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Leading the Way to a Healthier Stanislaus Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships Welcome!

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1 Leading the Way to a Healthier Stanislaus Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships Welcome!

2 “Health” The World Health Organization defines "health" as a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

3 Health is also impacted by l A strong economy l A good educational system l A good transportation system l Safe neighborhoods l Affordable housing

4 Healthy Communities Serve as foundation for l Healthier babies l Smarter young students l More responsible teens l Better equipped parents l More productive workers l Thriving seniors

5 Why is this Approach so Important? Healthy residents Healthier communities Supportive environment and resources Family growth and prosperity

6 How do we know how healthy we are?

7 Healthy People 2010 l National initiative to improve U.S. health l 2 Goals Increase life expectancy and quality of life Decrease health disparities among ethnic groups l Progress measured by 10 indicators, 22 objectives

8 HP2010 Indicators 1. Physical Activity 2. Overweight and Obesity 3. Tobacco Use 4. Substance Abuse 5. Responsible Sexual Behavior 6. Mental Health 7. Injury and Violence 8. Environmental Quality 9. Immunization 10. Access to Care

9 Top 10 Leading Causes of Death nationwide, by gender Data Source: CDC, WISQARS Leading Causes of Death Reports, 1999 - 2003

10 Top 3 Leading Causes of Death youths nationwide, by age Data Source: CDC, WISQARS Leading Causes of Death Reports, 1999 - 2003

11 So how are we doing in Stanislaus County?

12 Stanislaus County Health Status 2006 Ranking l #48 - Deaths due to all causes l #56 - Coronary Heart Disease l #46 - Diabetes l #34 - Unintentional Injuries l #51 - Drug-Induced Deaths l #53 - Infant Mortality- All Races l #41 - Homicide 58 = Worst 1 = Best

13 Obesity and Physical Activity l Prevalence of Overweight or obesity in adolescents and adults* Stanislaus County 58% California Average 50.7% l 5th,7th & 9th graders- 2004 Fitness Gram** 30.4% were overweight –Stanislaus 28.1% were overweight – California Average *California Health Interview Study 2001, 2003 **California Center for Public Health Advocacy

14 Substance Abuse l Stanislaus 8th worst for drug-induced deaths CA-2006 l Alcohol & other drugs major factor in chronic disease, newborn probs, violence, MV fatalities Deaths per 100,000

15 Substance Abuse l CA stats* for aged 12 years & over 6.2 Million are binge drinkers- 5 or more drinks on one occasion during past month 2.6 million -currently using illicit drugs l 2003 Related arrests (CA Dept of Justice) 43% of adult arrests and 11% of juvenile (10-17 yrs) arrests were drug or alcohol related l Areas of concern in youth-nationwide Painkillers and inhalants * CA Attorney General’s Crime and Prevention Center

16 Unintentional Injuries l Preventable if safety measures in place l Child passenger safety, falls, poisonings l Stanislaus ranked #25 worst in 2006 Deaths Per 100,000

17 Unintentional Injuries l National stats* 1638 children 14 yrs and younger died as occupants in MV Crashes 214,000 were injured ~5 deaths and 586 injuries each day * CDC, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 2005

18 Neighborhood Safety 2002 Community Health Assessment* 21% rated physical environment poor or very poor 25% rated transportation poor or very poor 17% unsafe or very unsafe neighborhood 12% of the respondents were victims in a violent crime  45% of these crimes took place in home, 30% in neighborhood * Stanislaus County Community Health Assessment

19 How do we improve?

20 We’re here

21 Working together as partners, sharing talents and skills and engaging the community to promote lasting change to create a safe nurturing, and healthy environment. Striving to create recreational, educational, and economic opportunities for children and their families.



24 Local Public Health System Assessment How well do we provide the services to our county?

25 Forces of Change Assessment What is occurring (or might occur) that affects our community & the Local Public Health System? Events, Factors, and Trends Social Economic Environmental/Natural Political Technological

26 Forces of Change l Social Uneven distribution of healthcare providers l Economic CA budget Crisis l Natural Emerging Diseases l Technological Terrorism threats

27 Community Health Assessment Top 10 Health Concerns l Alcohol & Drug abuse l Obesity/Nutrition l Cancer l Violence l Diabetes l Asthma l Heartdisease l Heart disease l Tobacco use l STD l Cholesterol 2001-2003 Stanislaus County Community Health Assessment

28 Coalitions l Asthma Coalition l Safe Communities Coalition l Tobacco Education Coalition l Breastfeeding Promotion Coalition l HEART Coalition l Hepatitis C Task Force l Maternal Child Adolescent Health Advisory l Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Parenting Network l HIV Local Implementation Group l Nutrition and Fitness Council Immunization Coalition

29 Workshop Stakeholders Memorial Medical center Blue Cross Sutter Gould Foundation Oak Valley Hospital Kaiser Permanente Golden Valley Del Puerto Hospital District HealthNet West Modesto King Kennedy Neighborhood Collaborative Airport Neighbors United Ceres partnership for Healthy Children Riverbank Casa del Rio Oakdale Family Support Network Grayson Family Resource Center Hughson Family Resource Center Modesto Bee Doctor’s Medical Foundation Center for Human Services United way Modesto Police Ceres Police l Vine House- Medical Ambassadors l Valley Heart Association l Policy Institute Congregations Building Community l Modesto City Council Christ Unity Baptist Central Baptist Youth for Christ Savemart Healthy Starts Modesto City Schools Modesto Parks and Rec MAX Transportation HICAP El Concilio Stanislaus County: Health Services Agency Area Agency on Aging Office of Education Animal Services Community Services Agency Chief Executive Office Library System Children and Families Commission Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Sheriff’s Dept Probation Weed and Seed Public Works Migrant Health Child Protective Services

30 Goals and Objectives Healthy Eating Active Living - WMKKNC Prevention of Obesity, Diabetes, Heart disease Promote Nutrition and Physical Activity Neighborhood Safety - Safe Communities Coalition Create Safe and Walkable communities Violence Prevention Infant and Child Car seat Use- Anne Stokman/Prop 10 Seatbelt Use Prevention of Substance Abuse - BHRS Resource availability Treatment and Support Education

31 NEXT STEPS ACTION CYCLE l Planning — Determining what will be done, who will do it, and how it will be done. l Implementation — Carrying out the activities identified in the planning stage. l Evaluation — Determining what has been accomplished.

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