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© 2012 Financial Operations Networks LLC Merck Shared Business Services: Ask PtP Community Board — Utilizing Social Media as a Service Channel.

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1 © 2012 Financial Operations Networks LLC Merck Shared Business Services: Ask PtP Community Board — Utilizing Social Media as a Service Channel

2 About Your Presenter Larry Brang, CPA, APM Director, Commercial Services – Americas, Merck & Company, Inc. Larry leads the Charlotte Commercial Services Team, with responsibility for providing centralized transactional processing services in the areas of Procure-to-Pay, Record-to- Report, and the Billing and Accounts Receivable components of Order-to-Cash. The countries serviced are the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The Procure-to-Pay team located in Mexico, also reports to Larry. Previously, Larry led the legacy Schering-Plough Financial Shared Services Center in Memphis. Larry was responsible for providing back-office financial services support (procure-to-pay and close-to-report) in a cost-effective and compliant manner. Major initiatives in this role included: Leveraging the U.S. shared service capability to effectively and efficiently integrate recent acquisitions; implementing an e-invoicing strategy to eliminate 60% of paper invoices in a six-month period; leading a multi-year initiative to transform the procure-to-pay process in the U.S., with the objective of achieving significant cost savings through procurement strategies, policy changes and process efficiencies; and participating as a subject matter expert on a global process harmonization effort to standardize and streamline procure-to-pay processes across functions and geographies, resulting in a preliminary design to be used for blueprinting a global ERP initiative. Prior to this role, Larry was director, North American Shared Services, for Pfizer. Larry holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from LaSalle University in Pennsylvania.

3 Today’s Merck Merck is a global healthcare leader working to help the world “be well.”  We provide innovative medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies and consumer and animal health products to help improve health and well-being.  We work with customers in 140 countries to deliver broad-based healthcare solutions.  We demonstrate our commitment to increasing access to healthcare through far-reaching policies, programs and partnerships to help people around the world lead healthier lives.

4 A Quick Look at Merck  Second largest pharma company  $46B in sales*  91,000 employees** * Combined Legacy Merck and Schering-Plough revenue as of December 31, 2010 ** As of June 30, 2011

5 Merck’s Organizational Structure  Organized into strategic divisions and global support functions (GSFs)  Centralized GSFs in 2006 to improve accountability and reduce cost structure  Strategic division and GSF leaders are members of the Executive Committee  Standardizing business processes, data and information systems globally Global Services Finance Legal Human Resources Strategy Research Laboratories Supply & Manufacturing Global Human Health Consumer Care Animal Health

6 How do we define “Ask PtP”? An innovative approach to customer service using social media to provide a 24/7 multi-user, interactive service channel that includes a self-building repository of knowledge and can be leveraged enterprise-wide at no additional cost.

7 Introduction to “Ask PtP” Service Channel  PtP stands for “Procure-To-Pay” which is Merck’s Shared Services organization responsible for the processing of transactions from time of order to payment for merchandise/services rendered  In April 2010 Merck launched the SAP platform for US markets  During the 90-day post-launch “hypercare” phase, a series of Q&A calls, hosted by the PtP Charlotte Merck team, were implemented to assist end users with the transition  Once “hypercare” was completed, the need was identified to continue this service offering for Merck employees  A weekly “Ask PtP” call was established in October 2010 for US employees and hosted by representation from the Charlotte Merck PtP team  In December 2010, the next phase of “Ask PtP” support was implemented with the launch of the “Ask PtP” Community Board for the US market to provide on-line customer service support

8 What is the “Ask PtP Community Board”? “Ask PtP” Community Board launched December 1, 2010  A social media-based service channel that is available 24/7 for each Procure-to-Pay Workstream with an additional “General Discussion” and “Site Feedback” board for continuous improvement  Tier II Analysts are assigned, as part of their current role/responsibility, to monitor and respond to postings within the board that corresponds to their respective Workstream  Non-English language support is provided for Puerto Rico/Mexico (Spanish) and Canada (French)  Provides an alternative service channel for employees to ask a PtP-related question outside of the hours of operation of the PtP Support Desk or weekly “Ask PtP” call  SLA for each response is same-business day from time of posting  Alerts are sent immediately to notify Analyst of a posting to their assigned board  A daily summary of all postings is sent to the Site Steward  Anyone within Merck can join the community to utilize posting functionality  All “Ask PtP” call attendees are sent an invitation to join immediately following each weekly session  FAQ and key Procure-to-Pay related reference documents are posted on the site for use by members  Upcoming events, training requirements and announcements are posted as a method of communication with Merck employees from the PtP team

9 “Ask PtP” Community Strategy  Enhance the overall PtP experience for our Merck employee base with the goal of consistently exceeding their expectations for world-class customer service support  Offer an additional 24/7 menu option for support via a structured, consistent venue for live person-to-person knowledge sharing that was not previously available  Provide variety in daily responsibilities for an Analyst with the opportunity for customer-facing interaction aside from primary transactional role  Use of current staff adds no additional resource costs to the program  Achieve annualized cost savings and increased end-user productivity due to call volume reduction into PtP Support Desk

10 Globalization and Cross-Functional Benefits  Support for North America markets with bi-lingual coverage (Spanish and French)  Expansion into Asian markets with the launch of “Ask PtP Asia-Pacific” and European markets with “Ask PtP EMEA”  Support and management of these community boards would be owned by Stewards located locally within one of the primary markets/countries  Leverage best practices with Human Resources partners via launch of “Ask HtR” calls and Community Board earlier in 2011  Sensitivity of HR information strict monitoring of board by HtR Steward and proactive messaging on the homepage to prevent the posting of private and/or confidential information  Discussions with Information Technology and Travel divisions for potential launch of “Ask IT” and “Ask Travel” initiatives mirroring the “Ask PtP” structure

11 Introductions  Located within Merck’s Shared Service Center (Charlotte, NC)  Responsible for operational and quality performance for both Supplier and Employee PtP Support Desks  Oversees a team of Tier II Customer Service Analysts supporting escalated Accounts Payable, Order Management and Employee Expense inquiries  Managing Steward of Merck’s “Ask PtP” initiative

12 Ask PtP Community Board Homepage

13 Ask PtP Invitation List (weekly Q&A calls)

14 14 Ask PtP Reference Library

15 15 Ask PtP Discussion Boards

16 16 Discussion Board Postings (sample)

17 17 Posting a Question to Ask PtP Board

18 18 Instant Alert to Analyst for Response (sample)

19 Usage Trending - Ask PtP Community Board (through March 1, 2012)  1,000+ active members (Merck/LSP employees)  400+ new posts with 950+ replies since 12/2010  Average response time is < 30 minutes  11 Analysts within Merck’s Charlotte Shared Service Center monitor board for Merck and LSP inquiries as part of current role  65% of posted questions regarding Purchasing and Order Management or Expense Report Management

20 Summary  Utilizing a social networking site as a service channel offers an innovative approach to internal customer support at no additional cost.  The ability to establish one consolidated venue for questions as well as reference materials/FAQs simplifies the user experience and combines a “virtual support desk” model with a employee self-service offering.  Standardization capabilities allow for a consistent multi-user experience that can be replicated enterprise-wide and include language support as well as other globalization options.

21 Questions

22 © 2012 Financial Operations Networks LLC Thank You! The Accounts Payable Network 2100 RiverEdge Parkway, Suite 1010 Atlanta, GA 30328 Contact: 866-827-6389 770-984-1184 For further information on this topic, contact

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