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Introduction to Howard Community College How it all began Where we are today Future plans and goals SC.

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2 Introduction to Howard Community College How it all began Where we are today Future plans and goals SC

3 Located in Columbia, MD Midway between Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC SC

4 Howard County ranked Top 10 “Best Places to Live in America” (Money Magazine) Best Places to Raise a Family (Forbes Magazine) “2 nd Most Technologically Advanced County” in the nation (USA Today) Over 95% have high school degrees, and about 60% have a bachelor’s degree or higher (United States Census Bureau, 2008-2012) Focused on Protecting Environment and Creating a Healthier Community and Paving the Way for Advancements in Technology and Economic Development SC

5 Doors opened in 1970 Student: faculty ratio of 18.9 177 full-time faculty; 553 part-time credit faculty; 112 part-time noncredit faculty, 452 nonteaching staff 7,537 classes offered at HCC for academic year 2013- 2014 34 transfer patterns (programs of study) and 25 career patterns (certificates) $108,490,934 fiscal year 2014 unrestricted budget SC

6 Fiscal Year 2014 Credit Enrollment: 14,538 (unduplicated) headcount 7,679 total FTE From 2009-14, credit FTE enrollment increased 31 percent Non-Credit Enrollment: 15,735 (unduplicated) headcount 1,715 total FTE From 2009-14, noncredit FTE enrollment decreased by five percent Over 1,435 international citizens from 106 different countries are represented in HCC’s student body SC

7 Seven members who are appointed by the Governor of Maryland for a renewable six-year term. The board provides strategic direction to the college and, among a broad range of responsibilities, ensures accountability, approves new academic patterns, appoints the president, set faculty and staff salaries, and approves the annual budget. Since the board provides strategic direction, the board’s characteristics and values help to shape the institution. The entrepreneurial nature of HCC’s board of trustees has had a profound impact on the faculty and staff of the college and shaped them to be innovators and calculated risk takers. SC

8 Community involvement Board endorsement Faculty and staff innovation Student interest and commitment KD

9 Recommendations included: Establishing a curriculum that endows all graduates with a core set of identifiable entrepreneurial skills Identifying various audiences to be served and design alternative curricula accordingly Adding a major in entrepreneurship that draws focus to HCC’s commitment to entrepreneurship KD

10 Mission: To bring holistic entrepreneurial education and business growth to Howard County. Vision: Opportunities for innovative business ideas are born and fostered here in Howard County, while the reach of those businesses extends as far as the entrepreneur’s imagination. KD

11 Located within the Business & Computers Systems Division Oversight by an associate dean, staffed with one full-time faculty member who runs the program, and administrative support from the division office. Part-time faculty are hired as appropriate based on program growth. Currently there is a team of 15 volunteer coaches, industry experts, and mentors. KD

12 AA AAS Certificate Letter of Recognition ENTR 101 – Entrepreneur & Creativity ENTR 112 – Introduction to Innovation ENTR 120 – Entrepreneur in Practice ENTR 210 – Developing Business Opportunities and Plans ENTR 225 – Social Entrepreneurship Transfer to University of Baltimore & Babson College New Business Start-up Individualized Program ENTR 102 – 103 Assessment & Coaching Business Launch KD

13 Classes are designed to meet student needs and may include experiential learning, mentoring, and team project work. In addition to face-to-face classes, individualized courses are customized for the unique needs of individual entrepreneurs. KD

14 Entrepreneurs receive one- to-one guidance and support from a business coach. The coach is a partner who provides resource coordination, motivation, and accountability. Coaches are experts in their fields from the community and local businesses. KD

15 Business space is available for students and includes basic office equipment, meeting space, and a collaborative environment. KD

16 A web presence is a definite must! KD

17 Community event held twice annually Rocket Marketing Click Here to see a Rocket Marketing Student’s Pitch Presentation KD

18 In fall 2014, 25 noncredit courses were offered in entrepreneurship and self-employment. Courses range from basic entrepreneurship to creating a business plan to making money on the internet to accounting to social media and more. Noncredit entrepreneurship courses are offered primarily at HCC’s Ecker Business Center, located in Howard County’s business/industrial hub. KD

19 College Program Success Student Success Community Success KH

20 Approximately 250 entrepreneurs have used the services of the individualized coaching program since its inception five years ago. More than 40 that we know of are currently running successful business outside of the CEBE. Fifteen businesses are currently being run through the CEBE. This semester, 200 students have enrolled in entrepreneurship classes. 70 have declared themselves as degree or certificate students. Over 1,700 students have taken the Entrepreneurship and Creativity class since it was launched 11 years ago. KH


22 Bellwether Finalist 2012, A Holistic Approach to Entrepreneurial Education Entrepreneurial College President Award, 2012, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Accreditation Educational Services (AES) candidacy approved and accreditation is in progress KH


24 Continue to grow enrollment Foster new partnerships with business for coaches and sponsors Expand partnership with the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, which is relocated adjacent to the college Explore new or enhanced articulation and transfer opportunities Complete accreditation process KH

25 Contact Information: President Kathleen Hetherington, Ed.D. 443-518-1820 KH

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