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Greek Presidency Conference: 2014 eHealth Forum, Athens Wednesday May 14 th: 14.00-16.00 EIP parallel session: expert forum on community empowerment and.

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1 Greek Presidency Conference: 2014 eHealth Forum, Athens Wednesday May 14 th: 14.00-16.00 EIP parallel session: expert forum on community empowerment and technology: implementing the new paradigm Presentation 1: Nick Guldemond View of meeting convenor

2 infrastructure Dr. Nick Guldemond EU Framework for development, implementation & up- scaling innovations




6 Presentation 2: Jim Phillips View of a patient





11 Presentation 3: George Crooks View of a health professional

12 Expert Forum on Community Empowerment and Technology Implementing the New Paradigm View from a Health Professional Prof George Crooks OBE NHS Scotland

13 OUR VISION IS THAT BY 2020: Everyone is able to live longer healthier lives at home, or in a homely setting. We will have a healthcare system where we have integrated health and social care, a focus on prevention, anticipation and supported self management. When hospital treatment is required, and cannot be provided in a community setting, day case treatment will be the norm. Whatever the setting, care will be provided to the highest standards of quality and safety, with the person at the centre of all decisions. There will be a focus on ensuring that people get back into their home or community environment as soon as appropriate, with minimal risk of re-admission







20 From Supportive Self Management To Co Production

21 “Co production means delivering public services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours. Where activities are co produced in this way, both services and neighbourhoods become far more effective agents of change”.



24 Themes from community engagement Giving back Caring for others Recognising resilience Sharing skills and experience with others Connecting people and communities Technology


26 Health, Care & Wellbeing – person focussed Increasing; 1.Choice 2.Control 3.Connectedness 4.Collaborations 5.Contributions 6.Communities

27 Presentation 4: David Somekh View of a health policy analyst

28 eHealth and patient empowerment realigning the paradigm Dr David Somekh European Health Futures Forum (EHFF) Network Director eHealth2014 Conference Athens May14

29 Athens23 June 200629 IHE Integrated Healthcare Enterprise eHealth Tele- medicine Home healthcare Disease management Personal health management Services and tools for independent living Public health information Source: Niilo Saranummi, PICNIC Why eHealth -to overcome structures? Martin Denz Vice-President EHTEL

30 30 EU Quality and PS Health Policy to 2015 A helicopter view Patient Safety eHealth Common Vocabulary + Consensus On Quality Tools Education for Quality e.g. communication skills Patient as partner Athens Dec. 2005

31 Three main issues The concepts are sound but the pace is unacceptably slow The paradigm needs to shift. Both for eHealth and for patient empowerment, putting a major player in the centre doesn’t work (in future healthcare the hospital can’t be the focus, in PE the patient isn’t central, but has equal status with other stakeholders) We have to find a more effective way to bring about change. Large numbers of players and endless examples of good practice aren’t enough for sustainable change. We need to explore new ways of working together and learning together.

32 Presentation 5: Floor Scheepers View of an integrated care specialist

33 PsyNet Floor Scheepers, MD, PhD, Head of psychiatry| Brain Center Rudolf Magnus | University Medical Center Utrecht May 2014

34 Background 1 costs Health costs  (% Gross National Product) (5.5 billion psychiatry) Aging of population salary of care workers Demand for care/cure  treatment/medication costs 


36 Background 2 outcome Life expectancy – 10 years 40% somatic complications (metabolic syndrome) 25% less societal participation (unemployment, homeless…) 20-30% no care 25-50% high care Severity weighting 0.66 (like dementia) 30% no contact with relatives DALY’s 10.000-30.000 (top 30)

37 problems Patients have different problems in different domains Different laws Different financial systems Health care and community care organizations fragmented (overlap and gaps) and not working together

38 We need regional and national networks Patient centered GP can be in the lead Care/cure from all domains connected in a region Science and knowledge connected on (inter)national level

39 PsyNet platform Efficacy proven in elderly, Parkinson, GP practice… Patient centered, coordination by patient if possible Communication platform for all participants Overview of all activities Possibility of personal health record Possibility to include family member/mediator in network Single sign on connection with different ICT medical files

40 PsyNet platform


42 ??

43 Presentation 6: Gianna Tsakou View of a provider company

44 Gianna Tsakou Senior Project Manager European Projects Dept. Expert Forum on Community Empowerment & ICT

45 The Company & Our Department Structure, Products Overview of research activities ICT as an enabler: Selected Projects in ICT-supported Health & Independent Living Pincloud Sociable I-DONT-FALL HOMEdotOLD Barrier and facilitators for Community Empowerment Conclusions Presentation Outline 45

46 No1 Greek software Vendor, with the most complete product offering comprising more than 20 proprietary app solutions Presence in 700 large domestic corporates and >100 multinationals Most extensive (400-strong) partner network across the country Full spectrum of IT services – dominant position in large-scale integration projects in the public and private sector Greece’s elections manager >300 IT consultants and 140 top-class developers Local presence through subsidiaries in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania 86% owned by Marfin Investment Group (MIG), Greece’s largest investment holding company Being the largest Greek software vendor, SingularLogic delivers comprehensive IT services that help its 40,000-strong customer base add business value through business innovation and increased efficiency 46 SingularLogic at a glance

47 A comprehensive IT solution for Hospital Management based on business know-how and international best practices, embedded in the SAP platform Covers the full spectrum of hospital operations, both back office: Financial Management, Controlling & Costing, Purchasing & Materials Management, Human Capital Management, etc. …and front office: Resource Planning & Scheduling for both Inpatient Clinics and Outpatient Departments, Patient Administration, Payment Handling, Patient Accounting, Medical Documentation, etc. SingularLogic's Model Hospital Management System received a “SAP Business- All-In-One” qualification, the highest level of accreditation that SAP grants for vertical market solutions developed by its international partner network Offered as an Outsourcing service or on a project basis The solution has been implemented across the Hygeia Group, Greece’s largest private hospital group Hospitals running 5 in Greece 1 in Albania ….comprising General Clinics and Maternity Hospitals Vertical market solutions case study “SingularLogic’s Model Hospital Management System” 47 SingularLogic’s Model Hospital Management System is NOT just an IT system…it is a proven business proposal for best-run Healthcare Organizations

48 Established in 1997 as part of the Integrator Division Extensive experience in participating in R&D projects and EU initiatives Bring innovative ideas forward Contribute to the design of future products and improvement of existing ones Participation in subsidized R&D programs of the EU and the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Hellenic Ministry of Development European Projects Department 48

49 ICT as an enabler: PINCLOUD: Integrated Care for Personalized Medicine utilizing Cloud Infrastructure

50 SOCIABLE provides Next Generation Cognitive Training Services to older adults, aiming at strengthening their mental capacity and boosting their social activation through serious gaming. SOCIABLE integrated solution consists of: A set of Cognitive Training Activities (covering all cognitive skills) supported by surface computing equipment (MS Pixelsense and/or tablet) Tools for the Medical Expert to: design the training programme and personalise the cognitive training activities according to the specific level of cognitive abilities of the person monitor the evolution of the patients ICT as an enabler: Cognitive Training through SOCIABLE 50

51 Fall Prevention Services Physical training Cognitive Training Fall Detection Services Fall detection Alarms Fall Management Services Fall Knowledge Management Services Decision Support Services for Fall Management Telecare/Teleassistance Services ICT as an enabler: I-DON’T-FALL Services 51

52 HOMEdotOLD aims at using the TV medium in order to advance the social interaction of older adults by bridging distances and reinforcing social volunteering and activation, in an effort to prevent isolation and loneliness.  Personal motivation services  Social networking services ICT as an enabler: HOMEdotOLD Socialisation Support Services 52

53 Facilitators  Enabling technologies: Internet of Things, Cloud technologies, etc.  ICT is mature enough to support all kinds of e-Health and m-Health solutions  Special opportunity related to the cognitive stimulation/training market Barriers  Diverse regulatory frameworks in EU countries introduce complexity when adopting enabling ICT: legal, privacy, ethical aspects cannot be treated homogeneously  Creating/identifying the right content for e-Health services (e.g. games for cognitive training) can be time/resource consuming Facilitators & Barriers for Community Empowerment 53

54 Elements for success:  Addressing well-recognised problems vs. a creating the problem in order to address it  Well targeted solutions vs. doing a little bit of everything for everyone  Attractive design/HMI for individuals vs. “design for patients”  Blending of “pure health” with “general well-being” services  Non intrusive solutions  Co-design and collaboration: a horizontal platform could help! Conclusions 54

55 THANK YOU! QUESTIONS? Gianna Tsakou

56 Presentation 7: Donna Henderson View from an ecosystem (1)

57 Living it Up (LiU) Programme led by NHS 24, Scotland Funded by: Join us now – LiU will co-design sustainable and innovative improvements and choices in health, care and wellbeing for 55,000 people by 2015, using familiar technologies



60 Services

61 Refer to Appendix for benefit descriptions Benefits

62 Presentation Presentation 8: David Horsfield View from an ecosystem (2)

63 More Independent: Innovation in empowering communities 14 May 2014 Expert forum on community empowerment and technology: implementing the new paradigm

64 Mi user empowerment model User empower- ment Co- creation Awareness raising Take up of smart solutions by primary and secondary end users Self-care More independent living Confidence building Inclusion

65 Mi user empowerment action


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