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Steve Claggett January 2013

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1 Steve Claggett January 2013
The Revolutionary War Patriots and the Descendants who Settled the Washington, Missouri Area Steve Claggett January 2013

2 The route that was followed by Lewis and Clark was determined long before any man set foot in North America. The courses of the present Ohio and Missouri Rivers were dictated by the maximum extent of continental glaciers during the Pleistocene Epoch. Ancestral Missouri and Ohio tributary rivers predominately flowed northward into Canada, but when the glaciers moved southward during the ice ages, these rivers were re-routed to their approximate current paths flowing towards the Gulf of Mexico. It is these paths that dictated the route that the Corps of Discovery would ultimately followed.




6 Deer, Squirrel, Rabbit, Beaver, Otter, Panthers, Bear, Snakes

7 James Roark Son of Patriot, LT Michael Roark (1745, PA-1839, TN), Virginia, 16 children James Roark came to Franklin County about 1820 from TN, Married Nancy Finney, 7 (known)children Served in War of 1812 from Hawkins Co, TN Hunted and Trapped alone in Kansas/Nebraska wilderness for many years Trapped alone in swamps of the White and St Francis Rivers until age 70. Continued to hunt until after 80. Died in 89th year in Newport Jul 3, 1855

8 John Colter Born Abt 1774 in Augusta County, WV; Abt 1780 family moved to Maysville, KY; Developed frontier skills here Recruited By Lewis at Pittsburgh; court martialed before leaving for threatening to shoot a Sgt. A hunter on the expedition; Explored alone and traveled to Pacific Ocean. Discharged from Expedition early so that he could return to the mountains , Colter remained in the West exploring, trapping and guiding parties. Traveled alone, explored hundreds of miles of west. Married Sallie Loucy Dye (Abt 1811) and purchased a farm near New Haven, Missouri. They had two children: Evalina and Hiram Jefferson. Enlisted with Robert Frazer during War of 1812; Fought with Nathan Boone’s Rangers Circumstances and date of death not determined ( ) , buried on private land near New Haven

9 Robert Frazer Born about 1775 in Augusta County, Virginia
Recruited from Fort Kaskaskia; Frazer was did "bad," committing an unspecified offense before leaving the Fort. Valuable on expedition frequently assigned to dangerous missions; journal was lost, map in Library of Congress. After expedition in 1808 he assaulted Sheriff Jeremiah Conner "with fists, feet, and sticks, did beat, and illy treat, to the great damage of the said Jeremiah, to the evil example of all others." A year later Frazer was accused of attacking an Indian on the streets of St. Louis and striking him several times, without any provocation. in 1812: "Robert Frazier is charged with murder;" Result is uncertain With the Louisiana Militia against the Aaron Burr plotters in St. Louis and New Orleans In 1814 ran a notice in a newspaper that he had found a black and white spotted cow; two years later he advertised for a journeyman cabinet maker to assist him; By 1821 he was running a watch-repair business. Married Tabitha, and they had ten children, died in 1837, age 62 in Franklin County, KK and 100)

10 Account of C F Jeffries Dec 1819 Came to Labadie; wintered 12 x14 log cabin with smoke house attached which was used as a parlor. Reptiles rattlesnakes, copperheads, spreadheads Franklin County was a wilderness covered with peavine, brush, rushes, buffalo grass, and every variety of growth and flowers. Grew corn, wheat, tobacco, cotton and flax for home consumption only. Traded at St Louis pelts, vension, hams, wild turkeys, and furs Manufactured corn into straight, the pure juice, fill your canteen with the “agility” and use as the heavy dew and snake bite required. Doctors and attorneys few and far between Judges held court at barn or private shelters Spiritual wants were supplied by the Methodist and Baptists. There was no peddling or merchandising the gospel.

11 Warren County Daniel (1734-1820) and Rebecca Bryan Boone (1739-1813)
Lt Col Fayette County troops, Sheriff, General Assembly Assisted in Defense of Ft Boonesboro Flanders ( ) and Jemima Boone Callaway ( ) Indian Fighter David Bryan ( ) North Carolina Stephen Hancock ( ) Maryland Continental Line William Hancock ( ) Virginia John Zumwalt ( ) Lord Dunmore’s War Hugh McDermid ( ) son of Francis ( ) Building Ft Lexington

12 Franklin County Jacob Zumwalt (1752-1820) Isaac Hinkle (1754-1824)
Virginia Militia Isaac Hinkle ( ) Rockingham County Militia, County Justice John Apperson ( ) Virginia

13 Daniel Richardson Born 1750, Maryland Patriot, Henry County, Virginia
Kentucky 1796, 1803 St Louis County, 1805 Labadie, abt 1807 St John’s Creek Had 19 known children (possibly 2 more), settled Missouri, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Arizona Represented Area in 1818 General Assembly Died 16 Nov 1820, Franklin County

14 George Miller Born 1756, Germany , mar. Judith Wesner May 1777 in Hagerstown, MD Lived in MD for first enlistment, moved to Philadelphia and enlisted a second time - Drummer Lived in Washington County, MD (1777); Muhlenberg Co. KY (1795); Crawford Co, IL in 1820; by 1825 had moved to Washington, applied for homestead there in 1830 (Newport). Died 15 Jun 1830, Newport Children of George and Judith (Wisner) Miller (10+ total): Elizabeth Miller (02 Mar 1780) John (1781) Frederick P (1782) George, Jr (1796) David (1799),.

15 Rev Lewis Williams Rev Lewis Williams ( ), son of Joseph Williams ( ) (Patriot) and Sally Musick (Abraham, father Patriot) North Carolina In Louisiana Terr by 1799, Attended Moravian School with Indians, 6 months, 1805 married Nancy Jump, Learned to Read and Write, Ordained 1811, Later 6 months at St Charles Academy. Served in War of 1812 Relocated to St John’s Creek 1821; Abt 1824 he lost his leg and used a wooden one; Had 11 children- 4 sons all ministers, 2 daughters had two sons each that were ministers. 1837 moved to Gasconade County, Nov 1838 while on business in St Louis died. Buried Fee Fee Baptist Church Cem.

16 William Hughes Born 1760 Balt Co, MD; Of Welsh Descent
Rev War - Fought with Maryland Continental Army Married Martha Swan at Ft Pitt (1781); 12 children – 8 boys Maybe earliest permanent white settler in Franklin County (1794), Settled on Dubois Creek – 500 acres, East Washington After 1810, moved to Howard County died there 1828.

17 Leonard Farrar Born in Goochland County, Virginia in 1761.
Joined at Guilford County as substitute, present at Yorktown Moved to South Carolina, Walked to New Orleans, then came to Franklin County Owned about 1,000 acres east of DuBois Creek; Son, John also had land grant Married Margaret Hamilton daughter of Ninian Beall Hamilton, Owned trading post and mill at Glencoe Had nine children; died 1836, Margaret died abt 1840.

18 Mosias Maupin Born 1756 Albemarle Co, Va; Descendant from French Huguenots, Gun Smiths Rev War in VA; Under command of Lafayette; Mosias and Brother Captured by the British; Escaped hid in Wilderness; Rejoined at Yorktown Henry Co, Va (1782); Greenbrier, WVa (1785); Madison County, KY (1795); St Louis (1804), Newport (1806) Friends with Daniel Boone Married Leahy Downey, 9 children John married Elizabeth Richardson died in 1814 explosion of powder mill, Capt of 1st Reg, St Louis County Militia Daniel, gunsmith for troops in War of 1812 Died Oct 29, 1816, wife lived until 1844.

19 John Sullins, Jr Son of John Sullins, Patriot, charter member of Fee Fee Baptist Church, b 1740 Va or England John, Jr born abt 1768, Halifax Co., VA Married to Rebecca (abt 1789), 4 children -Married to Mary Doggett (1799, TN), 9 children. Hand at DuBois and “River Aux Beouf) in 1799, Returned to TN, Returned to Franklin County abt 1802. Died abt 1830, Mary died aft 1832 Land on DuBois Creek became Caldwell nature area.

20 Capt John Long Born Port Royal, Virginia 1755, English descent
Served in Revolution with Virginia Married Elizabeth Bennett (1782), daughter of Welsh MP Captain of ship between Philadelphia and Liverpool 1794 moved to KY, 1796 moved to St Louis County Brother Lawrence died, wife married George Gordon, Stepson killed him. First person to be executed in St Louis County (1809) Children married Nancy married Eli Musick, son of Abraham and Terrell, brother of Uri husband of Elizabeth Sullens, founded first Baptist and Concord Baptist Churches Isabella Louise married James Mackay, deputy to the Spanish commandant, Zenon Trudeau William Lindsay Long ( ) married Elizabeth Betsy Sappington, the daughter of John Sappington and Jemima Fowler Died 1826, buried in Sappington Cemetery

21 James Mackay Born 1759 in Scotland
Immigrated to Canada, Fur Trade, Explored the west to the Rockies Developed Map used by Lewis and Clark. Received land Grant of 46,000 acres Deputy to Spanish Commandant Trudeau Married Isabella Long , daughter of capt John Long Died 1822

22 Hartley Sappington Born 1757, Cecil County, Maryland, brother of John Sappington Revolutionary War Patriot, Pennsylvania Moved to Wheeling, WV; Madison County, KY (1785) Married (1789) Mary Purcell in Madison, KY, 10 children Moved to Washington, Missouri 1806. Fought in War of 1812, Capt Nathan Boone Died May 11, 1840 in Washington, buried Washington

23 Ezekiel Rogers Born 1764, Charlotte County, Virginia
At 15, joined a company of light-horse under Colonel Washington. Cowpens, Yorktown. Married Rebecca Williamson (1787) Virginia; 8 children; Clark County, KY; Rented on DuBois Creek (1800), owned 640 acres in 1801. Sold Farm 1809 to Frederick Bates Pursued by Moses Kenny, From VA to KY to MO. Killed by Kenny in 1811 in St Louis Terr., Never prosecuted. Son Williamson Rogers returned lived near Villa Ridge (300 acres), married Matilda Rule (wid. of Preston), 10 children

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