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2013-14 Spartanburg Healthy Schools Pilot Project

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1 2013-14 Spartanburg Healthy Schools Pilot Project

2 Healthy School Environments Funded in 2013 by HSCI, Partners for Active Living and the Hub City Farmers’ Market released a call for nominations for the Spartanburg Healthy Schools Project.

3 Spartanburg Healthy Schools Project The purpose: To pilot healthier school environments that promote physical activity and healthy eating among students, staff, and families in three (3) public schools in Spartanburg County

4 Spartanburg Healthy Schools Project Steps in the year-long project:  Create a wellness council  Conduct assessment  Develop action plan  Receive $2,000 to create healthy change in the school environment  Recognize and Celebrate efforts!  Using the Healthy Schools Framework for process

5 Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary The mission of Holly Springs-Motlow is to develop a community of learners respecting, loving, and growing together while seeking excellence.

6  Spartanburg County District One  Rural school, 4k-6 th grade  423 Students; 53 Staff  Nominator: Trish Beason  Principal: Erika Center  Superintendent: Dr. Ron Garner Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary

7  2013 Poverty Index: 70.88  Challenges: Lack of nearby resources; connectivity to sites for physical activity and healthy eating  Opportunities: School as community center, faith-based partnerships Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary

8 Wellness Committee  Dr. Trish Beason, District One  Tracy Bell, School Nurse  Mr. DJ Brown, Physical Education  Mrs. Erika Center, Principal  Mrs. Kayla Copleston, PTO President  Ms. Angel Mount, Guidance Counselor  Page Rogers, DHEC Upstate Region  Ms. Denise Timmons, Cafeteria Manager  Mrs. Brianna Wright, Instructional Coach

9 Goals Set: Goal One  Family members and guardians have the opportunity to provide input to the implementation of wellness policy activities.  Steps: A parent survey was conducted to see their interests.

10 Parent Interest Survey Results

11 Goals Set: Goal Two  Students have the opportunity to provide input to the implementation of wellness policy activities.  Steps: Formal survey will target 3 rd -6 th grade.  Informally – Students are already giving their input for physical activities and have participated in creating banners and writing that focus on physical activity and nutrition.

12 Goals Set: Goal Three  A school employee wellness needs or interest assessment has been conducted yearly with staff.  Steps: Assessment Completed  Results showed interest lies in the following areas:  Top five areas of interest included: Walking, aerobics, developing personal fitness plan, healthy cooking and stress management.  Walking group has also been implemented

13 Goals Set: Goal Four  School offers a range of non-competitive physical activity opportunities aimed at engaging students in fun, recreational and life-long learning opportunities before or after the school day for all grades.  Steps: Current activities include the Running club, Fitness Fridays, Jammin’ Minute, individualized activities in classroom, Bulldog news, Jump Rope for Heart, Field Day.  Future Activities: Plan to start a volleyball club and two 4-H clubs that will focus on activity and nutrition.

14 Other Accomplishments  District wide Walk to School Day  SC Walk to School Day  Safe Routes to School Partnership  Dollar General Healthy Snack List for parents  SNLA award application  District One VISTA partnership  Hub City Farmers’ Market Mobile Market partnership

15 Post Pilot  Safe Routes to School/ Safe Kids education  Continued partnerships  Nutrition Education implementation  Future opportunities for funding  Future opportunity for Bronze Recognition from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

16 Hendrix IB World School Hendrix Elementary School’s Vision: Home, school, and community work together in an environment which is safe and supportive to foster a student centered and successful curriculum.

17  Spartanburg County District Two  Suburban school, 4k-3rd grade  813 Students; 93 Staff  Nominator: Robin Brannon  Principal: Dawn Neely  Superintendent: Scott Mercer Hendrix Elementary School

18  2013 Poverty index: 88.47  Challenges: Engaging parents, access to healthy lifestyles, and socio-economic status  Opportunities: Wellness, IB Attitudes and Learner Profile Attributes, and School used as a community resource Hendrix Elementary School

19 Pre-Pilot  Project Fit America Grant Recipient  South Carolina ASCD Whole Child Award, 2011-2012  Jump Rope for Heart  Past 3 Years - Top Fundraising School in Spartanburg County  Walk to School Day  “Walk This Way to Nicaragua”  11,147 cumulative miles walked during the 2013-2014 school year.  Annual walking challenge

20 Wellness Committee  Robin Brannon, Physical Education  Dawn Neely, Principal  Lynn Covil, Secretary/Bookkeeper  Tina Humphries, Assistant Principal  Brenda Givens, Secretary  Kim Gosnell, Nurse  Allison Kickler, Computer Lab  Becky Pollard, Secretary  Glenda Pryor, 4K Assistant  Christine Ramsey, Guidance

21 Goals Set: Goal One  The status of wellness policy implementation at the school level is communicated annually to school staff, students and families.  Steps:  Awareness of District Wellness Policy  Implement District Policy  Provide feedback to the district regarding progress  Communicate progress and goals with staff, students, and families through newsletters

22 Goals Set: Goal Two  School’s wellness goals are integrated into the overall School Improvement Plan.  Steps: Inform stakeholders of wellness goals Include all stakeholders in implementation of goals Keep all stakeholders updated with progress related to goals

23 Goals Set: Goal Three  A school employee wellness needs or interest assessment was conducted this year with staff.  Survey completed  Highlighted interests: 30 minutes of physical activity each day Healthy snack options at staff meetings Walking program Improve eating habits  Steps to fulfill Offer healthy options for staff at meetings and on cheer cart Zumba and Insanity Workouts Develop inside walking track and outdoor track signage Staff development with Robin Brannon

24 Other accomplishments  Walking Paths Established  Indoor  Outdoor  Signage  School Wide Fun Run  Nutrition Improvements  Vending  Fundraising  Blue Bell Ice Cream

25 Bronze National Recognition Award  Hendrix has achieved the Alliance for a Healthier Generation 2014 Bronze National Recognition Award!  Healthy Schools Program Forum invitation  Recognition Package One large indoor banner Posters to hang around your school One certificate of recognition Other celebratory items

26 Partnership with Blue Bell  Contacted Blue Bell  Offered options with less than 10% sugar  Sell items for $1.00 after lunch

27 Post Pilot  Vending machine options changed  NFL Play 360 application  Future partnership - Safe Routes to School  Application for Bronze Recognition from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

28 Post Pilot  We are taking physical education activities and resources to Nicaragua.

29 West View Elementary School The mission of West View Elementary School is to ensure that "Wildcats are A.C.E.S.” (All Children Experiencing Success)" by emphasizing: A = Academic Success C = Character Development E = Environment that is Safe and Friendly; Focused on Continuous Learning S = Strong Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programs

30  Spartanburg County District Six  Suburban school, 4k-5th grade  857 Students; 100 Staff  Nominator: Claire Culbreth  Principal: Shawn Wootton  Superintendent: Dr. Daryl Owings West View Elementary School

31  2013 Poverty Index: 62.75  Challenges: 1) Getting students involved in the process 2) Determine employee wellness needs and 3) Expose students to taste tests of a variety of healthy foods  Hosts fitness classes for staff (local instructor for fitness agency) as well as other incentive-based programs for the faculty  Collaborate with new Food Operations Manager to find ways to involve students  Work with Food Operations Manager to design opportunities for students to be exposed to healthy food options through a Healthy Food Expo West View Elementary School

32 Wellness Committee  Lisa Satterfield, Nurse  Marty Jett, Physical Education  Josef Lorenz, Physical Education  Shawn Wootton, Principal  Kathy Conner, Assistant Principal  Sandy Vess/Larry Shephard (Sodexo)  Claire Culbreth, PTO  Tracey Harrison, Parent & Westside Club Manager

33 Goals Set: Goal One  Students have the opportunity to provide input to the implementation of wellness policy activities.  Steps: Meet with Student Council Members to formulate goals and plan of action Work with Food Operations Manager regarding school lunch menu options Meet monthly to monitor progress & discuss concerns

34 Goal Set: Goal Two  School conducts yearly taste tests, with students, of healthy foods(fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, low fat entrees and fat-free or low fat dairy) intended for inclusion in reimbursable meals.  Steps: Choose dates, food items, locations, etc. Work with district managers as well as other outside agencies (Jason’s Deli, Bi-Lo, etc.)

35 Goal Set: Goal Three  A school employee wellness needs or interest assessment has been conducted yearly with staff.  Steps: Survey accomplished  Employee interests in: Walking Program (incentive-based walking program) Stress Management (yoga classes offered) Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning Health Screenings (Spartanburg Regional) Aerobics, Pilates, or Fitness Classes

36 Other Accomplishments  Safe Routes to School Partnership and Walkability Audit *Walkability Assessment Survey completed and feedback/recommendations provided *WVES SIC will work with SRTS next year to set goals and objectives to assist with concerns: Seatbelts Sitting in backseat Child safety seats Add signage Establish walking buses Repaint lines/pavement markings

37 Post Pilot  Safe Routes to School/ Trail Connection to the Wadsworth Trail Stagger dismissal procedures once connection is established  Food Service Change District/school operated for the 2014-2015 school year

38 Veggie Costumes Now Available!  Peas  Carrots  $5.00 each (cost to cover cleaning)  Available through Partners for Active Living for the 2014-15 school year  Contact 598-9638 or to reserve for your event or nutrition education

39 Healthy School Projects: Fall 2014 District One: New Prospect Elementary, nominated by Coordinator of Special Services, Dr. Trish Beason District Two: Oakland Elementary, nominated by PE Teacher, Carolina Cabe District Five: Reidville Elementary, nominated by School Nurse, Amy Nunnery

40 Healthy School Projects: Fall 2014 District Six: Lone Oak Elementary, nominated by PE Teacher, Kari Walker, and School Nurse Cheryl Neff District Seven: Jesse Boyd Elementary, nominated by PE Teacher, Kevin Brahbam, and Principal Meredith Rose

41 ACTIVE BREAK TIME  B-Cycle Ride to the Northside/Healthy Food Hub with Ned Barrett and Audrey Sperry  Campus Walk with Dr. Phillip Stone and Laura Ringo  Hula-hooping with Page Rogers  Outdoor Yoga with Katy Corbin

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