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Missouri Compromise The issue of slavery and the movement West.

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1 Missouri Compromise The issue of slavery and the movement West


3 1819 11 free states and 11 slave states Problem- what to do with new territories? Senate consist of : 2 representatives from each state House of Representatives: based on states population- slave states had more representatives

4 Why is this a problem? 1820- 2 territories want to enter Maine Missouri- (about 2,000 slaves) What is the dilemma for Congress?

5 Missouri Compromise also known as The Compromise of 1820 Maine to enter as a free state Missouri as a slave state Compromise stated: No slavery north of 36° 30` latitude


7 Quick fix The Missouri Compromise was a temporary solution to the questions of slavery and territorial rights.

8 South’s Response South realize that this compromise threatened the balance between free and slave states WHY? South felt the US would need territories from Mexico’s territory in which to expand slavery the only area left was in Arkansas


10 Which statement best describes the failure of the compromise? a.Compromise kept a balance between slave and free states b.Compromise is only possible among rational people c.Compromise did not prevent the Civil War d.Compromise is usually short lived

11 The Missouri Compromise A Segment of the Causes of the civil war uidAssetId=76505326-25E3-45FE-BA81- FE94C436F71D&blnFromSearch=1&productcode= US uidAssetId=76505326-25E3-45FE-BA81- FE94C436F71D&blnFromSearch=1&productcode= US

12 Quick Quiz The purpose of the Missouri compromise was to a.Return slaves captured in free states to slave states b.Allow slavery in Maine but not in Missouri c.Maintain a balance of free and slave states d.Let Missouri have slavery until 1850

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