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The Year in Review--2012 Missouri Statewide Preservation Conference–October 25, 2012 PRESERVATION IN MISSOURI.

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1 The Year in Review--2012 Missouri Statewide Preservation Conference–October 25, 2012 PRESERVATION IN MISSOURI

2  During the Federal Fiscal Year 2012, SHPO staff reviewed and commented on 3,642 federal undertakings.  During the same period, as part of compliance activities, SHPO staff evaluated 6,766 properties for eligibility in the National Register. Review and Compliance Proposed Museum and Visitor Center—Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

3 During Federal Fiscal Year 2012, 1,463 projects specifically funded with ARRA monies were reviewed by SHPO. This amounts to roughly 40% of all projects reviewed by SHPO under Section 106 during the period. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

4 Jefferson National Expansion Monument Design Development

5 Review and Compliance SHPO staff working with CDBG staff were able to persuade Louisiana city officials to preserve this fine Queen Ann House.

6 During the last fiscal year, there were 39 new Missouri listings in the National Register of Historic Places representing 1,759 contributing resources. National Register of Historic Places Above: Grover Street Historic District, Warrensburg Below: Hunter Dawson House, New Madrid Above: Route 66 Steak and Shake, Springfield

7 Missouri now boasts over 2,200 listings in the National Register of Historic Places representing 40,422 individual resources. National Register of Historic Places Central states life Insurance Co, St. Louis—Interior Linwood Presbyterian Church and Home for Convalescent Employed Women, Kansas City

8 Missouri Barn Alliance and Rural Network (Mo BARN) was created. Barn and Farmstead Survey form and instructions are available for use. Barn and Farmstead Survey Two of Missouri’s historic barns. Barn above is in the Boonslick and the Bard to the right is near Jamestown.

9 Survey Scanning Project Work continued on the ongoing scanning and digitization of our architectural surveys. Out of 410 surveys in the inventory, 140 surveys, representing roughly a third of our general surveys are now scanned and prepped to go on the web. We’ve posted about 66 on our website. Three images from the Modern St. Louis County Church Survey which has 380 resources..

10 Last year, SHPO entered into a multi-year cooperative agreement with NPS to identify and nominate to the National Register sites associated with the Santa Fe, Mormon, Oregon/California, and Pony Express trails as well as the Trail of Tears. Trails Cooperative Agreement One of the sites listed this year was the Cherokee Trail of Tears river Crossing, Peter Brickey Farmstead, Mark Twain National Forrest.

11 MAS/State Parks Avocational Archaeological Survey Working with the Missouri Archaeological Society and the Missouri State Parks, SHPO helped sponsor the Avocational Archaeology Survey held at Knob Noster State Park.

12 In 2011, 678 middle school students from Columbia Public Schools learned about environmental stewardship in a piloted program with the Department of Natural Resources. SHPO staff presented well-received programs on making and using traditional weapons. DNR Camp

13 Arrow RockAugustaBlue Springs BoonvilleCape GirardeauCarthage ChesterfieldClarksvilleColumbia CottlevilleCubaExcelsior Springs FayetteFergusonFlorissant FredericktownGrandviewHannibal HarrisonvilleHermannIndependence Jefferson CityJoplinKansas City KirkwoodKirksvilleLee's Summit LexingtonLibertyLone Jack LouisianaManchesterMoberly OaklandOzarkPasadena Hills Pleasant HillPoplar BluffRocheport St. CharlesSt. JosephSt. Louis Ste. GenevieveSaline CountySpringfield TroyUniversity CityWarrensburg WashingtonWebb CityWebster Groves WestonWildwood Missouri’s 53 CLGs

14 Our Newest CLG—Hannibal, Missouri

15 2012 Certified Local Government Forum In April, 2012 SHPO housed the Annual Missouri Certified Local Government Forum in Jefferson City. Representatives from Missouri’s 53 CLGs attended the day-long training session. John Sandor, NPS Tax Reviewer addresses the audience. Mark Miles presents 20 Year Award to Brenda Schloss of Ste. Genevieve.

16 2012 National CLG Forum Scholarships In July, 2012 SHPO sponsored a number of scholarships to allow representatives of Missouri Certified Local Governments to attend the national CLG Forum held in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk, Virginia

17 FY’ 2011 HPF Survey Grants Three FY 2011 HPF Survey grants identified 390 resources. Surveys were conducted in the following CLGs: Excelsior Springs Survey of Mineral Water Resources: 40 resources Joplin Murphysburg Survey: 153 resources St. Charles Mid-Town and Commons Neighborhood Survey Phase II: 197 resources Excelsior Springs Survey of Mineral Water Resources St. Charles Mid-Town and Commons Neighborhood Survey

18 Four FY 2012 HPF Survey grants are underway and are expected to identify 2797 resources. Surveys are being conducted in the following CLGs: Non Residential Post War Resources in St. Louis: Projected 2300 resources Poplar Bluff Planning Survey: Projected 65 resources Blue Springs Historic District: Projected 250 resources St. Charles Mid-Town and Commons Neighborhoods Survey Phase III: projected 182 resources FY12 HPF Grant Surveys From the Non Residential Post War Resources in St. Louis --Wohl Recreation Center” 1515 N Kingshighway Blvd. built c.1960 by Architect Russell, Mullgardt Schwartz Van Hoeffen.

19 Bollinger Mill Covered Bridge This year assistance was provided to aid in preservation efforts of the covered bridge at Bollinger Mill. The bridge is one of 4 surviving covered bridges in the state. Bollinger Mill Covered Bridge, Burfordville, in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

20 HPF Courthouse Grants A special round of Historic Preservation Fund construction grants have been awarded to two historic courthouse projects. Grants were restricted to historic courthouses located in Certified Local Government communities. Buchanan County Courthouse, St. Joseph Adair County Courthouse, Kirksville

21 MHPP Courthouse Grants This year’s state budget included a $100,000.00 transfer from the Non-Resident Athletes and Entertainer’s Tax to the Missouri Heritage Properties Program (MHPP). These funds will be used to fund planning grants for Missouri’s historic courthouses. A notice of grant availibility will be sent to county officials shortly.

22 174 projects were completed in state fiscal year 2012. $105,272,651.00 in state tax credits were issued. Certified expenses last year were $421,091,911.00 Total investment generated by these projects during fiscal year 2012 was $611,675,969.00. Above: Wymore Apartments Right: Asel’s Grocery Both projects are in Jefferson City Missouri State Tax Credits

23 Number of Projects Completed: 2,219 Tax Credits Issued: $ 1,267,109,741.00.00 Allowable rehabilitation costs: $5,071,382,338.00 Total Investment Costs: $6,112,063,320.00 Old Trenton High School Federal Reserve Building, Kansas City Missouri State Tax Credits 1998-2012

24 Fiscal Year # of ProjectsAllowable Rehab Costs Total Investment Costs Tax Credits Issued 19981$98,604.00$180,019.00$24,651.00 199920$51,308,114.00$55,703,270.00$12,827,028.00 200032$82,804,186.00$103,871,045.00$20,701,046.00 200163$166,184,147.00$200,104,297.00$41,546,037.00 200293$240,045,528.00$310,955,859.00$60,011,382.00 2003119$356,929,140.00$434,377,644.00$89,214,177.00 2004179$303,113,309.00$344,597,744.00$75,700,295.00 2005160$320,891,176.00$376,254,903.00$80,222,794.00 2006230$420,425,150.00$531,605,979.00$105,071,005.00 2007248$687,020,131.00$901,146,233.00$171,508,564.00 2008337$647,666,235.00 $857,553,308.00 $161,621,537.00 2009196$479,659,848.00$657,909,948.00$119,914,947.00 2010217$429,163,729.00$632,894,262.00$107,229,217.00 2011150$464,981,072.00$704,899,839.00$116,244,410.00 2012174$421,091,911.00$611,675,969.00$105,272,651.00 TOTAL2,219$5,071,382,338.00$6,723,739,289.00 $1,267,109,741.00 Missouri State Tax Credits 1998-2012

25 Approved Part 2s--89 projects Missouri ranks 2nd in the nation. Approved Part 3s--99 projects Missouri was 1st in the nation. Certified Expenses--$330,838.654.00 Missouri ranks 2nd in the nation. Roughly 9% of rehabilitation projects nationwide took place in Missouri. Federal Credits in Missouri—2011

26 YearProject Eligibility Review Part II Preliminary Review Part III Final Review Certified Expenditures ReceivedApprovedReceivedApprovedRankReceivedApprovedRankAmountRank 199817 302612th35244th$10,017,43719th 1999464341407th24198th$87,559,4984th 2000888375811st222110th$24,342,45218th 2001898185951st40328th$133,078,0885th 20021431341381191st46325th$87,518,7169th 2003120 1251262nd79 1st$359,043,3182nd 20042422152081641st103921st$357,783,8221st 20051801652642511st79 1st$180,406,2894th 20061851781811853rd121992nd$287,426,4192nd 20071501421671741st1991891st$534,854,4601st 20081961631691531st1221341st$366,705,7621st 20091621611961681st1631491st$400,984,0582nd 201010097961132nd1131181st$482,307,2741st 2011867994892nd93991st$330,838,6542nd Total Certified Expenditures in Missouri 1998-2011: $3,652,848,247.00 Missouri Use Of Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits 1998-2011

27 The Outlook?

28 State Historic Preservation Office 1101 Riverside Drive P.O. Box 176 Jefferson City, Mo 65102 (573) 751-7858 Visit our website at: State Historic Preservation Office

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