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By: Daniel Sollecito And Sara Nall Date:2-21-11 P.7th.

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1 By: Daniel Sollecito And Sara Nall Date:2-21-11 P.7th


3  Biotechnology improves the agriculture by using genetic engineering to modify the genetic composition of plants animals and microorganisms. Biotechnology is used to modify crop plants.

4  Biotechnology is used for making vaccines and drugs to determine the origin of diseases.

5  Biotechnology improves the criminal field by helping scientist discover the DNA sequence of a criminal.

6  Biotechnology provides new tools for improving plant and animal health so we have healthier food to eat.

7  Corn-biotechnology improves corn. Scientists are always trying to improve corn so they are healthier. scientists improve corn by modifying their DNA to make them repel insects.  Cows- scientists are always selecting cows so they are bigger, and healthier and they produce more milk.  Pigs- scientists select pigs so that they are fatter and healthier.  Medicine- biotechnology improves medicine by producing more vaccines and medicines to help improve human health.  Forensics- biotechnology helps people catch criminals by discovering the DNA sequence.

8  Biotechnology is already affecting our future. It develops new medicines to keep us healthier and develops plants and animals that are healthier for us to eat.


10 How can scientists improve corn? what do scientists do so that pigs are fatter and healthier? Why would knowing a criminals DNA sequence help catch the criminal?

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