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European ELT Science Case Isobel Hook. Context Before OPTICON ELT in FP6 –OWL 100m concept : internal ESO project –Euro-50 concept Science community starting.

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1 European ELT Science Case Isobel Hook

2 Context Before OPTICON ELT in FP6 –OWL 100m concept : internal ESO project –Euro-50 concept Science community starting to get involved –OPTICON in FP5 provided the starting point, expanded in FP6 Substantial technical design work required – initiated ELT Design Study in FP6

3 FP6 OPTICON N3.1: ELT Science Case Aim: To develop and promote the ELT science case Planned deliverables: –Web site within first 6 months –1 community Science WG meeting per year –1 smaller meeting (group Chairs) per year –Major science case documents at mid & end point –Employ a scientist to coordinate this activity –Coordinate with FP6 ELT design study work Work has been successful and going to plan – in a rapidly developing environment!

4 Who we are: OPTICON ELT SWG SWG formed in 2003 Coordinator: Isobel Hook (50% funded by OPTICON) 6 Group chairs –Stars & Planets - Hans Zinnecker & Rafael Rebolo –Stars & Galaxies - Mike Merrifield & Sergio Ortolani –Galaxies and Cosmology - Jacqueline Bergeron & Bruno Leibundgut + many volunteers from around Europe

5 ELT Science meetings Marseilles 2003 Florence 2004 Marseilles 2006

6 Highlights from FP6 so far Meetings to date: –3 major + 4 smaller meetings organised by OPTICON Marseilles 03, Florence 04, Marseilles conference 06 –Funding for Europeans to attend several other meetings (e.g. IAU ELT Symposium, Cape Town) Science case documents –Top level summary Feb 2005 –Science case book Jun 2005 Mailing list, web site Close coordination with Design Study New: Joint OPTICON – ESO SWG

7 Jun 2005: OPTICON FP6 Science case for a 50-100m telescope Nov 2005: OWL concept review Dec 2005: New E-ELT WGs formed (community + ESO) –Science, AO, Telescope design, Instrumentation and Site reassessed May 2006: SWG formally merged with OPTICON ELT activity Sep 2006: Design Reference Mission began (SWG+ESO) Nov 2006: E-ELT Marseilles Conference –Baseline 42m E-ELT concept presented to community Dec 2006: E-ELT Phase B approval by ESO council –ELT DS (technical work) aligned – continues until end 2008 Recent history of the E-ELT

8 Basic Reference Design

9 The OPTICON role in ELT activities ESOOPTICON ELT Design study (technical) SWG (science) ELT Project Offices (technical) COMMUNITY

10 Role of OPTICON in the E-ELT OPTICON is recognised as the crucial link between the community and the new ESO European ELT project ESO-OPTICON SWG recently formed –21 members, 50:50 Community:ESO –co-Chairs Isobel Hook & Marijn Franx –Provides scientific input to ESO ELT project –Provides coordination of effort in the community This replaces the “smaller meetings” originally planned

11 E-ELT Science Working Group Marijn Franx (co-Chair) Isobel Hook (co-Chair) Bruno Leibundgut Mark McCaughrean Eline Tolstoy Andrea Cimatti Hans-Uli Kaeufl Rafael Rebolo Didier Queloz Stephane Udry Fernando Comeron Jacqueline Bergeron Wolfram Freudling Markus Kissler-Patig Hans Zinnecker Arne Ardeberg Piero Rosati Martin Haehnelt Raffaele Gratton Dec 2005: ESO SWG formed Science case re-evaluated for 30-60m (April 2006) ESO SWG merged with OPTICON activity With thanks to previous members Peter Shaver Bob Fosbury Willy Benz Magda Arnaboldi

12 European ELT SWG “Prominent” Science Cases (Selected from larger list of 30 cases..) Exo-planets –Direct detection –Radial velocity detection Initial Mass Function in stellar clusters Stellar disks Resolved Stellar Populations –Colour magnitude diagrams –Abundances –Detailed abundances and kinematics Black Holes The physics of galaxies Metallicity of the low-density IGM The highest redshift galaxies Dynamical measurement of the Universal expansion

13 The Design Reference Mission DRM Goals –Produce a set of science proposals and simulations –Assess science output and assist with tradeoffs DRM Process –Scientists write proposals (OPTICON- ESO SWG) –ESO staff do technical simulations Starting with 3“Demonstrator cases” (well underway) –Direct Detection of Exo-planets: extreme contrast extraction –Stellar populations: I-K Colour-Magnitude Diagrams –Galaxy mass assembly: multi-IFU resolved Spectroscopy Then a wider set (based on prominent cases) –16 observing proposals completed Need for translation!

14 Example DRM simulations Crowded stellar field simulation (J. Liske) 10hr K-band; LTAO (MCAO) 1 arcsec V  z ~ 4 50 mas pixels Rotating disk simulations (M. Puech) 42-m, 10-hr integration, MOAO (MCAO) z ~ 0

15 Case Exo-planets PIStatus - Direct detectionRaphael ReboloProposal - Radial velocity detection -- Detection of new EarthsStephane UdryAbstract -- Rocky planets in the HZ of low-mass starsMaria Osario (Rafael Rebolo)Abstract -- Characterisation of transiting planetsDidier QuelozAbstract Circumstellar disks - 10-20 micron imagingMark McCaughreanProposal - CO fundamental spectroscopyMark McCaughreanProposal The Initial Mass Function in Clusters - I - Characterizing the lowest mass objectsFernando ComeronProposal - II - The centers of massive star clusters (?)Hans ZinneckerProposal - III - Low-mass IMF at the Magellanic CloudsFernando ComeronProposal - IV - Giant-planet Mass objects in the LMCFernando ComeronProposal Resolved Stellar Populations - Colour magnitude diagramsEline TolstoyProposal - Abundances and kinematics (low R)Eline TolstoyProposal - Detailed abundances (high R)Vanessa HillAbstract Black Holes - Spatially resolved spectroscopyWolfram FreudlingProposal - RV test of GR in LMXBsRafael ReboloAbstract The physics of galaxies - Physics and Mass Assembly of galaxies to z = 6Piero RosatiProposal - High Resolution imaging of high-z galaxiesMarijn FranxProposal - Integrated spectroscopy of z>1 early-type galaxiesAndrea CimattiProposal The highest redshift galaxies at z > 6Marijn FranxProposal Metallicity of the low-density IGMJacqueline BergeronProposal Dynamical measurement of ExpansionLuca Pasquini (Martin Haehnelt)Proposal Specsim simulation tool being adapted for ELTs

16 Next 18 months OPTICON –Sponsor community ELT meetings (e.g. Mar 08) –Sponsor ELT talks at science conferences –“Specsim” simulation tool development –Final science case report (end 08) –Continued close coordination with technical work OPTICON – ESO SWG –DRM development –Provide scientific input to E-ELT (on behalf of community) (FP6 ELT Design Study) –Technical work continues until December 08 (E-ELT” Preparatory Phase” in FP7) –From 1/1/08 (TBC) DRM science-to-simulation “translation” work

17 FP7 Proposal Deliverables –Updated Science case documents (2 over FP7 period) –Employ post-docs to develop ELT science case in the community – possibly with instrument teams –SWG travel support –1 major community science meeting per year Effort –4 People working full-time on ELT science case IMH (lead) + 3 postdoc-level scientists distributed around Europe Coordinated with other FP7 activity Costs per year –FTE: ~ 200kE –SWG travel support 10kE + 1 major meeting 50kE –Publication of documents: 15kE (e.g. 2 x 30kE in 4 yr period) –Total per year: ~ 275 kE. Total For 4 years = 1100 kE

18 Conclusions OPTICON provides the link between the E-ELT project and the science community SWG and ESO beginning work on a DRM –DRM overview –SWG resolutions

19 The End

20 Mass, orbits, frequency Direct detection (spatial resolution, Ex-AO) Radial velocity detection (to Earth Mass) Proto-planetary Disks: Formation mechanism near-IR imaging of reflected light Mid-IR imaging/spectroscopy of dust Exo-Planets

21 Physics of galaxy formation Relation to mass assembly, feedback Multi-IFU observations give resolved kinematics, SFR, mass 1 < z < 6 Resolved stellar populations: merger history, detailed kinematics Highest redshift galaxies (+JWST) Reionisation Metal enrichment in the IGM Galaxy Formation

22 What is the Dark Energy? Type Ia SNe spectroscopy to z~4 Direct measurement of expansion via QSO abs lines 1.5 < z < 4 “CODEX”, R~150,000, ultra-high stability Variation of fundamental parameters Physics in extreme conditions (Black holes) Fundamental Physics

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