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Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

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1 Vocabulary and Comprehension Test
Lewis and Clark Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. When my sister received a scholarship, she __________ cried tears of joy. dismal peril profusely loftily

3 Vocabulary 2. Driving up the mountain, we traveled over rough and hilly ________. terrain peril ordeal tangles

4 Vocabulary 3. With all the road construction in our town, driving has become a terrible ________. esteem ordeal dismal oath

5 Vocabulary 4. The days grew more and more ________ as the heavy rains continued day after day. profusely dismal terrain pelting

6 Vocabulary 5. The young artist’s painting was held in high ________ by the older art critics. dismal profusely ordeal esteem

7 Vocabulary 6. The lack of rain put the woods in ________ of fires.
peril terrain ordeal esteem

8 Comprehension 7. Seeing the top of the Rocky Mountains was both inspiring and troubling to Lewis and Clark because ________. the mountains were so far away they knew the mountains would be difficult to cross. the mountain tops were covered with snow. they had to carry their boats over the Great Falls first

9 Comprehension 8. How did Lewis describe the Great Falls?
the greatest obstacle I have ever faced as high as a six-story building the greatest sight I ever beheld impossible to conquer without Sacagawea

10 Comprehension 9. Sacagawea proved to be a valuable asset to the expedition because she _________. carefully scanned the riverbanks had been a slave-child long ago hiked ahead of the party helped the captains select right rivers to follow

11 Comprehension 10. Why were the Shoshone women “frozen with fear” when Lewis met them? They only trusted their neighbors, the Blackfeet. Lewis wanted to buy horse from them. They had never seen other people before. They were suspicious of all outsiders.

12 Comprehension 11. Sacagawea cried when she saw Chief Cameahwait because he ________. was her brother had scared her had kidnapped her long ago was her father

13 Comprehension 12. Lewis and Clark thought that all the streams on the far side of the Rockies would ________. flow directly into the Pacific Ocean flow into the Columbia destroy their beat-up canoes be filled with schools of fish

14 Comprehension 13. The land around the Columbia River was later called the ________. Ouragon Land Oregon Territory Origan River Missouri Territory

15 Comprehension 14. When Lewis and Clark met the Chinook Indians, how did the explorers know they were near the Pacific Ocean? Chinook Indians spoke English and told them they were near it. Lewis and Clark could see the Pacific Ocean in the distance. A Chinook wore a navy jacket, so that meant sailors had been there. Nez Perce Indians told them that the Chinook Indians lived by the sea.

16 Comprehension 15. What did Lewis and Clark prove by their expedition?
No inland waterway existed in North America. Their journey was almost a failure. Jefferson was pleased with Lewis and Clark. They opened the West to settlers by drawing maps.

17 Comprehension 16. How long did the Lewis and Clark expedition take?
more than five years more than two years almost ten years less than two years

18 Comprehension 17. Why was President Jefferson’s letter of credit never used? The ship’s captain let them sail for free. No ship ever came into port for six months. The letter was stolen by the Indians. Sacagawea and her husband took them to the Mandan village.

19 Comprehension 18. The expedition of Lewis and Clark began and ended ________. in St. Louis, Missouri on the Columbia River in present-day Astoria, Oregon in Washington, D.C.

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