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1 When 'To-Be' is Finally 'Here'! University of Missouri's Journey to Process Automation Session # 31219 March 19, 2013.

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1 1 When 'To-Be' is Finally 'Here'! University of Missouri's Journey to Process Automation Session # 31219 March 19, 2013

2 2 Introduction John Nemec Director Strategic Project Management Office, University of Missouri System Paul Taylor CEO and Founder, Gideon Taylor Consulting LLC

3 3 Overview UM Overview and Background The Big Picture The Selection Process The ‘Typical’ Project o Uncovering True Scope o Planning the Project UM ePAF project Demonstration – UM’s ePAF Solution UM Learnings UM Next Steps o Onboarding Dashboard o Other PS Pillars

4 4 The University of Missouri University of Missouri System

5 5 Transition slide - Title Sub-title $5,000,000

6 6 We weren’t serving our customers

7 7 Bad and getting worse

8 8 Background Summary “ Although the current state has prevailed for many years, it is not sustainable and provides significant business risks.” Towers / Watson Report, March 2010

9 9 The Big Picture

10 10 The Selection Process – GT Philosophy Teach you to fish o On site, full time functional lead o Development partnership that ensures technical & functional skills stay in house Ability to develop new solutions Minimize maintenance and upgrade issues Create winning solutions o Leverage experience to push team to better solutions o Encourage ownership of all documentation License covers the multiple pillars o Single Instance o HR, Finance, Campus Solutions

11 11 The Selection Process - Experience GT eForms™ Process Automation Solutions GT ePAF™ GT OnBoarding™ GT eVoucher™ GT Paperless I-9™ GT E-Verify Integration™ GT Personnel eFile™ GT eTime™ GT ePost™ Security eForm Overtime eForm Bonus Award eForm Journal Voucher eForm Deposit eForm Expense Approval Expense Reimbursement Reports To eForm Leave Cash-Out eForm Additional Pay eForm Merit eForm Readmission Application Faculty Promotion/Tenure Non-Tuition Fee Request eForm Grade Change Course Add/Drop/Withdraw E-Degree Certification Description Faculty Discipline Description Faculty Teaching Certification Graduate Status Change Thesis/Dissertation Release Option Travel Fellowship Application Travel Fellowship Expense Report

12 12 The Selection Process - Credibility Brigham Young UniversityJames Madison UniversityUniversity of Oklahoma University of FloridaUniversity of Central FloridaUniversity of Alberta University of British ColumbiaNorthern Arizona University University of Maryland, The Founding Campus Maricopa County Community Colleges University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center University of Houston City of Boston & Boston Public Schools University of Utah

13 13 So, going back to the RFP… REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING AND DELIVERY OF A WORKFLOW ENABLED ELECTRONIC FORMS TOOLKIT RFP #13-4000-HR-U The University of Missouri is interested in incorporating electronic forms and workflow into the HCM System in several key areas: o eliminating the collection of paper documents around PeopleSoft delivered functionality to support employment activities, o ensuring that these transactions are routed correctly and the proper authorizations have been obtained, o empowering business owners to control and manage routing procedures and workflow. Some of the specific form types that the University of Missouri plans to convert to electronic processing include, but are not limited to: o Personnel Action Form (PAF) o Employee Information Form o Onboard Form  PeopleSoft HCM 9.1, PeopleTools 8.50  Over 100,000 transactions each year  Personnel transactions currently paper-based  Forms vary in complexity and approval processes  Forms often contain errors, make transaction tracking difficult, and are highly inefficient.

14 14 Discovery / Optimization and Defaulting Analysis (ODA) Learn about UM’s unique business process needs Study data collection and entry requirements o SIMPLIFY! Remove unneeded elements, conditionally include elements Identify defaulting and value restricting opportunities based on UM business processes Rough out a page field-level design Deliverables: o ‘Roadmap to a Paperless Environment’ o Finalized Project Plan o Firm Project Cost Estimates Uncovering True Scope

15 15 Following Discovery and ODA, the following scope emerged: ePAF™ (Hire, Job Change, Status Change eForms) Onboarding eForm Solution Paperless I-9™ with E-Verify Integration™ Plus… Security eForm Appointment Notification eForm Additional Pay, Extra Compensation eForm UM Scope Following Discovery Criminal Background Authorization eForm Position Data Request Roster & Retro eForm

16 16 GT Plan of Attack – A ‘Typical’ Project

17 17 UM ePAF™ Project Plan

18 18 UM Project Support (As Needed) Gideon Taylor UM Campuses UM System Project Manager Functional Lead Technical Lead Business Analysts Exec. Committee Steering Committee Sys/Security Admin DBA SMEs Building the Team Principal Consultant Sr. Func. Consultant Sr. Tech. Consultant Solution Center Business Analysts

19 19 Show and Tell Demonstration: University of Missouri System’s ePAF™ Solution

20 20 UM Learnings Know thyself and know thy partner Develop a very strong… o Issues resolution process o Testing plan  Balance between structure and flexibility o Can you leverage the “agile development” possibilities? o How important is process standardization? o Will your governance allow rapid decision- making? 6 Different PAFs

21 21 UM Next Steps Onboarding Dashboard / New User Interface Take eForms to Finance and Campus Solutions

22 22 Questions??

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