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Mara Campbell Transportation Solutions - HERE October 9, 2014.

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1 Mara Campbell Transportation Solutions - HERE October 9, 2014

2  Performance Management Journey  Integration into Culture  Strategic Initiatives  National Performance Measures

3 From 2005 Through TODAY

4  Customers’ expectations  How are we doing?  Transparency

5  Quarterly Meetings  Strategies  Benchmarks

6 Leadership Buy-In Benchmarking



9 1 cent sales tax

10 Mowing

11 Customer Service Centers


13 Seven National Goals 12 Performance Measures Three Performance Plans Performance Targets Performance Reporting How National PMs are Being Set MAP-21 Basics How National PMs are Being Set

14 Standing Committee on Performance Management Help FHWA implement MAP-21 performance measures Gather state input Formulating national perspective AASHTO Involvement MAP-21 AASHTO Involvement

15 Required Measures: Number of Fatalities Fatality Rate (Fatalities/VMT) Number of Serious Injuries Serious Injury Rate (Serious Injuries/VMT) NPRM closed in June 2014 Safety Performance Measures HSIP Safety Performance Measures

16 Required Measures: Pavement Condition of the Interstate System Pavement Condition of the NHS Recommended: Good, Fair and Poor Condition based on IRI Pavement Structural Health Index NPRM released late fall Pavement Infrastructure Condition NHPP Pavement Infrastructure Condition

17 Required Measure: – Bridge Condition on the NHS Recommended: – Percentage of NHS Bridges in good, fair and poor condition, weighted by deck area NPRM released late fall Bridge Infrastructure Condition NHPP Bridge Infrastructure Condition

18 Required Measures: – Performance of the Interstate System – Performance of the NHS excluding the Interstate System Recommended: – Annual Hours of Delay (AHD) – Reliability Index (RI 80 ) NPRM released in January 2015 System Reliability NHPP System Reliability

19 Required Measure: – Traffic Congestion Recommended: – Annual Hours of Delay (AHD) NPRM released in January 2015 Congestion Reduction CMAQ Congestion Reduction

20 Required Measure: – On-Road Mobile Source Emissions Recommended: – Criteria Pollutant Emissions NPRM released in January 2015 Environmental Sustainability CMAQ Environmental Sustainability

21 Required Measure: – Freight Movement on the Interstate System Recommended: – Annual Hours of Truck Delay (AHTD) – Truck Reliability Index (RI 80 ) NPRM released in January 2015 Freight Performance Measures

22 National Minimum levels will be set for: – Interstate Pavement Conditions – Bridge Conditions Consequences if not met Performance Targets

23 Highway Safety Plan Risk-Based Asset Management Plan MPO/Congestion & Air Quality Program Performance Plan Performance Plans

24 States report on progress toward targets – Within 4 years of enactment – Biennially thereafter – Insufficient progress toward NHPP/ HSIP targets triggers corrective actions (not sanctions) Performance Reports

25 Safety Performance Measures NPRM Comments have been submitted Pavement, Bridge Performance Measures NPRM estimated November System Performance, Freight Performance NPRM estimated early January All Performance Measures effective April 2015 NPRM Status

26 AASHTO SCOPM – Comments and feedback MPO dialogue – Sharing of comments Performance Measures Development – Pavement /Bridge Condition – System Performance – Freight Measures MoDOT MAP-21 Implementation

27 Company confidential HERE Overview Mara Campbell Connected Driving & Traffic

28 28 HERE’s innovation heritage spans 3 decades Industry Firsts Acquisitions New Brand Power in-car GPS EU (1994) Power online map portal (1995) Power in-car GPS NA (1996) Real-time traffic for in-car NA (2004) Map on a mobile phone (2004) Map-aided Adaptive Cruise (2006) Predictive Eco-Cruise (2010) Power Mercedes Automated Vehicle (2013) © 2014 HERE

29 29 © 2014 HERE HERE Traffic Solutions are Proven and Trusted Automotive Government & Enterprise HERE works with more than 30 U.S. government transportation agencies Successful and long- standing government deployments Independently tested by government agencies Consumer

30 30 FHWA Selected HERE for the National Performance Measurement Data Set (NPRMDS) Monthly Dataset for Entire Country Includes: National Highway System: 500K+ bi-directional miles 50 States, DC and Puerto Rico Crossings into Canada & Mexico 30 TRAVEL TIME DATASET for PASSENGER & FREIGHT Monthly Dataset for Entire Country: Unprocessed, observed value data set To support performance measurement activities Select Customer Implementations

31 © HERE 2014 Missouri DOT Missouri DOT: MoDOT uses HERE traffic data to provide travelers with live, up-to-date traffic conditions via DMS, websites, mobile applications, and text/email alerts produce performance measures to track system operation monitor traffic impacts due to incidents, work zones, or other events provide data and analysis for planning purposes HERE data incorporated into an analytics application

32 Select Customer Implementations © HERE 2014 Pennsylvania Turnpike Pennsylvania Turnpike: HERE provides real-time traffic powering statewide data for operations, planning and analytics. HERE data incorporated into Iteris iPeMS visualization and analytical tools

33 33 Archive of incident data Traffic Product Portfolio Overview Real-time Traffic Feed Speeds, travel times Historical Patterns & ATP Typical speeds & travel times by day/time based on historical data Platform Predictive models based on normal state, seasonality National Performance Measurement Research Data Set (un-modeled archived travel times) Real- time Archived Predictiv e Provide the public reliable travel times in real-time (DMS, apps) Operations & Planning Groups need to understand patterns over time and different conditions to optimize performance The public, operations, and planning groups can benefit from anticipating Use CaseToday’s Products Volume & Origin Destination Daily Analytics Predictive based on incidents, weather What’s Next Incidents Feed

34 34 Traffic NA Summary Portfolio includes real-time and predictive traffic, several archived data sets 7-day, 24 hours availability Coverage: 100% interstate highways and primary arterials 100% major traffic signal controlled roads in 134 markets >1,000,000 miles in US and Canada Providing traffic data to more than 30 agencies including Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Missouri, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Selected by FHWA to create new archived data product for performance measurement activities Top 20 JD Powers ranked navigation systems all use HERE maps and Traffic High Quality Broad & Granular Coverage Proven & Trusted

35 35 © 2013 HERE | Title | Author | Company confidential Transforming the way the world moves

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