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BAME MSM Prevention Parminder Sekhon Executive Director of Programmes.

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1 BAME MSM Prevention Parminder Sekhon Executive Director of Programmes

2 PHE action plan targets three areas of the life-course: Starting well – for MSM to feel safer and supported as they develop their sexual identity, and to be empowered to make healthy choices as they become sexually active. Living well – for MSM to feel respected and valued by the community, and to have the control and opportunity to make healthier choices about their lives. Ageing well – for older MSM to lead longer, healthier lives, to feel supported by the community, and receive appropriate health and social care support as they age.

3 BAME MSM Stats BAME MSM make up 0.1% of the total population in the UK, but 19% of the total new HIV diagnoses in the UK in 2013. (Nastal-3, PHE 2013) Black African appear twice as likely to contract HIV as other ethnic groups (Sigma Research, 2011) A recent study suggests that up to 21% of HIV infections involving heterosexual African men are misclassified and are actually the result of sex with other men (Hue S et al 2014). In 2012, the rate of acute STI’s for black Caribbean men was over three times that for white men

4 Latin Americans MSM stats The latest Public Health England epidemiology report for London suggests that 1 in 8 MSM newly diagnosed with HIV in 2011 were born in Latin America. In addition, Brazilian born MSM have the second high proportion of new HIV diagnoses (7%) in London and 56% of them were infected in the UK.


6 HIV testing service for Latin American MSM Since January 2014, 51 tests performed for Latin American MSM -13 reactives (26% positivity rate) -3 newly diagnoses and 11 confirmatory (people diagnosed with HIV abroad) -Almost half (46%) Brazilian born

7 Access to UK services and HIV testing 72% have never accessed UK health services before 80% have never had an HIV test

8 Holistic needs of BAME MSM Studies have noted that the interventions for BAME needs to be based more around skill building than information This should include interventions on: Self-esteem, coping and problem-solving enhancement; Improve bonding, and strengthen the family relationship; Improving interpersonal skills: negotiating safer sex, condom use skills; Coming out and HIV status disclosure.

9 Prevention Interventions aimed at BAME MSM need to take into account of the specific cultural context in which MSM live. Interventions need to be tailored for MSM living with HIV MSM with a history of mental health issues MSM who are survivors of physical and sexual violence MSM who do not identify as gay or bisexual MSM who use drugs and alcohol MSM sex workers

10 Sustainability & Community Resilience 7 C’s Model of Resilience Competence Confidence Connection Character Contribution Coping Control






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