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From a Log to a Dog: The P.H.A.R.M® Dog Pilot Project Jackie Allenbrand AgrAbility Rural Outreach Specialist/ PHARM® Dog Coordinator Beverly Maltsberger.

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1 From a Log to a Dog: The P.H.A.R.M® Dog Pilot Project Jackie Allenbrand AgrAbility Rural Outreach Specialist/ PHARM® Dog Coordinator Beverly Maltsberger University of MO. Extension Community Development Specialist

2 P.H.A.R.M® Dog Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri A program to assist farmers with disabilities, and their families, through the use of Service and Herding Dogs

3 The PHARM® Dog Project Small start-up grant received in 2005 – Institute for Human Development at University of MO Kansas City – Funding from a business entrepreneurial grant – The director liked the idea! – Folded in with AgrAbility and MERIL program The PHARM® Dog idea becomes a reality! – Volunteers and donations support the program

4 Making Paw Prints Surveyed area farmers with disabilities Developed advisory committee Inventory programs that were available – Service dog programs – Herding dog programs – But, no combined programs for farmers

5 Hot On The Trail The search for a trainer and dogs begin Research to find information identified by the advisory group The tracks were cold Begin search for a “Demo” Dog – Prison Program Experience – Sammy 2007 – Kristy 2008 – Cooper 2010

6 High Hopes Merlin wants to be our first PHARM Dog Placement Dennis is also identified as a potential placement Kristy arrives to promote the PHARM Dog idea Pamela donates a dog Bobby, Virgil and Wendy step forward, 2009 “Roy” is placed with Dennis, 2009. Cooper, the demo dog, arrives in 2010

7 Media & Other Interests American Chronic Pain Association’s newsletter Media Day was held for first PHARM dog placement for a human interest story in the Missouri Ruralist’s October 2009 edition. Televised on local TV station Rural Missouri, Extension publications, The Progressive Farmer and The Kennel Spotlight. Local groups American Stock Dog Association “Ag Lifestyles” on RFD TV and Animal Planet Over 260 responses with 13 farmers on the waiting list. Research by Dr. Rebecca Johnson on MU Campus Children’s book

8 Dennis Schmitz PTO farming accident in 1999 Received help from AgrAbility Met at safety day presentation in 2005 Dennis becomes our “guinea pig” PHARM Dog “Roy” and his impact on Dennis and the farm.

9 New PHARM Dog Placement

10 Placement of our first PHARM® Dog Roy (left) is the newest member of the Dennis Schmitz Family ( Sad note, Roy passed away summer 2010)

11 Meet Our Trainer Virgil Miles is Roy’s trainer. He is a recognized border collie livestock dog trainer from Kansas. He not only trained Roy, but donated him to the PHARM® Dog Project and is working with Dennis Schmitz.

12 Creating a Team Training the recipient of a livestock dog is just as important as training the dog. They must develop a bond in order to function as a team.

13 Early Supporters Jackie Allenbrand recognizes Pamela Osborn as an early supporter of the program. Her late husband Merlin, was a stockman and rancher who believed very strongly in AgrAbility and in the PHARM® Dog Project.

14 Bobby and Wendy Miller Bobby and Wendy Miller have donated their time and training talents to the program. Their border collie, Zag, was donated along with 6 puppies that will be trained for a farmer in need of a dog.

15 Bobby and Cap

16 Sandy and Abe Sandy Rickey trained Barbwire Abe to perform a variety of tasks on her farm. Abe retrieves everything she drops or asks him to get. He is also Sandy’s official gate opener and helps her with livestock. Sandy has used dogs for 20 years on her farm.

17 Opening the Gate

18 Retrieving Cane

19 Retrieving Tools

20 Retrieving the Shovel

21 Riding the Gator

22 Opening the Cooler

23 Martin From, our Gate Man When Jackie needed a gate to train dogs to open and close, Martin From said he could build one, and he did! He did this at no cost to the project.

24 Working Dogs and Livestock

25 Trainer’s Thoughts

26 Bobby, Dennis and Virgil

27 The Northwest MO PHARM® Dog Project Family

28 PHARM® Dog Needs Dog Food Vet Meds Vet Care Collars, leashes, bowls Kennels Dog houses Last but not least-MONEY-to meet program needs.

29 Puppy Raisers 1 st Litter-2010 FFA projects & Family Projects


31 Projected costs We currently have 6 puppies in the program that are placed with “puppy raisers.” These puppies stay with families for 12-15 months. The projected cost to raise 1 puppy for a year is: $1650 These costs involve: Vaccines, vet care, spay/neuter, treats, chew bones, bowls, collars, leashes, kennels, medications, boarding, and crates. These costs are for basic needs and the number can change as the program continues to grow. We are running mainly on donations of products at this time from MFA, Tractor Supply, D-Tone Feed, Vita Ferm, Pfizer, Cargill, and individuals.

32 Dog Food We are currently working on a sponsorship for a consistent dog food supply with Pro Pac. We have had some food donated by: D-Tone Feed and Tires in Plattsburg, MO and MFA in Albany, MO. The goal is to provide dog food to the puppy raisers since they are giving 12-15 months of their lives to help raise a pup. Another goal is to provide food to dogs used in the program and to farmers that receive a dog with at least a 3 month supply.

33 How much food? 9 bags of dog food would sustain a dog for 1 year of his life. 2 and ½ cups = Close to 1 lb. of food a day. 40 lb. bag 365 lbs. a year Average life span of a dog is 10 years for a total of 90 bags of food for a lifetime.

34 Helpful Websites

35 Final Thoughts Helping Farmers to “heel” and “heal” is the goal of the PHARM® Dog Project. Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. George Eliot

36 Humor Helps the World Go Round

37 Need More Information? For more information about the MO AgrAbility Program or the PHARM® Dog Project, contact: Jackie Allenbrand, AgrAbility Specialist and PHARM® Dog Project Coordinator 816-279-8558, ext. 1026 or MO AgrAbility Project at 800-995-8503 An equal opportunity/ADA institution

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