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Tackling Unhealthy Food Choices

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1 Tackling Unhealthy Food Choices
Promoting healthy eating habits among teens

2 Problem Middle school students have more freedom to make decisions about what they eat for breakfast. Students are not making healthy food choices. How can we get students at IS143 to make healthier food choices?

3 What factors do you think influence students’ food choices in the morning?
Cost Time Taste/ flavor Access, what is available Home Cafeteria selection Lack of knowledge/ limited knowledge Issues/ concerns about weight

4 What are the parts of a healthy breakfast?

5 Why are some foods healthier choices?

6 Are you eating what your body needs?

7 Can unhealthy foods be made healthier?

8 Task #1 As a group discuss what policies could be adopted at IS 143 to encourage students to make healthier eating choices for breakfast.

9 Developing Public Policy Solutions
Use Worksheet 5: Developing Public Policy Solutions Be specific! Include who will be involved, what will be done and when. You may research school programs or policies that have been successful/ unsuccessful in other schools.

10 Task #2 Select the best solution of the three public policy solutions you have suggested. Use Worksheet6: Selecting the best public policy solution and the matrix available at to evaluate and justify your decision.

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