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2011 Nutrition Trends Presented by Chef Gerard Bertholon 65 th Annual Spring R&DA Conference May 23 rd 2011.

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1 2011 Nutrition Trends Presented by Chef Gerard Bertholon 65 th Annual Spring R&DA Conference May 23 rd 2011

2 NRA Chef Survey What’s Hot in 2011 October 2010 Nutrition/Health – lower sodium, calorie & fat Locally sourced meats & seafood Locally grown produce Newly fabricated cuts of meat Non-traditional fish Sous-vide preparation method Ethnic foods (i.e. Cheese) New grains (i.e. Grits, Quinoa) TOP TRENDS

3 Eating Healthier 73 % of adults say they are trying to eat healthier than they did two years ago Interest in Healthy Food Continues to Grow. In a consumer survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association:

4 NRA Chef Survey What’s Hot in 2011 How can chefs and restaurateurs best promote health and nutrition? Create diet-conscious menu sections (e.g. lower sodium, lower calorie and lower fat) 21% Increase fresh produce options on menus 19% Get involved in school nutrition/children’s education efforts 17% Provide nutritional information to guests to make their own decisions 16% Reduce portion sizes 16% Get involved in national campaigns/programs on nutrition and physical activity 8% Other 3% October 2010 Most popular methods to increase healthy food options in menus

5 USDA Dietary Guidelines 2010  Foods that provide more Potassium, Dietary Fiber, Calcium & Vitamin D  Vegetable and fruit intake  Whole-grains to replace refined grains  Fat-free or low-fat dairy or soy products  milk, yogurt, cheese, fortified soy beverages  Protein food intake  seafood, lean meat and poultry, eggs, beans, peas, unsalted nuts and seeds  Healthier oils to replace solid fats  olive, safflower, canola, soybean Foods & Nutrients to Increase: January 2011 PotassiumDietary FiberCalciumVitamin D Sweet potatoNavy beansPlain yogurtfish Tomato pasteBran cerealRomano cheeseeggs Beet greens,Kidney beans,Swiss cheesefortified milk Baked PotatoSplit peasPlain yogurt, low-fatcod liver oil White beansLentilsRicotta cheese

6 Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake The Institute of Medicine report concluded that standards are needed to help manufacturers and restaurants reduce sodium. The target goal would be 2,300 mg from the current daily average of 3,400 mg. To achieve this goal: Downsize your portions: scale back the sodium (and the calories) Produce first: Fill half your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables Spice it up: Simple flavor additions can enhance food Spices, dried or fresh herbs, roots (garlic and ginger), citrus, vinegars Dukkah : a nut & seed spice mix to help enhance flavor without adding salt Source: The Institute of Medicine -

7 New Army Menu Initiative Encourage healthier food choices

8 Quotes "The Army is working with manufacturers as well as Natick and the Office of the Surgeon General to update nutritional targets for the operational rations, expand menus and improve ingredients…You will see healthier-choice beverage dispensing equipment in the self-service areas compared to soft drink machines." - Army Food Service; Lt. Col. Ross Johnson, Director of JCCoE; pg. 32 "Increasing highly acceptable vegetarian items, while providing old favorites that still have flavor while reducing sodium is part of our focus ahead.“ "The team identified long-term NSCM trends, to include continued research and development in advanced foods, greater pre-cooked/packaged products, higher shelf-life stability; improved safety and sanitation; and increased nutritional content.“ - Navy Food Service; Cmdr. Thomas Michael Dailey, Director, Navy Food Service, Naval Supply Systems Command Headquarters; pg. 36 & 40 “…by providing enhanced facilities with more food choices that include more nutritionally balanced meals." - Air Force Food Service; Charles Milam, Director of Services for Manpower, Personnel and Services, Headquarters Air Force; pg. 44 " …Our CONUS mess halls have been employing innovative best practices for sustainability that include the recycling of cardboard, plastic bottles, metal cans and paper…have completely eliminated the use of Styrofoam and have installed compost machines at the garrison and field mess halls…biodegradable flatware for take-out service." - Marine Corps Food Service; Lt.Col. Jay Rogers, USMC Director Marine Corps Foodservice and Subsistence Program; pg. 48 "Spice it up" -The Military looks for Condiments to Add Flavor - Not Calories, Sodium or Fat - Article by Barry Loberfield; pg. 70 All quotes from the publication Government Food Service March 2011 EBM, Inc. Westbury, N.Y.

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