions about what it means to be healthy at any size.

5 Bias By Medical Professionals Against Obesity It was recently disclosed in a study by the Cooper Institute that there is bias against obesity by medical professionals. In other words, this bias against obesity is taught in medical school!

6 Bias By Medical Professionals Against Obesity (Continued) Not only that, but the warnings about the “ obesity epidemic ” given by medical professionals to the public often do not stand up to strong factual scrutiny, especially the “ 300,000 die per year because of obesity ” statistic. This inaccurate and misleading statement has been used by many leading medical professionals, even the U.S. Surgeon General.

7 Bias By Medical Professionals Against Obesity (Continued) Citing Drs. McGinnis and Foege and their article "Actual Causes of Death in the United States" from the November 10, 1993 issue of the JAMA, ISAA claims that "diet/activity patterns" cause 300,000 deaths per year, not obesity.

8 Bias By Medical Professionals Against Obesity (Continued) In a 1998 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Drs. McGinnis and Foege clarified "The (300,000) figure applies broadly to the combined effects of various dietary factors and activity patterns that are too sedentary, not to the narrower effect of obesity alone."

9 Bias By Medical Professionals Against Obesity (Continued) Referencing the 1991 Framington Heart Study, ISAA claims that virtually all of the "excess" cardiovascular disease mortality in obese men and women could be explained by lifetime weight fluctuation from yo-yo dieting. By contrast, a 1995 Cooper Institute Study of 45,000 men showed that fat yet fit men outlived thin yet unfit men.

10 Fitness Is For Everyone With the exception of those with mobility issues, people of all sizes can attain certain levels of fitness and become healthier, even if they do not lose weight in the process. Muscle weighs more than fat, so a person's body may become healthier and have more energy even if it does not appear thinner.

11 Fitness Is For Everyone (Continued) What's important is maintaining fitness. There are millions of people whose health is threatened by their lack of fitness even though they may look thin.

12 So what should the public be concerned with? What are the facts on the matter? Millions of people are dieting to lose weight at any given time, yet the obesity rate has been skyrocketing for years. It should be noted, however, that the U.S. National Institutes of Health changed the standards of what is considered "overweight" and "obese" in 1998, making over 50% of the U.S. population "overweight" and 35% "obese" literally overnight!

13 Why Diets Fail Over 90% of weight loss diets fail and dieters invariably "yo-yo" to a higher weight than before. Why? Because the body changes chemically during a diet, which the body perceives as a famine. The body reduces the body's metabolic rate and increases the set-point (the person's average weight) as well as fat storage capability.

14 Why Diets Fail (Continued) The body implements these changes automatically in order to survive the current "famine" and prepare the body for the next "famine." So, when the dieter resumes normal eating, that person does not know their body has changed internally and quickly regains the weight plus more.

15 The Link Between Body Imagery and Eating Disorders In the U.S. alone, over 25 million people (mostly women) suffer from eating disorders, many of which result from an unrealistically thin body imagery portrayed as the ideal in the most popular media sources (magazines, television and film) and the fashion industry.

16 The Link Between Body Imagery and Eating Disorders (Continued) The glamorizing of the unhealthily thin as role models sends a devastating message to young women and men that their bodies are inadequate. As a result, young children and teenagers diet and smoke cigarettes in futile attempts to stay thin or become thinner than they are...often leading to eating disorders.

17 What's the alternative? In January 2003, ISAA created the Respect Fitness Health initiative to provide an escape route from the "diet-of-the-day" and gloom-and-doom predictions. Simply put, people must learn to respect themselves in order to believe that they are deserving of a basic level of respect and dignity from others. What makes a person beautiful or handsome is how they perceive themselves and the world around them.

18 Healthy Body Esteem The Healthy Body Esteem campaign is centered around the "Respect" aspect of Respect Fitness Health. This Healthy Body Esteem section of the ISAA website contains downloadable “ link to this website ” graphics, wallpapers for computer desktops (which can also be used as posters), an Adobe Acrobat PDF document and this Powerpoint Presentation.

19 How You Can Get Involved… Tell others about the Healthy Body Esteem website at Download and use one or more of the wallpapers on your computer desktop If you have a website, download the “link to” graphics and link to the Healthy Body Esteem website

20 Do You Have Questions About ISAA or Healthy Body Esteem? Please feel free to contact ISAA E-mail: Voicemail: 512.371.4307 Postal Mail: ISAA P.O. Box 82126 Austin, TX 78758 USA

21 All text, content and graphics Copyright © 2003 ISAA

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