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Science Fair Project What Grows Best?? 9-1 Project 2.

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1 Science Fair Project What Grows Best?? 9-1 Project 2

2 Sections Section One: Title Section Two: Purpose Section Three: Hypothesis Section Four: Materials Section Five: Method Section Six: Variables Section Seven: Results Section Eight: Analysis Section Nine: Conclusion Section Ten: Sources of Error Section Eleven: Ways to Improve


4 Purpose What type of water is best for growing grass?

5 Hypothesis My hypothesis is that the water with the Miracle-Gro added will make the grass grow the best. I think this because Miracle-Gro has nutrients added to it to make plants grow better and healthier.

6 Materials + Soil + Grass seeds + Tap water (chlorinated) + Spring water + Tap water (unchlorinated for mixing other waters) + Sugar + Salt + Miracle-Gro + Measuring cups + 15 Pots + Labels + 5 2L Bottles ( one for each water type)

7 Method 1. Gather all materials 2. For the pots of seeds put same amount of soil in all 15 pots. 3. Sprinkle each pot with an even layer of grass seed. 4. Place a thin layer of soil on top of seeds, but only enough that the seeds are covered. 5. For the water measure how many cups you place in each bottle. 6. Place unchlorinated tap water in 3 bottles. 7. Place chlorinated tap water in 1 bottle. 8. Place spring water in the last bottle.

8 Method 9. In one bottle of unchlorinated tap water place salt (1tpsp of salt for every cup of water) 10. In another bottle or unchlorinated tap water add sugar (1tpsp of sugar for every cup of water) 11. In the last bottle of unchlorinated tap water add Miracle-Gro ( 1tpsp of Miracle-Gro for every cup of water) 12. When the grass is planted and the water is mixed label the pots of grass. 3 for sugar water, 3 for salt water, 3 for water with Miracle-Gro added, 3 for spring water and 3 for chlorinated tap water. 13. From that point place the grass in an area where it will receive sunlight and water the grass 2tpsp of water when needed. Record its height every three days. (Grass received the morning sun and was left to grow in the same spot).

9 Variables Manipulated: The type of water used to water the grass Responding: From the water used what grass grows best? Controlled: Type of soil Amount of soil Type of grass seeds Amount of grass seeds Amount grass was watered Environment Amount of watering agent used

10 Results Heights of the grass at the end of the experiment were: Water used | Height _____Salt | 0__ ____Sugar | 10cm ____Tap | 11cm ____Spring | 10cm Miracle-Gro | 6cm

11 Y-axis: Height measured in cm X-axis: Days

12 Conclusion In conclusion the grass watered with the tap water grew the tallest. Although this was the tallest, the grass watered by the sugar water was the thickest and looked the healthiest. The grass watered with the sugar water was also the first to start growing and it was the tallest until day 22. If I was to pick a water to use on a plant I would pick the sugar water, because even though it wasn't tallest it was healthiest. My hypothesis was incorrect. I thought that the grass watered with the Miracle-Gro water would grow the best. When put to the test it was the worst. The grass watered by the Miracle-Gro water was the weakest (thin) and it stopped growing at day 19 and began to die.

13 Sources of Error Depending on what side of the table it was on some grass may have received more sunlight than other grass. Where each pot of grass was only watered so much the whole pot may have not gotten watered, leaving some seeds ungerminated. Where I was always touching the grass to water it, that may have affected its growing. The amounts of seeds that germinated in each pot. Soil may or may not have been dried out between watering. Solutions may have changed over time. (Weaker or stronger).

14 Ways to Improve Place grass in an area where you can be certain that sunlight is going to reach each pot equally. Measure amount of grass placed in each pot. Measure amount of soil placed in pots, below and above the grass seeds. Find another way to measure what water works best, so that the grass isn't touched as much. Water grass each day.

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