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A CELEBRATION OF OUR PAST YEAR’S ACHIEVEMENTS.  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR LINDA GORDON  Student Missouri State Teachers Association awarded a $50 gift card.

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2  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR LINDA GORDON  Student Missouri State Teachers Association awarded a $50 gift card from the state S-MSTA office for spring report, which was published in the biannual Teacher-U publication by MSTA.  Becca Markes, Missouri Valley student, received the Missouri State Teachers Foundation $500 scholarship.

3  ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR SHELLEE PEUSTER  --Hospitality & Tourism Management degree program web page  --New program brochure  --Hospitality & Tourism Management Facebook page  --Hosted counselor luncheon  --Hosted hospitality room at MO School Counselor's Conference at Tan-Tar-A  --Set up Hospitality & Tourism Management Advisory Board

4  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR TONYA EDDY  State Board inspection final initial approval to begin offering nursing classes  Passed Comprehensive Exams  Presented a professional poster at a conference in Columbia last March. “Town and Gown Partnerships to Improve Outcomes of Intimate Partner Violence” 

5  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR CHARITY WOODARD  Committee Chair and Juror for the Outdoor Sculpture Show on Missouri Valley’s Campus  Head Juror for Congressman Emanuel Cleaver’s Annual High School Art Competition  Taught Watercolor class in London, England for the Missouri Study Abroad Program with CAPA International

6  PROFESSOR DR. STEPHEN PATTON  Unity Institute’s Lyceum “Science and Religion: An Evolving Dialogue”, Key Note Address “ The 4 Controversies That Have Shaped the History of Science Over the Last 1000 Years Still Divide Religion  Organized a Science & Religion Seminar Series  Presented a lecture: “Some Analogies between Salt and God’s People”

7  PROFESSOR DR. STEPHEN PATTON  Harry Potter exhibit at the MVC library:  Organized a Renaissance Science & Religion Seminar Series  Presented a lecture “The End of Science and the Beginning of Magic”  Conducted 6 advanced potion making labs for young wizards, witches and muggles Started a 60 credit hour on line Master of Arts in Biblical Studies Program with Moody Theological Seminary Prepared four papers for publication and presented one to General Chemistry Class

8  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. PETER WARNOCK  Working with Missouri’s Civil War Heritage Foundation on the Battle of Marshall project.  Invited speaker at the Missouri Archaeological Society’s Sedalia Chapter  Working with Friends of Arrow Rock society on archaeological research in Arrow Rock, MO.  Speaker in the “Science & Religion” series at Missouri Valley  “Just how extra is that virgin?: Picking the right oil for your table” Olive Oil talk, Missouri Valley

9  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. PETER WARNOCK  Attendance at the ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research) Regional Meetings in St. Louis, with 2 Anthropology majors with the expectation that the students will present papers at next year’s meetings.  Formation of “The Pigs and Yams Society, Missouri Valley Anthropology” student organization  Film presentation of “Nanook of the North,” the first documentary film ever produced, with the Mass Communications Department

10  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. PETER WARNOCK  WAC (writing across the curriculum) committee  Core Curriculum committee  Contacted by scholars from Israel, Spain and Germany concerning interest in my Olive Oil research  Working on revision of Anthropology program

11  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. MARILYN BELWOOD  Higher Learning Commission Annual Meeting  Association of Institutional Research Annual Forum  Interim Chief Academic Officer

12  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR HARRY CARRELL  President MBEA  Hosted the Missouri Broadcasters Education Association (MBEA) annual conference/Radio and TV  Students: Katie Kimble, Mike Othic, Phillip Hamer, Ralitsa Gospodinova, and Megan Shepherd received awards

13  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR HARRY CARRELL  Attended the Young Adult Literature Conference  Speaker at Marshall High School Career Day  Speaker at Marshall High School American Literature Class  Coordinated Veteran’s Day Service on the Quad

14  MASS COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT  Live broadcast of the Marshall Chamber of Commerce Auction





19  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DAVID L. ROBERTS  Faculty Senate  The Delta received 12 awards for writing, photography, and editorial work at the Missouri Collegiate Media Association including First Place to The Delta Online edition Student awards went to: Alfred Lewis, Devon Wade, Phillip Hamer, Austin Zavala, and Cori Basham

20  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DAVID L. ROBERTS  MVC Faculty Art Show  Coordination of the production of Zoom –MVC’s first online photojournalism magazine  Proof-read and edited the sixth edition of the Wyoming Almanac  Speaker for Murrell Memorial Library : “The History of Political Cartoons”  Transitioned The Delta to an online publication

21  PROFESSOR DR. LOREN GRUBER  Established the Virginia Kuger-Zank Arts & Humanities Scholarship  Established the Trent Loos Rodeo Academic Scholarship

22  PROFESSOR DR. LOREN GRUBER  Publications:  Freelance Article: “Seeing Red.” MoMuskie News. June 2010. 2-4.  Scholarly: “‘So.’ So What? It’s a Culture War. That’s Hwaet.” In Geardagum XXIII (2002), reprinted in Beowulf at Kalamazoo: Essays on Translations and Performance. Eds. Jana K. Schulman and Paul E. Szarmach. Kalamazoo, MI: Medieval Institute Publications, 2011. (Forthcoming).

23  PROFESSOR DR. LOREN GRUBER  Contributor to KMMO-FM, “In the Outdoors with Brad and Brian,” as The Muskie Professor.  Report results as consultant to and field tester for Jensen Jigs Musky Clatterbaits. Provide muskie fishing tips.

24  PROFESSOR DR. LOREN GRUBER  Completed and revising Young Adult historical novel manuscript for submission. “Windigo Watchers.”  Writing Young Adult historical novel manuscript sequel to “Windigo Watchers.” “Big Guns at the Lake.”

25  PROFESSOR DR. LOREN GRUBER  Conference Participation in Regional Society of Children’s Bookwriters and Illustrators (SCBWI) Literary Agent Critique Groups:  Missouri SCBWI Agent’s Day. St. Charles Community College. St. Charles, MO.  Missouri SCBWI Confluence. St. Charles Community College. St. Charles, MO.  Kansas SCBWI Conference. The Wild, Wild West: Wrangling Words and Works of Art. University of Kansas—Edwards Campus.

26  PROFESSOR DR. LOREN GRUBER  Completed Writing Books for Teenagers and Young Adults. An advanced course for select students. Institute of Children’s Literature. West Redding, CT.  Enrolled in Beyond the Basics. An advanced course for select students. Institute of Children’s Literature. West Redding, CT.

27  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. DIANA MALAN  New Chair of Fine Arts Division  Attended International Thespian and judged the group musical theatre event  Approval of new Music Major  Valley Connection Show Choir traveled to Orlando this summer to perform at Disneyworld

28  ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR DYANN ROZEMA  Attended the International Thespian Festival and judged the costuming event and "tech challenge“

29  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR JAY ROZEMA  Attended the International Thespian Festival and judged the "tech challenge“

30  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR GARRY ANDERS  Approval of new Music Major

31  PROFESSOR DR. JOHN L. McLEAN  Certified by the National Archives and Records Administration as a researcher in the Lyndon B. Johnson Library  Wrote screenplay, "To Win a War"

32  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR HAROLD HYNICK  Guest respondent for theatre student juries at William Woods  Coordinated the LMDA/KCACTF Dramaturgy Initiative at the region VI festival of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Amarillo, Texas  Coordinated the O’Neill Critic’s Institute at the Region VI festival of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Amarillo, Texas

33  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR HAROLD HYNICK  Presented a response to Fontbonne University’s production of Fortinbras  Presented a response to Central Methodist University’s production of When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder?  Taught a course entitled The London Theatre Scene for the Missouri London Consortium in London, England

34  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR HAROLD HYNICK  Missouri State Chair for region VI of the Kennedy Center America College Theatre Festival  Developed and presented workshops for middle school and high school students in Improvisation and Shakespeare on the Valley campus  Performed in My Fair Lady, The Man Who Came to Dinner and And Then There Were None at the Lyceum Theatre in Arrow Rock

35  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR HAROLD HYNICK  Presented a response to Austin Community College’s production of Under The Gaslight  Hosted and moderated the Director’s Forum at the Texas State KCACTF Festival in Wichita Falls, Texas  Hosted and Moderated the Design Forum and the Joint Forum at the Arkansas State KCACTF Festival in Beebee, Arkansas

36  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR HAROLD HYNICK  Presented a response to the University of Texas El Paso’s production of The Balcony  Presented a response to McLennan Community College’s production of Omnium Gatherum  Presented a response to Central Methodist University’s production of Dancing at Lughnasa

37  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR MARILYN AHRENS  Attended the MO Council of Teachers of conference.  CASA volunteer.

38  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR PAM REEDER  Constitution Day  Harry Potter’s World  Read Posters  Book Club  Visiting Author-Darrick Barnes  Black History Month  Earth Day

39  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. JENNIFER EIMERS  Presentations: 1. “Poe and James: The Inception of Aestheticism in America.” American Literature Association Symposium. 2. “Willa Cather, William Faulkner, and the Modern Epic.” International Cather Seminar

40  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. JENNIFER EIMERS  Panel proposal:"Southern Gothic in the Fiction of Peter Taylor, William Faulkner, and Carson McCullers" with two colleagues from Georgia accepted for presentation at the American Literature Association Symposium, Savannah, Georgia, October 2010.  Paper presenting at the panel is "Peter Taylor’s “The Real Ghost” and Henry James’s “The Jolly Corner.”

41  INSTRUCTOR STAN SILVEY  Presentation to the University of Missouri Athletic Technology Committee on coordination of academics and athletics.  Coordinated production of the Opening Ceremonies of the Show-Me State Games.  Liaison between the Show-Me Games and the production company facilitating the Video Board production.

42  INSTRUCTOR STAN SILVEY  Helped plan the production of the Northwestern University Athletics Football Television show.  Secured donations of chairs for the TV studio from the Reynolds Journalism Institute, Studio lights and bulbs from KOMU TV in Columbia.  Students in my Mass Communication 380 Digital Film Production class presented documentaries in a spring film festival held in conjunction with the Art Department.

43  Rotating Sculpture Exhibit Committee: Charity-Mika Woodard, Chad Jaecques, Jodi White and Susan Dittmer

44  Masters of Arts in Community Counseling: Dr. John Gault (chair), Dr. C.J. Davis, Dr. Karla Bruntzel, Dr. Allan Wilson, Rachel Mayfield, Dr. Marilyn Belwood, and Dr. John McLean preparation for the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Visit in November

45  Nursing Program: Tonya Eddy, Dr. Karla Bruntzel, Diane Weinrich, Krystal Stone, Carol Tieman, Tim Fifer, Amy Roe, Gary Ford, Tim Schulte, Ron Ott and Lynn Ott of Fitzgibbon Hospitals

46  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR JANIE ROSS  Started a campus club, Pamoja Vision Moja: Together One Vision with a mission is to empower the poor by providing them with means to achieving basic primary and secondary education.  Through MVC’s Repertory Dance Ensemble we started a dance club at Butterfields Youth Services. We went to Butterfields biweekly and facilitated creative movement classes for the students.

47  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR JANIE ROSS  Traveled to London in July for professional development exploring the London dance scene by taking classes, attending dance concerts, and touring two college dance programs.

48  ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR LEONOR JURADO  Attended the College Art Association Conference  Participated in the art opening of the Zuzak Gallery among fellow artists from Mid- Missouri  Selected for a one person exhibition at the Hemingway Gallery  Lecture about her artwork at the Mid-Atlantic Women's Studies Association Conference 2010

49  CARLA & SPENCER FRICKE  Presentation on the advanced use of PowerPoint application for Dr. Marilyn Milovich’s photography class.  Researched the technology and procedures for senior education presentations as well as burning and labeling DVD for each education major graduate.

50  CARLA & SPENCER FRICKE  Developed and implemented tutoring response program to enhance effectiveness of program in the learning center and to increase information of student need.  Instructors of the clinical block (Dr. Pam Riggs, Spencer Fricke and Carla Fricke) collaborated and designed the inclusion of interdisciplinary units into the clinical class instruction.

51  INSTRUCTOR TIFFANY BERGMAN  Student Government Association Award for Excellence in Teaching  2 nd Place Dancing with the Faculty/Staff  Moodle Training Series Instructor  Photographs displayed in the annual Faculty/Staff Art Show

52  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR PAM SEBASTIAN  Chair, Saline County Affiliate, Habitat for Humanity  VP, Marshall & Slater Ministerial Alliances  Salvation Army representative in Saline County  FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes  Youth Center Board, Slater  Missouri Union Presbytery camp committee

53  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR PAM SEBASTIAN  Hosted the PC(USA) Itinerating Peacemaker Rev. Mary Nguyen from Vietnam.  SFC regular Tuesday evening worship  Ash Wednesday day-long observance in the campus chapel, 2/17/09  Holy Week special worship  9/11 memorial service  Bible study and counseling

54  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR PAM SEBASTIAN  Get-in-and-out-of-jail free card allowed to visit several students in jail and been a presence in the courtroom for many more.  Last March MVC and the Campus Ministry hosted a combined meeting of the Missouri Union Presbytery and the Cumberland Church Presbytery  Represented MVC at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium at Purdue University

55  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. SARAH MACDONALD  Presentation of Cloning and Expression of a Bacterial CGTase and Impacts on Phytoremediation, International Phytotechnologies Conference.  Presentation of Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in Light of Evolution, Missouri Valley College Science and Religion seminar series.

56  ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR VALERIE WEDEL  Set design for the Missouri Contemporary Ballet's performance of "Falling" - Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts, Columbia, Missouri  Solo Video Installation, "Meandering Surrender" at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts, Columbia, Missouri  Lead Venue Designer for the True/False Film Festival, Ragtag Cinema, Columbia, Missouri

57  ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR PAM RIGGS  Dr. Seuss birthday party- for children of students and staff in Reading Clinical Class  Assisting with science fair at Miami School  Review new children's books with MU group. Resulting in a monthly feature in NCTE's publication, Language Arts, and as a chapter in the book, Adventures with Books.

58  ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR PAM RIGGS  Dressed as Dr. Seuss and read to 1st grade class at Benton School.  Presented program on quilting and children's quilting books to PEO chapter  Belong to TAWL group in Columbia and attend monthly meetings as well as Fall conference

59  ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR PATRICIA VAZZANA  Attended the Missouri Association of Accounting Educators Conference.  Member of the LEAP Committee for the Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants  Attended the LEAP "Spring Into Success" seminar  Attended Association of Private Enterprise education

60  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR BEVERLY KATZ  Attended Association of Private Enterprise Education  Translated for the Marshall Public schools in registration activities with Spanish speaking patrons

61  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR LARRY STOCKMAN  Completed a Feasibility study for Prairie Rose Resource and Conservation District (RCD) on Recycling animal waste.  Worked with the college as the liaison with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

62  BUSINESS DIVISION & DEVELOPMENT OFFICE hosted and sponsored the 4 th Maastricht Institute

63  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. SONYA VECK  Presented paper at the 45 th International Congress on Medieval Studies, (The Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University) in Kalamazoo, MI called: “Somnambulism and Sir Gawain: Romancing 14 th Century Heresy and Fear of the Fissured Human Subject.”  Article published:" Quat is this Fairy Burial Mound?: The Gawain -poet’s Green Moment in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight " just came out in Standing in the Shadow of the Master by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Ed. Kathleen Bishop (June 2010).

64  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. SONYA VECK  Paper accepted for the Midwestern Association for Medievalists conference in Iowa City, IA on September 16th, 2010. Presenting a chapter on King Horn from my (in-progress) book manuscript Anglo-Saxon Oral Tradition and Early Medieval Romance.

65  PROFESSOR DR. GERADO M. ACAY  Completed a book-length manuscript/text on international relations.  A Chapter of the above manuscript entitled, “Power and Capabilities in International Relations” was presented at the New York Political Science Association’s 62 nd annual conference New York, NY.  Continue to explore the concept of learning community

66  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DAVID TOMCHUK  Abstract presented by our ATS at the Athletic Training District Convention as a platform presentation and as a poster presentation at the Athletic Training National Convention.  Article published: The Magnitude of Tissue Cooling During Cryotherapy with Varied Types of Compression in the Journal of Athletic Training.

67  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DAVID TOMCHUK  Book Published this fall: Companion Guide to Measurement and Evaluation for Kinesiology

68  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DESSI STAFFORD  Sponsor of Accounting Club at MVC.  Continuing Education in the following:  Business Combinations SFAS No. 141  Current Economic Crisis: Economic, Legislative and Regulatory Development  International vs. U.S. Accounting  2009 Economic Stimulus Act: Changes for Housing and Transportation  2009 Economic Stimulus Act: Changes for Individuals 2009 Federal Tax Update  Ethics: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Applications

69  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DESSI STAFFORD  Continuing Education in the following:  2009 Quarterly Update (Summer): Recovery Act of 2008; IRS Guidance and Updates Improving Employee Performance: Coaching Basics and Challenges  State of the CPA Profession from MSCPA Leaders  Annual Update - Missouri State Board of Accountancy  The Rapidly Changing World of Forensic Accounting and its Role in Accounting Education  FASB Accounting Standards Codification: Overview and Suggestions for Class Use  IFRS and International Convergence

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