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HumanaVitality Welcome! This will be a short introduction to the HumanaVitality program that started at PCSB January 1, 2015.

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1 HumanaVitality Welcome! This will be a short introduction to the HumanaVitality program that started at PCSB January 1, 2015.

2 What is HumanaVitality?
HumanaVitality is a FREE wellness and rewards program created to help you get, and stay, on a healthier path - one small step at a time. This is a free, voluntary wellness and rewards program available to all school board members, their spouses and dependents as well as retirees who carry the Humana Medical insurance. It can be accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone.

3 Meet Steve…
(Click link to play 2.2 minute video. If will not play, please copy and paste to play online.)

4 How does it work? This slide will show you the steps to start moving forward with the Humana Vitality program. The first step is to register / log into If you have not registered before, have your Humana card available to set up your account. Make a note of your user name and password! Next, take your Health Assessment and you will be given your Vitality Age. Afterwards, you will be able to choose your personal goals from those suggested and then start making healthy changes and tracking your progress. As you participate in various activities (such as getting your annual exam, vision exam, walking with a pedometer or fitness device that synchs to your computer, attending a CPR class, and much more!), you will earn Vitality Points. Vitality Points convert to Vitality Bucks which will allow you to purchase items on the Vitality mall. 4

5 Complete the Health Assessment
The interactive assessment asks questions about your lifestyle habits. HIPAA compliant and will not affect your premium. Takes minutes to complete on a computer or tablet. If you know your medical history and key measurements have them ready to help you to complete your Health Assessment. You can still complete the assessment without them. The Health Assessment is a short interactive assessment that will take you approximately minutes. You can complete this either on your computer, tablet, or iphone or android. It helps determine your personal goals and gives you your Vitality age. You earn points for completing the Health Assessment, plus BONUS points for doing it before March 31, 2015!!

6 Your Vitality Age™ Receive your Vitality Age™ and health results based on your Health Assessment responses. Your Vitality Age tells you if your body is living younger or older than your actual age based on your lifestyle and habits. Your Vitality age may be either younger or older than your actual age. Ideally, you want your Vitality age to be the same or younger than your true age.

7 Get a Vitality Check® A Vitality Check is a Biometric screening that measures: BMI Blood Pressure Blood Glucose Cholesterol Waist Measurement Your Vitality Check (also called a Biometric Screening) can be completed at a Walgreens Clinic, your personal physician (PCP), or during one of the scheduled PCSB events. Forms can be found on both the HumanaVitality section of the website, or at When you receive a screening at a PCSB screening event, forms will be provided. Once Humana receives this information, it takes approximately 45 working days for the update to be recorded into your HumanaVitality account. You will earn points for completing the Vitality Check, and extra points if your values are within normal range. Available at Walgreens Clinics , through your PCP, or at a PCSB Biometric Screening that will be offered during the winter semester at various PCSB locations (TBA).

8 Earning Vitality Points™
Personal Pathway™: After completing the Health Assessment, HumanaVitality will suggest goals that are personalized to your needs. Standard Activities: Potential for ALL members to earn Vitality Points in Education, Fitness, Prevention, and Healthy Living categories. HumanaVitality will suggest personalized goals which you can choose from to work on, each of which would be broken down into manageable steps. These vary from person-to-person based on the information they provide in the Health Assessment. You also have the opportunity to work on Standard Activities, which are available for all members to complete.

9 Standard Activities HumanaVitality members can complete over 30 activities to improve their health and earn rewards. Here are a few of the ways you can earn points. You have each received this information in your packet.

10 Verified Results: Fitness
Fitness Devices HumanaGear Fitness Activities These are examples of different fitness devices that will sync with the program. To ensure you know which devices will synch, always research fitness device on the HumanaVitality site before purchasing. After taking the Health Assessment, you will have enough points to purchase a pedometer on the HumanaVitality mall. Organized events like 5K races also earn you points, no matter if you finish first or last, run or walk!

11 Vitality Status Levels
One adult Two adults* For each additional member 18 years of age and older, add* Blue Bronze Silver 5,000 Vitality Points 8,000 Vitality Points 3,000 Vitality Points Gold 12,000 Vitality Points 4,000 Vitality Points Platinum 10,000 Vitality Points 15,000 Vitality Points *If applicable You start at Blue Vitality Status Reach after Health Assessment Completion There are five different status levels. The Blue status starts when you first sign into the program. You reach a different status with accumulation of the number of vitality points. The number of points to reach the various status levels depend on how many individuals over 18 are on your plan. Children can participate too and earn pints for your family with activities like playing on a sports team. The higher level you attain, the greater the savings in the Vitality Mall. Platinum receives 40% discount, Gold 20%, and Silver 10%.

12 HumanaVitality Rewards
Here are some examples of what can be purchased with your Vitality Bucks in the HumanaVitality Mall.

13 Vitality Status Levels earn additional Premium Credit
2016 Health Insurance Premium Credit for Silver Status and Above if Attained by August 31, 2015 Vitality Status Employee Only Employee + Child/ren Employee + Spouse Employee + Family (Spouse and Child/ren) Silver $10 per payperiod $15 per payperiod $20 per payperiod Gold Platinum On top of the Vitality Mall rewards employees can receive, if an employee with health insurance reaches silver status or above, they will also be eligible for a premium credit on their health insurance for Employees must attain Silver Status or above by August 31, 2015. Employees who attain Silver Status after that date will not receive credit until the following annual enrollment. No cash payment will be made. This discount applies only while you actively enrolled in the district’s health plan and receiving payroll deductions.

14 Vitality HealthyFood™
Vitality HealthyFood™ is a feature of HumanaVitality that allows members to earn savings when they buy healthier foods labeled Great For You™ at Walmart®. It makes eating healthy easy with a catalog of healthy foods to choose from including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and oils. Go to Get Healthy > Vitality HealthyFood to request your card. When you purchase healthier foods at Walmart that are labeled “Great For You”, you will be able to earn savings. You can apply for this shopping card once you have completed your Health Assessment. Go to the Vitality HealthyFood section of the HumanaVitality site and select, "Sign up to start saving“.

15 Thank you for your participation!
Register and log onto HumanaVitality at For program details, FAQ, etc., visit To register and participate in HumanaVitality, go to To learn more about the program, find frequently asked questinos and more, visit Mark these sites as a favorite! Thank you for your participation!

16 For more information call 1-866-230-3318
If you have any additional questions that cannot be answered on either of the websites, call the Member Service number on the back of your Humana Medical card. Select “Benefits” then “Medical” and ask for Humana Vitality.

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