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1 Kristee Phelps—UTSA Wellness Coordinator HEALTHY HOLIDAY EATING AND DRINKING

2 Mental blocks of holiday eating!!! Have You heard these…or said these!!! The “feel good” factor. Loading the body with chocolate and sugary food releases serotonin, the “feel good” hormone. The “holiday food shortage” mentality. “This is the only time of year I get to eat this food!” Sentimental value food. “This reminds me of home,” or “this taste just like mom’s.” The “I don’t want to offend anyone, by turning down their food” excuse. “I’ll start eating better after the holidays,” blockade. “I’ll just have one…” disaster. What are some other ones?

3 Some Realities of Holiday food… Fried Turkey 5.9 oz serving 383 calories 45 g of protein 21 g of fat 1 g Carbs 1,116 mg of sodium 129 mg of cholesterol

4 Mashes Potatoes Serving size 1 cup 237 calories 4 g of protein 9 g of fat 35 g carbs 666 mg of sodium 23 mg of cholesterol

5 Cornbread Stuffing Serving size ½ cup 179 calories 3g of protein 9 g of fat 22 g carbs 455 mg of sodium 0 mg of cholesterol

6 Gravy Serving size 1 cup 121 calories 6 g of protein 5 g of fat 12 g of carbs 1373 mg of sodium 5 mg of cholesterol

7 Spiral Ham Serving size 1 slice 197 calories 32 g of protein 7 g of fat 2 g of carbs 1417 mg of sodium 93 mg of cholesterol

8 Sweet Potatoes with marshmallows Serving size 1 oz. 60 calories < 1 g of protein 4.5 g of fat 4 g of carbs 270 mg of sodium 0 g of cholesterol

9 Green bean casserole Serving size 2 tbsp 167 calories 3 g of protein 9 g of fat 15 g of carbs 439 mg of sodium 3 mg of cholesterol

10 Dinner roll Serving size 1 roll 107 calories 3 g of protein 2 g of fat 18 g of carbs 191 mg of sodium 17 mg of cholesterol

11 Cranberry sauce Serving size 1/4 cup 104 calories <1 g of protein 0 g of fat 27 g of carbs 20 mg of sodium 0 mg of cholesterol

12 The Real Hard Truth! Remember this is just one serving of everything! Remember all based on one serving of all the food shown. Total calories: 1,555 Total fat: 66.5 g Total carbs: 137 g Total sodium: 5,947 mg Based on a 2,000 calorie daily intake. 1,555 is 78% of calorie intake (suggested 2000) 66.5 g is 1% over fat intake (suggested 65 g) 136 g is 45% of carbohydrate intake (suggested 300 g) 5,947 mg is 148% over sodium intake (suggested 2400 mg)

13 Holiday drinks…Just a few Peppermint Mocha-16 oz 470 calories 22 g of fat 61 g of carbs Pumpkin spice frappucinno-16 oz 470 calories 13 g of fat 74 g of carbs Margaritas-9 oz 408 calories 25 g of carbs Egg Nog-1 cup no liquor 350 calories 19 g of fat 34 g of cards

14 Helpful tips to survive the holiday eating and drinking frenzy Exercise—You’re not working, so you have a little extra time. Helps burn off excess calories and fat consumed over this period. If you’re in a habit of exercise, keep doing it; you’re already ahead. Exercise helps with higher energy and lower cravings. Review cooking methods—there are countless ways to utilize healthier ways to eat food. Instead of frying food; try to bake, grill, or roast (use low-calorie/fat spray oils). Try steaming vegetables to retain nutrients and flavor.

15 Lower fat ingredients for cooking—products now in the grocery stores always have half-fat alternatives. Most of these items you can’t tell the difference in flavor. Lower liquid calories—beer, wines, and soft drinks. Holiday beverages…non-fat milk, sugar-free syrup, and no whip cream. Eat regularly—If you are going to a big party or gathering, don’t starve yourself all day in anticipation. You’re in danger of eating everything in sight. Have low- fat, healthy snacks throughout the day, so you won’t over-indulge at the gathering.

16 Prepare for your outing—Eat healthy leading up to your holiday outing or holiday dinner. Balance your meals—Don’t fill up your plate with rich, high calorie food. Instead have a little of everything including fruits and vegetables. This way you still get to indulge as well as get valuable nutrients and vitamins (make your plate colorful). BEWARE! Sugary food—These have a nasty habit of making us crave more rich and sugary foods. We’ve all been there…over- indulging in sweet food…feeling bloated, sick, and making rash decisions to never eat again…couple hours later you are eating leftovers after ingesting 500+ calories worth of sweets. Make it a point to have healthy snacks present—Fill up on raw vegetables to have a full feeling to resist temptation.

17 Moderate to no alcohol intake—alcohol is fattening. Wine, beer in large amounts later is a large consumption of calories. So if you over indulge in food and alcohol in one day, You will probably consume your calorie intake for the week. Be assertive—Say no! You don’t have to say yes to everyone that offers you food or drink. If you aren’t hungry, then say so. Don’t get bullied. Make a goal to leave something—When you feel full, stop eating. Don’t listen to your parents…just this once.

18 Putting It Into Action Take inventory Identify all the situations that make it difficult for you to eat healthy during the holiday season. Is it office parties? Food courts at the shopping mall? Family gatherings? Extra baking and cooking at home? Plan of attack…For Example Bring a low calorie appetizer to party or gathering Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach Healthier substitutions…low-fat desserts Budget calories throughout the day, so you can afford to spend more at the gathering. Burn extra calories in an exercise session. 7-8 hours of sleep

19 Reward yourself Establish a reward system to help keep you motivated. Example: Deposit money in a jar for every time you have followed your plan. Then after the holidays, attack the big sales and get something for YOU. Stay Positive Everyone makes mistakes. Even the most disciplined person slips. Don’t stress if you have a mishap—its just critical to get back on track. Remember what holidays are truly for It’s time for you, your family, and giving thanks. Be thankful for a great life. Keeping it that way is in your hands.

20 Helpful resources Diet and nutrition Healthy holiday eating

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