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When you shout in the mountains, you may hear an echo. [ `Eko ] n. [C] a sound sent back from a wall or inside a cave 回音 echo 1. Words for Production.

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2 When you shout in the mountains, you may hear an echo. [ `Eko ] n. [C] a sound sent back from a wall or inside a cave 回音 echo 1. Words for Production 詞類變化

3 adventure 2. [ 1d`vEntS2 ] n. [C] a new, exciting or dangerous experience 奇遇,冒險的經歷 The boys felt it was interesting to hear about the old man’s adventures in Africa. Words for Production 詞類變化

4 humorist 3. [`hjum1rIst] n. [C] a person who makes jokes, especially in writing 幽默作家 At the end of the party, the humorist told a story that made everybody laugh. Words for Production

5 humor [`hjum2] n. [U] 幽默,滑稽 No one could see the humor in David’s jokes. Words for Production

6 humorous [`hjum1r1s] adj. 幽默的,滑稽的 Try to see the humorous side of everything, and you’ll be happier. Words for Production

7 once 4. [w^ns] adv. some time ago 以前,曾經 Apples were once very expensive, but are much cheaper now. Words for Production 比較級前常用的加強副詞 : far, much, a lot.

8 original 5. [1`rIdZ1nL] adj. first; earliest 原先的, 最初的 Mr. Wang was the original owner of that big house, but he later sold it. Words for Production 詞類變化

9 nothing 6. [`n^TI9] pron. someone or something of no importance 微不足道的人或事物 It’s not easy to get along with her. She always gets angry over nothing. Words for Production

10 fact 7. [f8kt] n. [C] something known to be, or accepted as true 事實;實情 I can’t make any decisions until I know all the facts. Words for Production 慣用語

11 probably 8. [`prAb1blI] adv. likely; almost certainly 或許,大概 I will probably be late tonight, so don’t wait for me. Words for Production

12 [`prAb1bL] adj. 有可能的 It’s possible that it will rain, but with such a blue sky it doesn’t seem probable. probable Words for Production 詞類變化

13 detective 9. [dI`tEktIv] n. [C] someone who is paid to get information about someone or something 偵探 She hired a detective to find out where her husband was going after work. Words for Production 詞類變化

14 fiction 10. [`fIkS1n] n. [U] stories about things that did not really happen 小說 Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Words for Production

15 ability 11. [1`bIl1tI] n. [U][C] power and skill to do, think, make, etc. 能力 Cats have the ability to see things in the dark. Words for Production

16 [`ebL] adj. 能夠 … 的 Will you be able to come to Mary’s birthday party tomorrow night? able Words for Production 詞類變化

17 immediately 12. [I`midIItlI] adv. right now; very soon 立刻,馬上 As soon as he got my letter, he wrote back immediately. Words for Production

18 [I`midIIt] adj. 立即的,目前的 Do you have any plans for the immediate future? immediate Words for Production

19 whole 13. [hol] adj. all 整個的,全部的 His whole family welcomed me. They were all kind and friendly to me. Words for Production

20 [`holI] adv. 完全地,徹底地 I don’t wholly agree with you on this matter. wholly Words for Production 詞類變化

21 mark 14. [mArk] n. [C] a spot, line, or cut that spoils the natural color or appearance of something 疤痕,痕跡 His dirty shoes left dirty marks all over the floor. Words for Production

22 [mArk] vt. 在 … 上做記號 Please look at the pages that I have marked for you. mark Words for Production 詞類變化

23 soldier 15. [`soldZ2] n. [C] a member of an army 軍人,士兵 After graduating from college, my brother went for a soldier. Words for Production

24 arrive 16. [1`raIv] vi. to get to a place 抵達 Give me a call when you arrive at the town. Words for Production arrive + in at = get to = reach

25 railroad 17. [`rel&rod] n. [C] a track with rails for trains to run on 鐵路 On holidays, the railroad stations are always full of people. Words for Production 詞類變化

26 smile 18. [smaIl] vi.; vt. to show happiness with the mouth turned up at the ends and the eyes bright 微笑 Every time she meets me, she smiles and says “Hello.” Words for Production

27 [smaIl] n. [C] 微笑 The little girl has a very sweet smile. We all like her a lot. smile Words for Production 詞類變化

28 south 19. [sa5T] n. [U] (the~) one of the four main points of the compass, on the right of a person facing the rising sun 南方 Kenting is a beautiful national park in the south of Taiwan. Words for Production

29 [`s^D2n] adj. 南方的 Southern England is much warmer than northern England. southern Words for Production

30 clothes 20. [kloz] n. pl. things that people wear, such as shirts or skirts 衣服,服裝 As fine clothes make the man, you should be more careful of what you wear. Words for Production 詞類變化 Proverb: Fine clothes make the man. 佛要金裝,人要衣裝。

31 especially 21. Words for Production [1`spES1lI] adv. particularly 特別地;尤其 He is good in all his studies, especially English.

32 Words for Recognition Mark Twain 1. [ `mArk `twen ] n. a US novelist and humorist 馬克‧吐溫( 1835~1910 ,美國 小說家、幽默作家) The Introduction of Mark Twain

33 Vermont 2. Words for Recognition [v2`mAnt] n. a state in the northeastern US (美國)佛蒙特州 Vermont

34 Colorado 3. Words for Recognition [&kAl1`r8do] n. a state in the western US (美國)科羅拉多州 Colorado

35 Hannibal 4. Words for Recognition [`h8n1bL] n. a small town in northeastern Missouri 漢尼拔鎮(位於美 國密蘇里州東北部) Hannibal Missouri

36 Missouri 5. Words for Recognition [m1`z5rI] n. a state in the central US (美國)密蘇里州 Missouri

37 Sherlock Holmes 6. Words for Recognition [`S3lAk homz] n. the name of the detective in stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 福爾摩斯

38 Conan Doyle 7. Words for Recognition [`kon1n dOIl] n. (Sir Arthur ~ ), a British physician and novelist; the creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes 柯南‧道爾( 1859~1930 ,英國醫生、小說 家) The Introduction of Conan Doyle

39 British 8. Words for Recognition [`brItIS] adj. of the United Kingdom 英國(人)的

40 Paris 9. Words for Recognition [`p8rIs] n. the capital of France 巴黎(法國首都)

41 barber 10. Words for Recognition [`bArb2] n. [C] a person who cuts men’s hair 理髮師

42 at once 1. Idioms and Phrases immediately; right away 立刻,馬上 When Jack learned that his grandma had been sent to the hospital, he ran to see her at once. at once = immediately = right away

43 Put...together 2. Idioms and Phrases to combine 整合 The writer put all his ideas together in the story.

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