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Linda Gabruk, Chair Nancy DeLuca, Vice Chair Greater Brockton The Greater Brockton Community Health Network Area CHNA 22.

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1 Linda Gabruk, Chair Nancy DeLuca, Vice Chair Greater Brockton The Greater Brockton Community Health Network Area CHNA 22

2 What is a CHNA? The Greater Brockton Community Health Network Area is one of 27 Community Health Network Areas (CHNA) across Massachusetts. Established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in 1992, CHNAs (pronounced “cha-NAHs”) are local coalitions of public, non- profit, and private sectors working together to build healthier communities in Massachusetts through community-based prevention planning and health promotion.

3 CHNA 22 Mission The mission of the Greater Brockton CHNA is to work toward healthier communities by promoting collaboration between CHNA partners, providing support to local health initiatives and prevention programs, and educating and increasing awareness of local identified health issues throughout the ten CHNA communities.

4 CHNA 22 Catchment Area Abington Brockton Bridgewater East Bridgewater West Bridgewater Easton Whitman Stoughton Avon Holbrook

5 Guiding Principles Diversity Awareness Increase Collaboration Maintain Continuity of CHNA Decrease Duplication of Services Prevention Focused Support for All 10 CHNA Communities Meet Community Needs Communication Flexible participation respecting your time

6 Members All are welcome. Open to anyone who lives, works, or attends school in the Brockton CHNA Diversity of membership Health is broader than it might first appear Members are encouraged to bring a buddy Some community members: Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital, South Shore Hospital, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, Brockton Public Schools, District Attorney’s Office, Caritas Good Sam Hospital, Behavioral Health, Community Services, High Point, VA, YMCA, Elder Services, Brockton Family Planning, Community Connections, MA DPH, Self Help

7 CHNA 22 Meeting Format First Friday of each month 8:45 AM – 10:00

8 A Typical CHNA Meeting Welcome and Introduction Steering Committee Updates Guest Speaker Announcements Networking

9 CHNA 22 Monthly Health Topics Determined by Community Health Assessment Steering Committee makes final topic selection Focus on Issues and Answers/Innovative Programming

10 Meeting Topics 2011-2012 September - CHNA 22 and You: Getting the Most Out of Membership October - Grant Program Overview November - Asthma In Our Communities December - Self-Care for Community Caregivers January - Regional CHNA Meeting: Sharing Ideas and Resources February - Substance Abuse In Our Communities March - Healthy Eating In Our Communities April - Oral Health In Our Communities May - Grant Recipient Presentations

11 Steering Committee Core that keeps things going Provides vision & leadership Determine by-laws and CHNA structure Develop recruitment plan Budget approval Review & award grants Develop RFP for grants

12 Steering Committee Open meeting 11 voting members Chair Vice Chair Treasurer Coordinator (non voting) Meets after general CHNA meeting

13 STEERING COMMITTEE Koren Cappiello – Mayor’s Office Nancy DeLuca (Vice-Chair) – Signature Healthcare John Eastman – Self Help Linda Gabruk (Chair) – Brockton NHC Peg Holda – South Shore Hospital Amanda Jablonski – South Bay Mental Health

14 STEERING COMMITTEE Juliana Langille – Community Connections Jack Ryan (Treasurer) – BAMSI (Volunteer/ Retired) Teresa Tapper – Stoughton Youth Commission Janet Trask – Community Rep/VA Kathy Ward – Brockton Family Planning OPEN

15 CHNA Subcommittees Website - Present Grant Development - Present Health Fair - Past Community Health Assessment - Past

16 Funding of CHNA 22 Determination of Need (DoN) Medical Facilities must submit an application to the Department of Public Health prior to any capital expenditure. A portion of the total cost is designated by DPH for community health initiatives via the CHNAs

17 CHNA Revenue Brigham & Women’s $35,340 South Shore Hospital $11,000 Carry Over $32,825 Total: $79,165 FY’13 South Shore Hospital: Additional $130,00 per year

18 CHNA Expenses Grants $20,000 Technical Assistance/Coor $9,300 Comm. Health Assessment $6,000 Website $3,000 Fiscal Agent Fee $2,375 Operations $1,500 Inter-CHNA $2,500 Total: $69,875 Leftover to be Carried

19 Grants Large grants-applications accepted twice/year in the fall and spring Mini grants – reviewed monthly All grants are subject to availability of funding!$!

20 New Focus for Grants Identified as a CHNA focus via the Community Health Assessment & by applying selected criteria Targets Policy and System Change

21 Criteria for Choosing Health Topics Criteria #1: A selected health topic must be supported by quantitative data that demonstrates a serious problem within the Greater Brockton Area. Has a negative aspect which is greater than state or national average Has a problem with significant consequences Impacts many people Criteria #2: A selected health topic must be perceived as a problematic issue by people in the Greater Brockton CHNA area. Community members perceive it as a serious problem. Criteria #3: A selected health topic must lead to an improvement in health outcomes with potential to make a positive impact on the community. CHNA members must be convinced the topic has a potential for change. Efforts related to a topic must have a sustainability, systems change or policy change component. Efforts must be capable of being evaluated – e.g. process or impact evaluations

22 4 Priority Health Topics for CHNA 22 Asthma Substance Abuse Healthy Eating Oral Health

23 Programs vs. Policy Programs -one time -aimed at individual change -hard to sustain -not part of larger planPolicy -on-going -aimed at community change -sustainable -part of a bigger plan Focus on Policy Change

24 Examples from a school setting Programs / EventsPolicy, Systems, Environmental Change Family Fitness NightOpen athletic facilities to public on regular basis Provide healthy drinks at football game Eliminate soda in vending machines Kick-butts daySmoke free campus Health screenings for staff Establish a wellness team

25 Community Change

26 CHNA 22 Questions?

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