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2 Many times when a new year arrives,we tend to make a long list of resolutions with good intentions that may be difficult to accomplish. The purpose of this Facebook link is to offer realistic guidelines to help you make sound Nutritional choices for a healthier lifestyle by featuring the 3-A’s of WIC-A-LUTION NUTRITIONISTS’ SPECIAL Message

3 I pledge to make goals that are: 1- A ttainable, 2- A ffordable, & 3- A ccountable. I plan to do this by setting S-M-A-R-T goals, understanding the pitfalls of goal-setting, understanding that eating healthier can be affordable, and understanding the importance of being responsible for my actions. 2013 WIC-A-LUTION

4 S-M-A-R-T GOALS Develop goals that are: Specific: This allows you to determine if you have achieved it or not. Example of unspecific goal: I will exercise more. Example of specific goal: I will exercise 20 minutes three times a week. Measurable: Measurable goals will help you evaluate your progress and measure your success. Example of an immeasurable goal: I will lower my cholesterol. Example of a measurable goal: I will lower my cholesterol by decreasing my salt and fat intake by 2% each month.

5 Approved by you : If you set your own goals, your chance of success will increase. Example: I will improve my cholesterol level because I want to live a healthier life and decrease my risk of heart disease. Realistic: Setting goals you have the potential to achieve will help you follow through. Example: I will run a marathon next week with no training versus I will run a marathon after six months of vigorous training. S-M-A-R-T GOALS

6 Time-stamped- Goals have to be established within a time frame. By setting and writing your deadlines down, you will start to live your goals. Example: I will keep my WIC counseling appointment versus I will keep my WIC counseling appointment on January 7, 2013 @ 9:00 a.m. SETTING GOALS- National FFA Organization SETTING GOALS- National FFA Organization S-M-A-R-T GOALS

7 Goal-Setting Pit-Falls Having S-M-A-R-T goals does not mean that you can easily achieve your goals. Recognizing the pitfalls of setting goals enables you to increase your potential for success. Goals are too big: Taking small, “baby” steps makes it easier and increases your self-worth. This will make you want to do more to improve your health. Instead of setting a goal to get your waistline down from 38 inches to 28 inches, set a goal to decrease your waistline one inch at a time. Goals are not planned and written down: Seeing your goals is confirmation that empowers you for success by thinking through all your actions.

8  Fear of failure: Many times we give up working on our goals before we get started good because we do not want to commit the time or energy without the guarantee of success. Success is measured by the amount of investment we make in life, and our health is worth a modest investment.  Trying to do it alone: Strength comes from within, as well as in numbers. Identify individuals who will hold you accountable for reaching your goals (brother, sister, parents, children, friend, etc.). Goal-Setting Pit-Falls

9 Myth : Healthy foods are too expensive. Fact: In a May 16, 2012 report released by the Agricultural Department, the costs of healthy foods depend on how you measure it. In fact, measuring the cost of food based on weight or portion size is more accurate. Therefore, grains, vegetables, fruit and dairy foods are less expensive than most meats or foods high in saturated fat, added sugars or salt. This contradicts the claim that it is cheaper to eat junk foods. - 307k Instead, make a sound nutritional choice to eat healthy foods that are cost-effective (benefits produced by money saved.) 99 Ways to Save Money On Food - 139k Affordable

10 Comparison Table of AFFORDABILITY Healthier and Affordable Not Healthier and Not Affordable BananasFrench Fries CarrotsSoft Drinks LettuceIce Cream Pinto BeansGround Beef

11 ACCOUNTABLE Once you have established your goals, it is important for you to be accountable to your WIC-A-LUTION, which involves your choices, behaviors, and actions. We encourage you to take ownership by: Accepting your task Taking action Answer the results obtained. Stay focus regardless of the outcomes because like everything in life, it is a process. Being accountable means doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes. So, when you feel discouraged or feel you have failed, simply pick yourself up and start over. Starting over makes you stronger and better.


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