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Name of Presentation The Role of the School Nurse in School Wellness Policies and Practices.

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1 Name of Presentation The Role of the School Nurse in School Wellness Policies and Practices

2 Name of Presentation Webinar Logistics Telephone or speakers Everyone is muted Submit a question This call is being recorded Link to recording and slides will be sent out following the call

3 Name of Presentation Agenda The Basics of Local Wellness Policies (LWP) How School Nurses can help implement LWP What is Fuel Up to Play 60? School Nurse Success Story Questions/Answers

4 Name of Presentation Local Wellness Policies Amy Moyer Director of Field Operations Action for Healthy Kids

5 Name of Presentation Who is Action for Healthy Kids? Action for Healthy Kids® (AFHK) fights childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places so kids can live healthier lives.

6 Name of Presentation Our goal is to create school communities where children learn how to make healthy choices from the minute they walk in the front door to the minute they leave at the end of the school day. Who is Action for Healthy Kids?

7 Name of Presentation What is a policy?  An official statement that addresses the needs of a school system, school or classroom  Based on values, convictions and beliefs  Can play a major role in changing school culture

8 Name of Presentation School Wellness Policies The 2004 Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act required districts to have a wellness policy that includes:  Nutrition guidelines for foods served on school campus  Goals for nutrition education, physical activity and other school-based activities  A plan for measuring implementation

9 Name of Presentation Wellness policies must be developed and implemented by “local parents, teachers, administrators, school food service, school boards and the public.” School Wellness Policies

10 Name of Presentation School Wellness Policies  Required reporting on policy content and implementation  Required periodic assessments  Goals for nutrition promotion The 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act added: Learn more about the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act and local wellness policies at:

11 Name of Presentation Action Steps  Read your district policy and any school policies or guidelines.  Pay attention to policy language.

12 Name of Presentation Action Steps  Use the policy or school guidelines as a platform for your wellness projects.

13 Name of Presentation Meeting Wellness Policy Goals Nutrition Education and Promotion  Healthy food tastings  Health fairs  School gardens  Educational signage  Staff nutrition

14 Name of Presentation Meeting Wellness Policy Goals Nutrition Guidelines  Salad bars  Fresh fruits and veggies at lunch  Limitations on unhealthy options for a la carte, stories or concessions  Healthy snacks and celebrations guidelines

15 Name of Presentation Meeting Wellness Policy Goals  Physical activity breaks in the classroom  Schoolyard or playground improvements Physical Activity/Education  Quality PE Classes led by certified PE Teacher  Walking school buses  Active recess  Before or after-school sports or exercise clubs

16 Name of Presentation Meeting Wellness Policy Goals Health Promotion  Recess before lunch  Family health nights  Healthy rewards  TV-turnoff week  Healthy fundraisers

17 Name of Presentation Action Steps  Promote the policy and your school’s wellness practices.

18 Name of Presentation  Join your District Wellness Committee or School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).  Join or start a wellness team at your school and create wellness guidelines specific to your school practices. Strengthening Your District Policy

19 Name of Presentation  Integrate your wellness policy into your school accountability system and school improvement plan. Strengthening Your District Policy

20 Name of Presentation Title of Presentation Shirley Schantz, EdD, RN, ARNP National Association of School Nurses NASN - School Wellness Policies The Role of the School Nurse in School Wellness Policies and Practices

21 Name of Presentation School wellness committees are a venue to highlight and promote the need for school health and the relationship of health and academics. School Nurse Role in School Health Advisory Council  Interpret the role of school health services and school nursing  Collaborate with other disciplines – [ Coordinated school health model ]  Identify community resources for students and families (Sheetz, 2011)

22 Name of Presentation As a Leader or Participant  Identifier of incidence of diet-related chronic disease and indications for prevention and treatment – High blood pressure; Bullying; Acanthosis nigricans; Type 2 diabetes; Exercise induced asthma; Allergies  Advisor/consultant on school health committees; advise on the necessity of good nutrition for learning and brain function – School health expert  Advocate for healthy, nutritious food and beverage choices to be made available in all school vending machines, school stores, snack bars, and any area in school where food is sold

23 Name of Presentation  Active participant or team leader in wellness policy implementation and evaluation  Health/nutrition educator for students, staff, parents and community  Liaison with school and community as well as student And family involvement  Implementer and manager of wellness policy and school based programs As a Leader or Participant

24 Name of Presentation  Advocate for school and community facilities for physical activities for all  Provider of health referrals as appropriate and as needed  Provider of support and follow up as needed  As a Leader or Participant Student Involvement

25 Name of Presentation The Coordinated School Health model serves as an excellent template on which to strengthen wellness concepts already in place. The eight components assist schools to include all of the support services provided for students and staff. The Coordinated School Health Model

26 Name of Presentation The Coordinated School Health Model  Health Education  Physical Education  Healthy & Safe School  Health Services  Nutrition Services  Counseling, Psychological, Social Services  Health Promotion for Staff  Family/Community Involvement

27 Name of Presentation Identify Outcomes Research based outcomes of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 are being identified, school nurses can consider positive outcomes for the health of students.  Current research indicates the diet of the  average student is less than ideal.

28 Name of Presentation Role of the School Nurse  School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and lifelong achievement and health of students. 98% (52 million) children spend their days in school 75.1% of schools have a school nurse

29 Name of Presentation Overweight and Obesity in Schools -The Role of the School Nurse (PS) It is the position of the NASN that school nurses have the knowledge and expertise to promote the prevention of overweight and obesity and address the needs of overweight and obese youth in schools. The school nurse collaborates with students, families, school personnel, and health care providers to promote healthy weight and identify overweight and obese youth who may be at risk for health problems

30 Name of Presentation The school nurse refers and follows up with students who may need to see a health care provider. The school nurse educates and advocates for changes in the school and district that promote a healthy lifestyle for all students. Overweight and Obesity in Schools -The Role of the School Nurse (PS)

31 Name of Presentation School Nurses’ Role in Overweight and Obesity in children 1.Capacity to reach large number of youth from diverse groups 2.Provide education and resources and promote a culture of health in schools 3.Promote and advocate for healthy lifestyles for all students 4.Identify resources/tools and referrals for children and parents/guardians 5.Promote policies that increase access to healthful foods and daily physical activity Call to Action

32 Name of Presentation School Nurses have promoted and participated in:  Walking paths around schools  Fruit first in cafeteria line  Fruit in slices  More nutritious breakfasts  Breakfast / classroom  Before during and after school walking programs  Promoting water  Nutrition ed in classroom  Color days for fruits and vegetables  Wellness policy leaders  Changes in vending machine options  Pedometers  Playgrounds & gyms open non school hours  Biggest loser  personnel  Vegetable gardens

33 Name of Presentation The Case For School Nursing Advocacy, Access and Achievement: Making the Connection

34 Name of Presentation Every parent, student and teacherdeserves a School Nurse

35 Name of Presentation References  Sheetz, A.H. (2011). Why Is a School Health (Wellness) Advisory Council Important for School Nursing Practice? NASN School Nurse, 26(5),  Kelly, M. & Schantz, S. (2011). School Nurses Can Make a Difference With We Can! NASN School Nurse, 26(2),

36 Name of Presentation Get Active, Eat Healthy, Make a Difference Nancy Sandbach, VP, National Dairy Council

37 Name of Presentation

38  Students are motivated to make better food choices – such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy – and be more physically active before, during and after school.  Schools have increased access to nutrient-rich foods and sustained opportunities for physical activity  Continually improve school environments, with school stakeholders supportive of nutrient-rich foods and physical activity 73,000 Schools

39 Name of Presentation  65% of educators say Fuel Up to Play 60 helps them achieve their school wellness goals.  70% of educators say Fuel Up to Play 60 is helping students make healthier food choices.  62% of educators say Fuel Up to Play 60 is helping increase the amount of time students are physically active at school.

40 Name of Presentation We Need You! Be a Program Advisor!

41 Name of Presentation Kathy Beezley RN, Program Advisor Rogers Middle School Affton School District St. Louis, MO

42 Name of Presentation Rogers Middle School Spring 2010-present

43 Name of Presentation  Affton School District, 2500 students  St. Louis suburb, borders St. Louis City  Rogers Middle School (6-8 grade ) 575 students  45 % free and reduced lunch  20% do not use English as their primary language at home

44 Name of Presentation F ind a support team. I was very lucky in that Mr. Remelius, our principal, is very interested in health and wellness. I also have a wonderful secretarial staff who have been supportive and understanding.

45 Name of Presentation RMS Wii Fit Club  students once a week  Wiis are also used at lunch, as incentives, at summer camp

46 Name of Presentation Grab-n-Go Breakfast  Students travel to cafeteria and lobby between periods (8:30) to purchase breakfast.

47 Name of Presentation Grab-n-Go Breakfast  Two stations are set up each morning by our nutrition service. (contract by school district).

48 Name of Presentation Trivia Tuesdays Students are asked a nutrition question during announcements and get a chance to answer during lunch. Those students who answer correctly have a chance to win a prize. Ambassadors take care of passing out and picking up answer sheets.

49 Name of Presentation Fitness Fridays!  Every Friday we spend at least one minute – or 3!!  Exercising or dancing to a song (chosen by the Unit) during Homeroom.

50 Name of Presentation You’ll Love Yoga Part of the funding provided by FUTP 60 was used to start a yoga class for students who were interested. Yoga is used to help build strength, flexibility and confidence. Correct breathing can help to decrease stress (THEY LOVED IT!!!).

51 Name of Presentation Taste Testing at RMS Ambassadors help with handing out cheese samples for taste testing. We also tasted fresh veggies with low fat dip, frozen yogurt and fresh fruit.

52 Name of Presentation “Build Your Own Shake Up” at RMS We received funding for Dietitians from St. Louis University to come and teach all 8 th grade students how to make healthy after school snacks emphasizing the importance of dairy.

53 Name of Presentation Back to Football Friday Being part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 team affords opportunities to network and “keeps me in the loop.” Fuel Up to Play 60 also provides information on other grants that may be available.

54 Name of Presentation Association with other Wellness Programs Fuel Up to Play 60 also provides an opportunity for me to connect with other wellness initiatives, such as Play 60, Action for Healthy Kids and American Heart Association.

55 Name of Presentation Networking with the Rams We won the Back to Football Friday celebration 2011 which is sponsored by the NFL and Play 60. Winning $10,000 helped us build a walking path for students and the community. Learning about this grant opportunity came from reading my “dashboard” and s.

56 Name of Presentation From Farm to School – Farmer Rich & Farmer Paul Farmer Paul visited our 6 th graders to explain where foods come from. In the spring we were able to plant our own garden. Farmer Rich plowed our “field” and tilled the soil after the compost was delivered.

57 Name of Presentation Students Enjoy Working Outside Two of our Student Ambassadors help Farmer Rich move the compost.

58 Name of Presentation RMS Garden Students and staff alike enjoyed the garden. We are working to make improvements for next year and have plans to start a “garden club” for

59 Name of Presentation You Get to Meet Cool People! La’Roi Glover came to visit when Courtney presented me with the “Missouri Program Advisor of the Year” award!!!

60 Name of Presentation This year I had the opportunity to speak to EVERY student about Fuel Up to Play 60. They all took the pledge to be healthy and play 60 minutes per day. Students Taking the Fuel up to Play 60 Pledge

61 Name of Presentation National Touchdown Dance Challenge Winners Two of our Student Ambassadors came to school over the summer to participate in the Touchdown Dance challenge and WE WON!!!!!!! An NFL player will visit us soon, YEA!!!

62 Name of Presentation Affton Days Parade So many students turned out to walk in the parade because we were promoting Fuel Up to Play. Also, let’s be real…because it’s fun!!!!!

63 Name of Presentation Click “I’m an Educator” – to get to homepage

64 Name of Presentation


66 Fuel Up to Play 60 Help Desk Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm eastern

67 Name of Presentation My Fuel Up to Play 60 Team Title of Presentation

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