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Empowering Schools to Go Green. Non-profit Free to Schools Web-Based Experienced Connected Passionate.

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1 Empowering Schools to Go Green

2 Non-profit Free to Schools Web-Based Experienced Connected Passionate

3 ImagineImagine...…

4 To inspire and empower schools and the broader school community to care for the environment.

5 Making environmental protection second nature in young minds.


7 Trash Reduction Electricity Reduction Paper Reduction Water Reduction Chemical Reduction Green Cleaning Supplies Reuse – emergency kits, school supplies, etc.

8 Increased Attendance Decreased Traffic Snarls Increased Science Scores Healthier Environment for Students and Staff Career Opportunities for Students Leadership Opportunities for Students Political Opportunities for Students Attracts Positive Publicity for District Teaches Lifelong Lessons and Passion Grant Money Opportunities

9 Who can you get to help??? Parents Teachers Staff Custodians Businesses Volunteers City Council, Staff Every community has different needs.

10 Research shows that kids can be educated and informed but still not change habits. –Fun, hands-on, repetitive learning will enforce lifestyle changes. Quantify, quantify, quantify! Utilize outside partnerships Make it a school culture Develop your program so it is sustainable



13 Environmental Education

14 Make a Difference Mondays 3R Education Student Council Earth Club School Assemblies Go Green Challenge Display Cases Grades of Green Earth Tips Field Trips Green King and Queen



17 Parent and Student Outreach


19 Trash Reduction

20 Trash- Free Tuesdays In-Class Recycling In-Class Composting Zero Waste Team Greening Special Events E-Waste Recycling Worm Bins Chalk Boards






26 Emissions Reduction

27 Walk to School Wednesdays City-Wide Earth Day Parade No Idle Zone






33 Reduce, Reuse + Recycle Paper, Chemical, Water, Pesticide, Electricity

34 [de] Tox Thursdays Pesticide Reduction Electricity Challenge Green School Supplies Green Emergency Kits Left-Over School Supplies School-Wide Water Reduction Native Garden Online Newsletter Green Cleaning Supplies

35 Comet Powder Cleanser 146 Air Contaminants 7 Carcinogens Detected 6 Ingredients Disclosed by Manufacturer 1 Asthmagus Detected Green cleaning has proven to be one of the easiest and cost-effective ways for schools to make their facilities healthier and safer for students, teachers and staff while also making a positive impact on the environment.


37 Global Outreach

38 Freaky Fridays Citywide Contests Students in Government National Fundraising Efforts Grants and Awards Environmental Conferences, Summits and Conventions Earth Day Celebrations Earth Hour




42 Suzanne Kretschmer 310 927-3415

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