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Perryville Development Corporation Helping Perry County Grow For Over 55 Years.

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1 Perryville Development Corporation Helping Perry County Grow For Over 55 Years

2 History of the Perryville Development Corporation June 1954 – The Perryville Chamber of Commerce voted to form a separate Perryville Development Corporation to relieve the Chamber of the growing demand of time and effort needed to attract industry.

3 The city needed diversification – it was still a one-industry town – and local graduates were leaving the area to secure employment elsewhere. The PDC (Perryville Development Corporation), incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri, sold 20,000 shares of stock at $10 each to finance its beginning.

4 The first land acquisition by the PDC was in 1957 -- 24 acres were purchased for $12,000 in McBride. With a big assist from local banks, a large building was constructed to house Premier Panels Co. of St. Louis. The building is now part of the Gilster- Mary Lee Pop Corn/Distribution Center.

5 First PDC Building McBride – 1957 Premier Panels - the first tenant. 50+ years later Gilster- Mary Lee Complex McBride Original PDC Building

6 $40,000 raised from the initial sale of stock was invested in a new start-up operation called Gilster Mary Lee Corporation, establishing a manufacturing business in Perryville. 1960’s

7 Today that business has sales of over $800 million and over 4,000 employees.

8 PDC purchased 25 acres for $450 per acre from Mrs. Henrietta Wichern. Additional acreage was eventually added to this original tract. 2009 Now Atlas Roofing Originally NPS 2009 Now TNT Plastics 1964

9 PDC built a spec building to house Confection Products Company (a candy factory). Perry Industries later produced fiberglass shower enclosures in the building. Now TNT Plastics 1960’s

10 PDC Early Accomplishments PDC helped The City of Perryville purchase and improve the Perryville Airport for Saberliner Corporation. PDC was instrumental in convincing state authorities to build a MO Conservation Commission forestry headquarters here.

11 Johnny Bishop Poultry Co. expansion Confection Products (candy factory) in it’s expansion of the existing spec building 1970’s PDC assisted :

12 1980’s PDC joined with The City of Perryville and The Industrial Development Authority to secure TG-USA for the community. The Development Corporation sells 40 acres in the Industrial park to TG-USA for $24,000 and spends over $40,000 to level the site.

13 Several Additions Followed TG-MO Building Groundbreaking For New Addition 1996 May 1, 1987 – TG-USA opens Plant

14 2009 - TG-MO Complex

15 International Shoe Co. (Kiefner Plant) closes -- Solar Press, a new industry, moves into building. 1990’s Solar Press moves to new Industrial Park 1988

16 PDC purchases 15+ acres (Brune Tract) Perry County Sheltered Workshop PDC Spec Building was Tennessee Corrugated Box Now Gilster-Mary Lee Warehouse 1993

17 PDC built a spec building that housed Tennessee Corrugated Box Company (now a Gilster-Mary Lee warehouse)

18 PDC was instrumental in establishing the Perryville Higher Education Center and committed over $600,000 to help establish the project.

19 PDC donates land for Perryville Industrial Park water tower.

20 PDC continues to promote The Industrial Park for new industries.

21 Solar Press PDC Incubator Bldg. Robinson Const. TG-MO Bldg.#3 TG-MO Bldg. #1 Atlas Roofing TNT Plastics Perry County Sheltered Workshop Gilster W/H TG-MO Stamping New Water Tower

22 PDC Brochure - New Industry Incubator Building located in the Industrial Park

23 PDC’s new incubator building for the start-up of new industries

24 Questions 1. Is the PDC still a For-Profit Corporation? In 1997 the PDC became a Not-For-Profit Corporation. 2. If the PDC is Not-For Profit where does it get the money to operate? PDC operating capital comes from: Sale of Stock (Gilster-Mary Lee) Interest Farm Income (Industrial Park) Rental Spec. Building Sale of Land in the Industrial Park

25 Questions 3. How many people are on the Board of the PDC? The PDC Board consists of twenty Directors representing community businesses. 2009- PDC Board of Directors Tim Buchheit – Buchheit Inc. Ed Robinson – SEMCO Stone Craig Brewer – Attorney Doug Schreiner –Perryville Overhead Door Richard DeWilde – CPA Gary Schumer – Schumer Bros, Plumbing Rick Guyot – Guyot Lumber R. David Crader – Bank Of Missouri Jim Lottes – Rozier’s Merc. Brian Dreyer – Dreyer Electric Brad Moll – Meyer Bus Line Mike Kiefer – Perry County Mutual Ins. Kim Moore – Attorney Karl Klaus – Klaus Construction Chris Mudd – Edward Jones Patrick Naeger - Healthcare John Rauh – Retired CEC Don Palisch – Bank Of Missouri Lynn Richardet – RFC Francis Toohey - Attorney

26 Questions 4. What are the Qualifications for a PDC Director? To be a director one must be a shareholder of the PDC, and a member of Perryville Chamber of Commerce. 5. What is the Objective of the PDC? PDC Mission Statement The purpose of the Corporation shall be to aid and promote new and existing business and industries for the City of Perryville, Missouri and Perry County.

27 6. What are some of the PDC goals for 2009? The main goal is to communicate and work with the following: City of Perryville Mayor & Aldermanic Board Perry County Commissioners Economic Development Board MO State Officials Southeast MO Regional Planning Perryville Chamber of Commerce Perry County School District #32 Perry County Memorial Hospital Questions

28 Perryville Development Corporation Continuing to support Perry County

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