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The Importance of Plumbing Moving Society Forward.

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1 The Importance of Plumbing Moving Society Forward

2 Community’s Water Source  Humans require potable water to survive  More people in a community requires more clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing  Waste water must not contaminate the potable water Photo courtesy of UNICEF

3 Water – A Precious Commodity  70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water  Only 2.5% is Fresh Water  Only 0.77% is easily available as Potable Water Source: UTEP

4 Plumbing Systems  The advent of plumbing systems allowed people to live together in larger communities as fresh water could easily come in and waste water was removed.  Little consideration was given to the community downstream Water pipe made from lead in Pompeii ruins

5 More People = More Human Waste  Outhouses or Privies used to be the norm  Improvements in plumbing allowed for many waterborne diseases to be controlled by removing the contaminated water from the potable water

6 Modern Plumbing  Indoor Plumbing Systems Bring clean water

7 Modern Plumbing  Indoor Plumbing Systems Bring clean water Carry away waste water and clean it before it is returned to the environment

8 Historical Plumbing Innovations

9 Graphic courtesy of American Standard Brands

10 Increased Life Expectancy  Reduced infant mortality  Adults live longer  Better sanitation creates better hygiene, which allows children to remain healthier and attend schools regularly  Many gains from the Industrial Revolution of the 1800’s can be attributed to a healthier population

11 Increased Life Expectancy Source: US Center for Disease Control Age

12 Natural Disasters Show Importance of Plumbers  Infrastructure Big Underground Fresh Water Pipes Waste Treatment Facilities Salt Water Contamination of Fresh Water  In Home/Schools/Businesses Broken Water Pipes Broken Gas Lines Broken Sewer Lines

13 There are many different types of Plumbers  Highly skilled trades people  Contractors install pipes and fixtures  Engineers design the projects to ensure correct water pressure and volume flow  Inspectors make sure it is done correctly

14 World’s Most Famous Plumber ®

15 World Plumbing Day  Plumbing Benefits Everyone  March 11, Every Year, Everywhere

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