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Student Presentation. Let’s Talk What are your favorite foods?

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1 Student Presentation

2 Let’s Talk What are your favorite foods?

3 What are the benefits of healthy eating and active living? Helps you learn Promotes healthy weight Sports performance Keeps you healthy Prevents diseases Dental health Sleep better Increase self- esteem & self- confidence Decrease depression & anxiety

4 Did You Know? Newfoundland and Labrador has the highest rate of overweight and obesity in Canada Poor eating habits and physical inactivity contribute to many health problems among adults These health problems such as type 2 diabetes are now being seen in children

5 Environment Think for a minute about the food: –in grocery stores –in corner stores –in movie theatres –at fast food restaurants –at sports events –at school

6 Portion Sizes National Geographic, August 2004

7 Advertising… Can Nutrition Education Compete?

8 Change is happening at many levels You can help create a school environment that supports healthy eating!

9 School Food Guidelines Foods served or sold in school should make a positive contribution to students’ eating habits Schools teach about healthy eating. They should also model healthy eating. Guidelines include 3 categories of food: oServe Most oServe Moderately oFoods Not Included

10 Grain Products Choose whole grains more often Breads, cereals, pasta, rice, tortilla wraps, crackers Serve Moderately: White based grains

11 Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Frozen Fruit can also be: Canned in juice Dried fruit Serve Moderately: Sweetened fruits/juices French fries (once a week)

12 Milk Products Choose lower fat & unsweetened products White milk (<2% milk fat - M.F.) Lower fat cheese (<20% M.F.) Yogurt (<2% M.F.) Serve Moderately Chocolate milk Yogurt drinks Ice cream (once a week)

13 Meat and Alternatives Choose lean cuts of meat, fish, poultry and dried beans and peas Use lower fat cooking methods Use in moderation any added fats such as oil, gravy, cream sauces Serve Moderately: Salami, pepperoni, bologna, wieners, bacon, chicken wings, or fried meats (once a week)

14 Foods Not Included Some foods provide very few nutrients Students can fill up on these foods and will not have room for healthier foods Examples: Cookies, cakes, pies, donuts, chocolate bars Popsicles, Jello Potato chips Pop, fruit drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks Battered & fried products – nuggets, battered & fried chicken pieces, onion rings

15 Active Living Do you get 60 minutes of physical activity every day?



18 Encouraging Active Living Active Transportation Intramurals & Informal activities Access to school/community resources after school hours Physical Education Activities in other classes

19 Key Messages Healthy eating & active living matters It’s not always easy to eat healthy in today’s world There are opportunities to increase physical activity within our school community We can all be agents of change Let’s all work together to make the healthy choice the easy choice for students!

20 What can you, as students, do to support Living Healthy ? Nutrition Physical Activity

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