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By: Nick (MSU), Matt (OTC), and Patrick (NU). Missouri State University is located in Springfield, Missouri. MSU has a very friendly environment and with.

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1 By: Nick (MSU), Matt (OTC), and Patrick (NU)

2 Missouri State University is located in Springfield, Missouri. MSU has a very friendly environment and with 2 other colleges in town, it has jobs for all the new coming graduates from high school.


4  In 1906 Maroon and white were chosen as the schools colors for MSU and the Bear was also chosen as its mascot  Missouri state has changed its name over the years for Fourth District Normal school to Missouri State Teacher College to finally and name that they liked Missouri State University.

5  Missouri State University is a public college, accepts any religion, accepts both boys and girls, located in Springfield, MO, and has about 10,000 students.

6  English – 4 units, one of which may be speech or debate.  Mathematics – 4 units (Algebra 1 or higher)  Social Studies – 3 units.  Science – 3 units, one of which must be a laboratory course.  Fine Arts – 1 unit.  Foreign Language – 2 units, same language.

7  MSU accepts A +  Missouri State Leadership - $1,000  Diversity in Education - $2,000  Presidential Scholarship - $12,000

8  On campus living is about $7,000 per 2 semester and is also has 24/7 security so you can always feel safe with showers in each wing of the college.

9 Meal plans work by you getting this little debit card thing that you can swipe as many times as you paid for and the meals do roll over to other semesters Bear Pack Plan is 60 meals a semester for $490 19 meals per week plan is you can get 19 meals per week for $639



12 In 1996, Ozark Technical Community College, on its first attempt, received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

13 15,179 students attend OTC, which are 14,631 which are more than the average for all Colleges and Universities. Of it 15,179 students, are undergraduate students. OTC is a two year community college and there is no Religion Affiliation. Degree-granting, Associate’s and Certificates.

14  MLN Scholarship - $2,000  Missouri Minority Teaching Scholarship - $3,000  A + - the 2 years free  Midwest Student Exchange Program - $4,432

15 Neumont University is located in South Jordan, Utah. Neumont was founded in 2002. Neumont only has one building on campus for classes. This college is very high-tech with wireless internet across the entire campus, high-tech lecture halls, project rooms, and a digital design Lab.


17 Neumont University was founded in June 2002 as North Face Learning by Graham Doxey, Marlow Einelund, and Scott McKinley. In a letter dated May 22, 2003, Northface University was approved by the ACICS to open a new branch in Utah and to offer a new program in Computer Science. Northface University changed its name to Neumont University after concerns about confusion with The North Face, the clothing manufacturer. In August 2012, Neumont University announced plans to relocate its academic facilities and student housing to 143 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, an 11-story art deco building. The University plans to occupy the space beginning in the middle of 2013, with the first new cohort of students beginning classes in October.

18 Neumont University is a privately owned school that specializes in computer and technology education. While they are not affiliated with any religion they welcome students of any and all religions and cultures. The Campus is co-ed with 90% of the population is male. The school year at Neumont is year around so you can graduate faster and start working sooner.

19 Neumont does not have any required high school classes. Fall 2014 Application Deadline Early AdmissionDecember 2, 2013 General AdmissionJanuary 27, 2014 Late AdmissionMarch 31, 2014

20 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Bachelor of Science in Software and Game Development Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

21 Scholarship TypeAward AmountDetails Presidential ScholarshipUp to $7,500 per quarter Neumont awards a limited number of 100% and 75% tuition scholarships to a select group of our most accomplished applicants. No separate application is required. Achievement ScholarshipUp to $1,250 per quarter This merit award is based on academic performance, professional accomplishments, computer science experience, community service, and other criteria. All applicants are automatically considered for this scholarship. No separate application is required. Award is communicated at acceptance. Access ScholarshipUp to $1,000 per quarter This need-based award is determined by the student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) derived on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which must be submitted annually. Utah Resident Scholarship$400 per quarter Awarded only to Utah residents. Contact the Admissions Office for eligibility requirements. Outside Scholarship Match Up to $500 per quarter To encourage the attendance of students who have been awarded a scholarship by a private sector company, a philanthropic organization, or a foundation, Neumont will match up to $5,000 of the award in the first Academic Year (three quarters). Outside scholarships exclude any federal or state government scholarship or grant programs, such as the Pell Grant or Post-9/11 GI Bill grants, as well as any Neumont scholarships. Transfer Scholarship$1000 per quarter This merit award is based on the successful completion of an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution. Contact the Admissions Office for eligibility requirements.

22 Neumont offers a variety of options from one- person studio apartments to four-person, two- bedroom apartments, with nothing more than a mile a way. Student housing is an proficient way to adapt to life at Neumont. During your first four quarters at Neumont you are required to stay in school housing

23 Neumont has many clubs and academically inclined events such as: G(r)EEK life Neumont Choir Coding Club LAN Parties and LOL Tournaments

24 Eating has never been easier. Now go to The Neumont Market. Here you can pick up drinks, snacks, and a few fresh items There are also a variety of food place options within walking distance of campus. With in the college budget.

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