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Hydrating King County A Healthier Choice

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1 Hydrating King County A Healthier Choice

2 What Are Sugary Drinks? Sugary drinks include: non-diet sodas
sports drinks energy drinks sweetened juice. They contain little to no nutritional value and are one of the leading causes of obesity today. 2

3 What's The Problem With Sugary Drinks?
It is easy to drink more than one sugary drink because they don’t make us feel full. • Sugary drinks tend to be cheap, easy to find and advertised to us where we live, work, learn and play. • Children (1 to 5 years old) who drink sugary drinks have an % increased risk for cavities. • Adults who drink sugary drinks are at risk for high blood pressure, and are at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. 3

4 Drinking too many sugary drinks can lead to…
Kids (1 to 5 years old) who drink sugary drinks have an % increased risk for cavities. For each extra can or glass of sugared beverage consumed per day, the likelihood of a child’s becoming obese increases by 60%.

5 Sugary drinks are a leading cause of obesity

6 Fast Fact! A 160 pound individual needs to run approximately 25 minutes at the pace of a 12 minute mile to burn the calories from a 20 oz. soda 6

7 The Face of Obesity Today

8 What About King County, WA?
1/5th of middle and high school are overweight or obese. • Over half of King County adults are either overweight or obese. • Rates of obesity are higher in low income communities and communities of color. • The estimated direct medical cost of obesity is about $500 million in King County each year. 8

9 Who's Drinking Sugary Drinks?
July 2013 Gallup Poll shows that more than half of Americans drink soda, with regular soda still being the main choice. 9

10 Who's Drinking Sugary Drinks?
Numbers show that low income and minority families drink the most soda out of other groups, and that soda is still the sugar filled regular variety. 10

11 Who's Drinking Sugary Drinks?
While numbers show that amongst women regular soda is on the decline, diet soda is still popular. Even though the bottle might say 0 calories, diet drinks still damage your teeth, bones, and organs. 11

12 What Can My Organization Do?
Pick out small changes! Ones that would work for your organization, and check out for suggestions. Ways your organization can vary! You can create a healthier beverage environment by educating staff and increasing access to water, or completely eliminating the sale of sugary drinks. Learn from others! Read success stories about organizations that have created healthier environments with their own unique approaches to fit their goals. Let us know how we can help! 12

13 3 Steps to Organizational Change
Educating Your Work Family: Post information about the benefits of water and health risks of sugary drinks in highly-trafficked areas. Include a message about the benefits of water and health risks of sugary drinks on our organization’s website, newsletter or staff . Plan a brown bag lunch about the sugar contents of popular sugary drinks. Don’t accept corporate sponsorships, advertisements or endorsements from unhealthy food and beverage companies. Connect the need for healthier beverage options to your organization’s mission and values, so staff and visitors know why you care. 13

14 3 Steps to Organizational Change
Increasing Choice: Increase access to tap water by maintaining and repairing all drinking fountains, and by posting clear signage to fountains. Provide or sell more healthy beverages, such as water, low-fat milk, diet drinks and small portions (6 oz.) of 100% juice at events, meetings and parties. Prominently place and promote healthy beverages like water, seltzer, and unsweetened low or non-fat milk in vending machines, cafeterias, and places where food is sold. Change the relative prices of healthy versus unhealthy beverages to make the healthy choices more affordable and desirable. 14

15 3 Steps to Organizational Change
Cutting Sugar Out: Reduce or remove the sugary drink options offered at the cafeteria, events and meetings. Adopt a healthy beverage policy that states what types of drinks can be sold or made available within your organization. Offer the healthiest food and beverage options in our vending machines by adopting the King County Board of Health’s Healthy Vending Guidelines. 15

16 What Can My Family Do? You've already started! By getting educated on sugary drinks! Learn more by visiting Talk to your family about sugary drinks! For younger children, teaching them which drinks are nutritious and will help them grow can enhance the development of their drinking/eating habits. For older children, you may choose to discuss the impact of sugary drinks on their health. Introduce more healthy drinks in your household! Make a family commitment to drink healthy beverages like water and low-fat milk at home, school and work. Pack drinks such as a reusable water bottle in kids’ lunches. 16

17 What Can I Do? Make a Commitment to Drink Healthy! Talk to the places where you and your family live, work, learn and play about making access to healthy beverages easier. You can make healthy choices easier and real for your community. Get educated and be an educator! Spread the word about the benefits of healthy drinks like water, and the harms of sugary drinks. Use the tools at Look For Alternatives To Sugrary Drinks! Water is the best choice for getting hydrated and staying healthy, and can be enhanced with anything from a piece of lemon to mint leaves. Other healthy options would be unsweetened coffee, tea, low fat milk, and 100% Juice. Photo by 17

18 Healthy Choices Toolkit
Assessment Tools Assessment Guide to Creating Healthier Beverage Environment Information to help your organization assess your present situation and employee attitudes about making changes and increasing availability of healthier drink choices. Healthy Beverage Policy Organizational Toolkit Resources from Santa Clara County Public Health and Bay Area Nutrition & Physical Activity Collaborative (BANPAC) for creating a healthier workplace including best practices, sample policies and more. Handouts: Sugary Drink 101 Information from COPC on sugary drinks and why they are bad for your health. Health Benefits of Water Information from the CDC about the health benefits of water and ways to increase how much you drink. 18

19 Healthy Choices Toolkit
Planning Guides: Workplace Discussion Guide A step-by-step guide provided by BANPAC on how to conduct a discussion about the amount of sugar in popular drinks and helpful ideas for living a low sugar lifestyle. Available in Spanish. Healthy Hydrate Family Plan Steps your family can take to make healthier drink choices and to create a healthier lifestyle. Posters: “You Just Ate 26 Packs of Sugar” Posters Seattle/King County Posters showing there are 26 packs of sugar in a bottle of soda. Available in four versions for different audiences and in various languages. Workplace Educator Poster Place one of these near vending machines to remind coworkers about the damaging effects of sugar and allow them to contact you for more info. 19

20 Healthy Choices Toolkit
Videos and Games: One Family Works Off a Bottle of Soda Watch how one family realizes the amount of exercise it takes to work off a bottle of soda. You Wouldn’t Pour Your Kid a Glass of Sugar? Public Health Seattle & King County’s educational video about sugary drinks. Polar Beers rethink their drink You might recognize some familiar faces coming to terms with the harmful effects of soda. Educational Health Games Some fun, but short java games to keep the kids entertained and teach them about health. Health Beverage Locator Game in Howard County that helps people locate healthy drink options nearby 20

21 Visit Us At
Contact Information Jennifer Trott Associate Director COPC (206) Dorsol Plants Coordinator, Hydrate For Health (206) Joyce Tseng Healthy Vending Project Coordinator Visit Us At 21

22 Thank You! 22

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