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Chilliwack Healthier Community Strategic Action Plan Community Engagement Session 1.

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1 Chilliwack Healthier Community Strategic Action Plan Community Engagement Session 1

2 Welcome & Introductions

3 Purpose of the Project Develop a community-wide Strategic Action Plan to deal with Chilliwack’s most persistent social issues. Use a community collaborative process to create and sustain the Plan.

4 Hi! Further Introductions Facilitators: –Vicki McLeod –Helen Roberts At your tables –Take a moment to introduce yourselves to one another. ME! YOU!

5 Agenda Welcome & Introductions Overview & Context Today’s Work –Phase 1 of Strategic Planning Process

6 Agenda - Phase 1 Identify services, programs and initiatives: –Synergies, gaps, –What do we have, what do we need? Identify strengths, issues & opportunities Begin to define our vision for “healthier” A look at measures for success


8 Dfgdryeryy Housekeeping Session: 1pm – 4pm Refreshment break Information kits: hand-outs, guide for your notes Display table for your information Pictures, Video

9 Project Overview

10 Background & Research

11 Why Collaborate? Respect for previous processes & history in community Resources are scarce BIG TASK No one family, agency or level of government can do it alone.

12 Collaboration = Success Malcolm Gladwell: The Tipping Point, Outliers Gabor Mate Vibrant communities

13 Process Timeline

14 Working Together 1. Focus Areas Session 12. Joint Session Strengths Synergies, gaps Opportunities Data & results from Session 1 Community mandate/vision Priorities, partnerships, over- arching goals 3. Focus Areas Session 24. Open House Measurable results Tactical, functional plans Integrated strategies Present draft plan to public Seek comments/feedback

15 Outcomes from Today’s Session More comprehensive list of services and initiatives and gaps Shared understanding of community strengths, issues and opportunities Initial steps in defining ‘healthier community’ A look at possible measures for success

16 Guiding Principles Respect Inclusivity Collaboration Action

17 Today’s Work

18 Working Together Values/principles driven Strengths-based Rigour & flexibility Level the playing field Represent voices not present Ground rules?

19 Inventory of Community Strengths Individually Reflect: –What have you achieved in the area of housing that you are really proud of? Discuss: –Share ‘prouds’. What stands out? Translate: –How does this demonstrate a strength or capability? List: –flipchart top 3-6 What is Chilliwack REALLY good at? 20 mins

20 Finding Themes What emerges as the most important, useful, or powerful community strengths?

21 Break

22 Services, Programs, Gaps Are there services or programs related to this focus area that exist in Chilliwack, but are not listed? What is missing? What are the gaps?

23 Issues. What’s important? What are the top 3 issues facing Chilliwack in regard to this focus area? Discuss Rank List & Post 15 mins

24 Based on what we know… Where should we focus?

25 What issues are most important? Vote with your dots….

26 ? Brainstorm Opportunities What could….? –Be easy –Use strengths –Have a big impact –Be a tipping point –Leverage existing… 15 mins

27 What is emerging?

28 What is our Vision? I will know my community is healthier when: I see … I hear … I feel …

29 Measuring Results 1.What measures, indicators or quantitative objectives are currently used? 2.What else might be used?

30 Integrate information from these sessions Themes, synergies, emerging directions Joint planning session: Nov 9 Next Steps

31 healthiercommunity Thank you!

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