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Get a Jump On Summer! Ideas to Promote Healthy Eating & Physical Activity.

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1 Get a Jump On Summer! Ideas to Promote Healthy Eating & Physical Activity

2 Webinar Tips Press *6 to mute or unmute your line. Please mute your line unless you are speaking. Please do not put the call on hold as it disrupts the call for everyone. The call-in number is 1-866-476-8702 and enter the code: 876914#

3 AOSN is a sponsored initiative of Arkansas State University Childhood Services and is one of 41 statewide afterschool networks in the U.S. supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

4 Our Mission To create safe, healthy, and enriching learning experiences during out of school time for children and youth ages 5-19.

5 AGENDA  Instructions & Introductions /AOSN Overview and Mission– Laveta Wills-Hale, ASU Childhood Services/ AOSN  Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Promote Health and Wellness in Children and Youth/Strategies for an Active Summer – Daniel Hatcher, Alliance for a Healthier Generation  Nutrition Facts/Resources for Programs- Jill Turley, Alliance for a Healthier Generation  Q & A – Wrap-up

6 Welcome. As you sign on, consider the following question: Why do you think summer is a great time to encourage youth to eat better and move more?

7 DANIEL W. HATCHER, MPH National Healthy Out-of-School Time Advisor The Alliance for a Healthier Generation Washington, District of Columbia @hatchdw

8 Summer Learning Loss Summer Weight Gain Parental Challenges Summer is essential!

9 Strategies for an ACTIVE summer Make transition time ACTIVE time TRY new & unique outdoor activities Focus on GROUP activities to reduce wait time Do active CRAFTS on rainy days Hold a FAMILY event

10 Summer is a great time to educate kids about healthy lifestyles, role model the behaviors ourselves and cultivate environments that make it easier for kids to make healthier choices. Summer means opportunity!

11 JILL R. TURLEY, MS, RD/LD, SNS National Nutrition Advisor 

12 WHERE ARE THE FOODS & BEVERAGES? Vending Machines Snacks/ Meals Stores/ Snack Carts Fundraising Celebrations Rewards


14 Sports Drinks THE “NO” STUFF Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, Pies or Other Pastries

15 HEALTHIER FOODS & BEVERAGES Water, Milk or Juice Smoothies or Parfaits Popcorn, Whole Grain Crackers or Baked Chips Bean Dip Fruits & Veggies Roll-Ups

16 Surveys

17 Fun Facts!

18 GETTING YOUTH ENGAGED! Smoothies Frosty Fruits Dip It! Trail Mix Kabobs Fun Shapes

19 WHAT ELSE? Nutrition Education Staff Training EnvironmentSupport Staff Modeling Nutrition Education Staff Training Environment Write a Policy Statement Support


21 Make it F-U-N!Tract it! Play with it! Remember it! Play with it! Track it!Make it F-U-N! a KEEP COOL WITH WATER!

22 ENHANCED WATER (20 oz.) How much sugar… ~8 tsp. `

23 SPORTS DRINK (20 oz.) How much sugar… ~9 tsp. `

24 SODA (can) How much sugar… ~11 tsp. `

25 ENERGY DRINK (16 oz.) How much sugar… ~15 tsp. `

26 SODA (20 oz.) How much sugar… ~17 tsp. `


28 Need for nutrition assistance Children are at home There’s interest in summer meals DURING SUMMER… Looking for safe, trusted places with quality food Awareness is low Want to hear from schools/ trusted sources






34 Search the Resource Database

35 Discussion Time What’s one thing that you heard today that you like? What’s one question that you have?


37 Special Thanks to our the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and guest representatives, Michelle Harvey and Other ASU/AOSN Staff and all of those who have participated in this webinar.

38 Join us for our next webinar in this series on Program Sustainability and Volunteers on Wednesday, April 2 nd at 11 a.m. Best Practices Academies – April 18 th, Springdale April 25 th, Little Rock Go to for more details on this professional development opportunity and others.

39 You will receive an email from later today with a link to a survey for this webinar. Please take the time to give us your feedback so that we can better serve you! THANK YOU!!!!

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