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Life Is Cool Lesson#3: Fueling Your Amazing Body.

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2 Life Is Cool Lesson#3: Fueling Your Amazing Body

3 Eating Right Every Day  Eating right can help: Grow healthy bodies Get vitamins and minerals you need Take care of your body’s organs and tissues High fat diets increase your risk of developing heart disease and certain cancers Maintain a healthy weight The rates of childhood obesity are double what they were 20 years ago Source: CDC 2009. Health United States, 2008. Table 76.

4 The Food Pyramid Steps to a healthier you GRAINSVEGETABLESFRUITSOILSMILKMEAT & BEANS Food Groups: 1.Grains 2.Vegetables 3.Fruits 4.Milk 5.Meat and Beans

5 Grains  Make at least half of your grains whole grains  About 6 ounces recommended per day One slice of bread is about an ounce  Benefits of eating grains Heart healthy Healthy digestive system  Can you list some foods from the grain group?

6 Vegetables  Vary your veggies by eating different colors at every meal  Recommended to eat 2.5 cups per day  Vegetables provide needed vitamins and minerals  Can you list some vegetables?

7 Fruits  When choosing fruits, try to eat fruit, not fruit juices  It is recommended that you eat 1.5 cups of fruit daily  Fruits provide vitamins needed for healthy grow and development  Can you name some fruits?

8 Oils  Know your fats. Some are healthier choices than others.  You should limit the amount of oil you eat and try to avoid fried foods which contain high amounts of oil.  Fish, nuts and liquid oils like corn, canola and soybean provided needed and healthier oils. Avoid trans fats.  What foods can you name that are high in unhealthy oils?

9 Milk  Milk is rich in calcium  It is recommended that you get 3 cups from milk group daily  Choose low-fat or reduced-fat options  Milk helps build strong bones  What foods can you name in the milk group?

10 Meat and Beans  When choosing protein, go lean.  It is recommended to eat 5 ounce equivalents per day 1 oz equivalents 1 oz of meat, chicken, turkey 1 Tbsp. of peanut butter.5 ounces of nuts  Meat and beans provide protein Helps with building muscle  Can you name some foods in the meat and bean group?

11 What your body needs  me/BlastOff_Game.html me/BlastOff_Game.html  Cite: U. S. Department of Agriculture

12 Review  What are the 5 food groups?  What are the recommendations for each of the groups?  What are examples of foods from each of the food groups?  What are some ways you could start to eat healthier?

13 Food Labels Source:

14 Read the Label

15 Resources    nformation/ucm192773.htm nformation/ucm192773.htm  

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