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Healthy Eating For Schools. Mission Statement Our mission is to provide healthy and nutritious, tasty meals at affordable prices. We aim to promote food.

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1 Healthy Eating For Schools

2 Mission Statement Our mission is to provide healthy and nutritious, tasty meals at affordable prices. We aim to promote food appreciation within the framework of our healthy eating policy with a keen awareness of the financial circumstances of many of our student body.

3 Who We Are

4 Why we set up Food For Thought * We as teachers were acutely aware of the negative effects of poor nutrition, such as behavioural problems, hyperactivity and energy slumps. * Students, teachers and parents were echoing our concerns and voicing their own dissatisfaction with the existing food on offer. We set out to slowly change the food culture in Coláiste Bríde. Eventually, we decided to set up Food For Thought to fulfil our very clear vision of the catering we desired: tasty, healthy and affordable.

5 Aims * To provide healthy and nutritious well-balanced meals for students. * To ensure that the product is financially accessible to all our students. * To instil a love of good food in the students so that they become discerning consumers. * To develop an understanding of the benefits of eating healthily for both body and mind.

6 Objectives * To provide breakfast, lunch and an evening snack for night-study students that is filling, wholesome and appealing. * Through the use of regular free tasting sessions students will gain an appreciation for new tasty and healthy foods that they previously may not have considered. * Through the use of an active campaign using posters, competitions etc. we will promote healthy eating and educate the students about the foods we are serving. * To ensure that students will not be paying more for this new healthier and tastier product.

7 Planning * Visiting other schools/ cafes / coffee shops / canteens * Market research – extensive student, teacher and parent surveys * Consultations with students council, parents council and staff * Kitchen set up – equipment research – costings etc. liaising with architects re. ventilation and other issues * Meeting with principal and Board of Management

8 Branding / Identity *Colour psychology used to choose appropriate colours *Logo inspired by mobile phone / ipod *Designed especially to appeal to teenagers


10 Breakfast We strongly advocate the importance of eating a breakfast and make a special effort to make the canteen an attractive option for students to have a sociable breakfast with their friends. Research has shown that a healthy diet including a breakfast: * Significantly increases concentration and therefore educational attainment * Reduces behavioural problems * Reduces the risk of obesity * Increases the feeling of general wellbeing and contentment * Increases self esteem and confidence

11 The Menu *Three meals per day *Variety of sandwiches and wraps - specials *Soup or salad, depending on the season. *Total commitment to taste without compromising the nutritive content *Low fat produce where possible *Variety of snacks and drinks *Seasonal produce wherever possible

12 Our Produce *Our bread is a delicious, low fat, high fibre product. It is a top quality low G.I. bread baked locally and delivered fresh to us each morning. * All our meats are 100% Irish and we have met with the farmer who produces them. * All our vegetables are fresh and of the highest quality, and organic where possible. * We are extremely lucky to have an organic garden within our school. Where possible we seek to incorporate the organic garden’s produce in co-operation with Mrs. Harrington the gardening teacher. This is something that we are really proud of.

13 Food Suppliers * We have met with many different suppliers and had various tasting sessions. We have rejected many products on the basis that they didn’t comply with our healthy eating policy or they didn’t meet our taste standards. * We are confident that we have sourced reliable, well reputed suppliers of the finest quality ingredients for this venture.

14 Vending * Five years ago we removed Coca Cola and Mars vending from our school. * We have since replaced it with “The Green Machine”, a vending machine solution that provides healthier snack alternatives.

15 Green Policy * In keeping with our environmental policy and with respect to our green flag status we use recyclable packaging products. * Sandwiches are wrapped in paper, and liquids (soup/smoothies/tea etc.) are served in cardboard containers or biodegradable plastic packaging. Our cutlery is made from potato and corn starch and is completely biodegradable. * In cooperation with our colleagues on the Green Flag committee we provide recycling facilities and encourage the students to separate their waste in order to recycle as much as possible. * All our fruit and vegetable waste is composted in the school organic garden

16 Inter- departmental Integration We cooperate with our colleagues in all departments as much as possible to maximise the benefits of the school canteen. Thus the canteen is a vehicle for enhancing collegiality. *Seachtain na Gaeilge *CSPE action projects *French and Italian breakfast

17 Employment * Employees *Transition Year students

18 School Meals Vouchers

19 Health Service Executive * We have registered our food business through the Health Service Executive. * We have had we have had two successful visits from the health inspector, and are fully compliant with all HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Process) regulations

20 Challenges * Recruiting and managing staff. * Double jobbing – catering is a very urgent business and teaching has an inflexible timetable. * School calendar (work experience, trips etc.) * Canteen area being required for other purposes, talks, exams etc.

21 Feedback *Students suggestions specials and music *Support from our Principal and colleagues *School newsletters, local press and featured as an example of best practise for school catering in the RTE documentary Future shock: Fat Nation.


23 The Future Food For Thought would like to expand. If you are interested in becoming a Food For Thought school, please contact us to discuss your individual needs. Aoife McArdle 087 9193111 Louise Ronan 086 8159519

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