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Leah Gecheo Boot camp presentation 2012 1. Outline Cause of obesity National statistics Obesity prevention initiatives Funding agencies How to apply for.

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1 Leah Gecheo Boot camp presentation 2012 1

2 Outline Cause of obesity National statistics Obesity prevention initiatives Funding agencies How to apply for funding Obesity prevention in WV- Dr. Murphy, Kristin McCartney. 2

3 Cause of obesity: The ̏Thrifty gene” hypothesis Obesity? 3

4 Cause of obesity: our environment 4

5 How bad is it? 1 in 3 children/adolescent is overweight or obese Below 2 yr. old- 10% 2-5 yr. old; 14% 10-17 yr old: 18.2% Obese children have 70-80% probability of being obese adults Overweight and obese adults outnumber healthy adults Cost of obesity: $147B. Reduced work productivity 5

6 A growing problem 6

7 How obese is our country? 35.7% of Americans are obese, 7/10 are overweight or obese 7

8 Initiatives to fight the obesity epidemic Federal government initiatives- CDC Non-profit organizations- AHA Department of health Private/charitable organizations- Coke, PepsiCo, Hershey, Kraft foods Community-based initiatives State initiatives* 8

9 CDC funded initiatives 1. Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity (DNPAO) reduce obesity through state programs, research, intervention and policy changes Monitor nutritional status through PedNSS (pediatric nutrition surveillance system and PNSS (pregnancy surveillance systems) Promote fruits and vegetable consumption Improve breastfeeding Global collaborations 9

10 Programs under DNPAO BAM! Body and mind Interactive site for 9-13 yr olds; stress and physical fitness ‘Fruits and veggies-more matter’ initiative Healthier worksite initiative (HWI) Kit for employers to improve employees health Kidswalk-to-school Identify safe walking routes to school CDC’S LEAN works Identify science-based interventions that works. Obesity cost calculator for employers 10

11 CDC funded initiatives 2. Childhood obesity demonstration program Target: 2-12 year olds covered by CHIP (children’s health insurance program) Goal: improve children’s nutrition and physical activity through effective healthcare and community strategies. Preventive medicine, retail food stores, safe parks. Ongoing project; completion 2015 Location: UT, Houston, San Diego state university, Massachusetts state department of public health. 11

12 CDC funded initiatives 4. Communities putting prevention to work Target: Rural, tribal area, small urban groups to tackle obesity and tobacco use Goal: Implement environmental changes to make healthier living easier. Improve active means of transport. 5. Community transformation grant: Target: Communities overburdened by chronic diseases Goal: Community levels effort to reduce chronic diseases related to obesity. 12

13 America Heart Association (AHA) initiatives What is AHA? A non-profit organization that fosters cardiac care to reduce death and disability caused by heart disease Goal : Improve cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20% and reduce deaths due to CVD by 20% by 2020 13

14 AHA initiatives : NFL PLAY60 challenge Collaboration of NFL and AHA Recommend 60 minutes /daily physical activity Encourage physically active lifestyle year-round Participating schools: Teacher’s guide Lesson plan Game plan Classroom scoreboard certificate 14

15 AHA initiatives: Hoops for hearts Jump rope for hearts Engage middle school students in basketball and raise money for stroke/ heart disease research. Engage elementary students to jump rope while raising money for stroke/heart disease research.  School teams sign up for the 6-weeks program  Learn the skill and also heart health education  Fundraising 15

16 AHA initiatives: Alliance for a healthier generation Collaboration of AHA and William J Clinton foundation Ongoing project to inspire young people to adopt a lifestyle of healthy habits Reduce childhood obesity by 2015 14,000 schools enrolled Program assess school progress in changing policies, practice and environment that are in favor of healthy lifestyle Focus on 3 key initiatives; Healthy schools program, EmpowerME kid’s movement, Industry and healthcare 16

17 Alliance for a healthier generation Key Initiatives: 1. Healthy schools program  Provide expert advice to school professionals, teachers and students 2. EmpowerME kid’s movement (8-12 yr.o)  incorporating physical activity in after school programs.  8 lessons on healthy eating and physical activity  Goal is to make healthy lifestyle cool for kids by kids.  1.3M kids enrolled 17

18 Alliance for a healthier generation focus 3. Industry and healthcare  voluntary agreements with leaders in food, beverage, fitness and healthcare to create access of healthier food and affordable healthcare benefits Healthcare:  17,500 pediatricians to give free book- “The very hungry caterpillar”, associated with learning tools that promote healthy eating.  Alliance healthcare initiative to reimburse doctors and dietitians who provide obesity-related care counseling to children 18

19 Alliance for a healthier generation focus 3. Industry and healthcare Industry: Voluntary agreement with industry to provide healthier school meals at the price not higher than ‘classic’ meals Companies that have signed the agreement: AdvancePierre foods, Domino’s pizza, JTM food groups, McCain Foods, Rich products corporation, Schwan’s foods and Trident seafoods. 4950 schools enrolled 19

20 Let’s move initiative: Goal: solve obesity within a generation, be advocating healthy lifestyle so that children born today can reach adulthood at a healthy weight.  Healthier food in schools  Better food labeling  More physical activity Presidential memorandum Childhood obesity taskforce to review current initiatives and develop a national plan 20

21 Campaign to create awareness and start the obesity conversation in the community. Collaboration of Institute of Medicine (IOM), CDC, NIH and HBO. 3 years of research on the science and economics of obesity. 21

22 films/Consequences 22

23 Background Results from Bogalusa heart study 77% of obese children remained obese as adults Obesity disparities Poorest states ranks highest in obesity Obesity more prevalent among African Americans and Latinos 39% of obese children had 2 or more risk factors for heart disease Being overweight increases the chances of developing asthma by 52%. 23

24 The big picture: “The weight of the nation is not healthy. And to get healthy, we’re all going to have to do our part” -Dr. Thomas, director, CDC. 24

25 The role of a community dietitians Explore means to fight the pandemic Create nutritional intervention project Research Community education 25

26 Grants and funding Major funding agencies National Institute of Health (NIH) USDA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics(AND) Private agencies 26

27 Grant writing Identify the agency Identify award/funding opportunity Determine eligibility Proposal requirements Submission deadlines 27

28 Components of a grant proposal Executive summary Biographical sketch Narrative Budget Budget justification Chronogram bibliography 28

29 Executive summary Specific objectives Novelty Broader impact 29

30 A. Personal Statement B. Positions and Honors Positions and Employment Other Experience and Professional Memberships Honors C. Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (in chronological order) D. Research BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH NAMEPOSITION TITLE credential, EDUCATION/TRAINING INSTITUTION AND LOCATION DEGRE E (if applicabl e) MM/YY FIELD OF STUDY 30

31 Narrative Statement of need Study rationale Study description and methodology Expected outcome Potential Impact 31

32 YrYr 1Yr 2Yr 3 Rate201020112012Cumulative Salary: Senior Personnel PI Other Personnel Fringe Benefits Equipment Travel Participant Cost Materials/Supplies Other Direct cost Publication Costs/Documentation Equipment maintenance (service) TOTAL DIRECT COSTS TOTAL INDIRECT COSTS(% rate of institution) Budget 32

33 Budget justification Justification of every component of the budget in a narrative format. 33

34 Activity Year 1Year 2Year 3 recruiting 1 st phase of sampling and in vitro incubation of samples 2 nd phase of sampling and in vitro incubation 3 rd phase of sampling and in vitro incubation Gas liquid chromatography analysis residual carbohydrate analysis bomb calorimetry Statistical analysis of data prepare manuscripts Publications and presentation of findings Chronogram 34

35 Bibliography Literature cited in the narrative and in the executive summary. Grants writing class: PLSC 550:Grants and grantsmanship. 35

36 Health people 2010: Lower obesity to 15%. Obesity in West Virginia 36

37 Questions? 37

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