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Fried foods should have warning labels By: Athena.

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1 Fried foods should have warning labels By: Athena

2 main points I think they should have warning labels on fast food because Sharpens the awareness of the public Let's people know how unhealthy the food really is and makes them think before they eat Prevents people from over eating because they are more aware of what they consume Would eventually bring down the problem of global obesity and possibly fix the stereotype that all Americans are overweight Could possibly save people's lives! They would not eat too much trans-fat or cholesterol that could block their arteries and cause many heart problems Would make people healthier people need more information about the foods they eat

3 Backup points I believe that this will help the government and other peoples health This could eventually end up to kill many people for eating these foods This warning label would eventually force people to make better decisions about what they eat, thus making them healthier as a citizen of the United States -This article explains the chemicals and how you could get sick The FDA (Food Drug Administration) is taking this extremely seriously because this can save lives one after another "Studies by Swedish scientists in 2002 first drew attention to potential risks posed by acrylamide, which can form at high temperatures during frying, roasting or baking. At the time, the U.N. health agency called for more research after other studies suggested people did not eat enough of the chemical in their daily diet to pose a significant risk. ", is what Swedish scientists have found and what a newspaper has stated from those scientists speaking.

4 Fried Foods should have warning labels BY: Thomas Mitchell

5 Foods used to fry 1. Bread 2. Chips 3. Meats 4. Crisps 5. chicken 6. candy

6 Warning label

7 Reasons to use a label 1. Chemicals get into the food while cooking in such a got temperature. 2. Cancer has occurred in many people body after eating fried foods. 3. Fried foods have been known to pick up chemicals during cooking process.

8 Other items with warning labels 1. Needle box in hospital 2. Water heater 3. Toys 4. Cloths and shoes

9 Government supports Many government’s in the U.S. support this idea of adding this to the laws because this affects our health, image, and body. After this has happened it can not be stopped so fried foods deserve a warning label law.

10 NCFST (National Center for Food Safety and Technology) This center is going to have a conference and try to decide this because they are supposedly for this topic.

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