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4 WHAT KIND OF TV DOES YOUR FAMILY HAVE? Car? Where were these things made? Why did your family pick them?

5 A. THE AMERICAN SYSTEM Designed by Henry Clay A tax (tariff) on imports to protect American manufacturing Money collected would be used for internal improvements


7 - 580 × 429 - More sizes

8 C. ERIE CANAL Ran from Albany to Buffalo Completed in 1825 Water transportation was quicker, easier, and cheaper

9 This was a time of peace, pride, and progress. C. ERA OF GOOD FEELINGS

10 D. NATIONAL UNITY STRENGTHENED BY TWO COURT CASES 1. McCulloch v. Maryland – Gave the federal government the power to create a national bank 2. Gibbons v. Ogden – States could not interfere with power to regulate interstate commerce Both cases established federal authority over the states


12 Missouri wanted to enter the Union as a slave state This would disrupt the balance between free and slave states Free Slave A. Missouri Compromise

13 B. DESIGNED BY HENRY CLAY Without it the Union may have split up

14 C. MISSOURI COMPROMISE Missouri would enter as a slave state Maine would join as a free state Slavery would not be permitted in any new states/territories north of the 36 o 30’line (Missouri’s S. Border)


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