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Business Proposal Supreme Nutrition Robert Valencia.

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1 Business Proposal Supreme Nutrition Robert Valencia

2 This business is a way of supplying the world with nutrition without the need of food. It will lead people to a healthier life but also without worrying about what they eat. We will make a pill to replace the need of food. Our mission as a company is to make the world a healthier society which will lead to the ending of world hunger. Every person on Earth has to worry about what they eat on a daily basis. With our plan to make a pill to supply the body with all the nutrition it requires, it will make food less required around the world making it easily available to people who couldn’t afford it. In the end our plan is to have the whole world supplied with what they need to live.

3 It will provide an alternate solution to having to eat food while remaining to be completely healthy. It will lower the cost of food because it won’t be as needed anymore Eating can be just for recreation It will make it easier for people to attain a healthy diet It will give consumer’s more free time daily It will reduce amount of money spent on food

4 This is a new revolutionary product that can change how most people receive their nutrients It is a product which leans toward the future as our food sources would have to match our increasing population It will solve many health problems that come along with people’s choice of food When it starts to be popular most of the world will want it which will lead to massive production

5 Supply Schedule Price per Pill packPacks Supplied 2.9950 3.49150 3.99250 4.49350 4.99450


7 In order to maximize profits as we start to make more money on our products we produce more to make sure everyone can get the good Also we reduce the amount of goods we output when our price is lower so we don’t get into the negative revenue zone It is vital to know the law of supply when dealing with a new business

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